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Researcher: O'Cass, AG (Professor Aron O'Cass)

Fields of Research

Marketing management (incl. strategy and customer relations)
Marketing research methodology
Marketing theory
Corporate governance
Tourist behaviour and visitor experience
Human resources management
Organisational behaviour
Innovation management
Other commerce, management, tourism and services
Health services and systems
Organisation and management theory
Consumer-oriented product or service development
Food packaging, preservation and processing
Higher education
Tourism marketing
Organisational planning and management

Research Objectives

Other manufacturing
Expanding knowledge in commerce, management, tourism and services
Behaviour and health
Industrial relations
Technological and organisational innovation
Non-dairy milk
Superannuation and insurance services
Finance services
Food safety
Expanding knowledge in education
Public sector productivity
Management, resources and leadership

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

A meta-analytic study of the factors driving the purchase of organic food; Appetite
A resource based view of the political party and value creation for the voter-citizen: an integrated framework for political marketing; Marketing Theory
Achieving customer satisfaction in services firms via branding capability and customer empowerment; Journal of Services Marketing
Achieving new product success via the synchronization of exploration and exploitation across multiple levels and functional areas; Industrial Marketing Management
Achieving service quality through service innovation exploration-exploitation: the critical role of employee empowerment and slack resources; Journal of Services Marketing
Achieving superior innovation-based performance outcomes in SMEs through innovation resource-capability complementarity; Industrial Marketing Management
Achieving superior SME performance: Overarching role of marketing, innovation, and learning capabilities; Australasian Marketing Journal
An e-retailing assessment of perceived website-service innovativeness: Implications for website quality evaluations, trust, loyalty and word of mouth; Australasian Marketing Journal
An empirical assessment of consumers' evaluations of web site service quality: conceptualizing and testing a formative model; Journal of Services Marketing
An examination of the antecedents of repatronage intentions across different retail store formats; Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services
An exploration of personality and speed limit compliance; Journal of Nonprofit & Public Sector Marketing
An exploratory study into managing value creation in tourism service firms: Understanding value creation phases at the intersection of the tourism service firm and their customers; Tourism Management
Anatomy of entrepreneurial marketing; Journal of Strategic Marketing
Anatomy of service innovation: Introduction to the special issue; Journal of Business Research
Antecedents and consequences of social issue advertising believability; Journal of Nonprofit and Public Sector Marketing
Are young adult Chinese status and fashion clothing brand conscious?; Journal of Fashion Marketing and Management
Assessing customers' perceived value of the online channel of multichannel retailers: A two country examination; Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services
Balancing external adaptation and internal effectiveness: Achieving better brand performance; Journal of Business Research
Blood Donation: Comparing Individual Characteristics, Attitudes, and Feelings of Donors and Nondonors; Health Marketing Quarterly
Can Islam and status consumption live together in the house of fashion clothing?; Journal of Fashion Marketing and Management
Creating commercially compelling website-service encounters: an examination of the effect of website-service interface performance components on flow experiences; Electronic Markets
Creating superior customer value for B2B firms through supplier firm capabilities; Industrial Marketing Management
Creating value offering via operant resource-based capabilities; Industrial Marketing Management
Developing a framework for understanding e-service quality, its antecedents, consequences, and mediators; Managing Service Quality
Do professional service firms benefit from customer and supplier collaborations in competitive, turbulent environments?; Industrial Marketing Management
Do the interactive effects of innovation in service experience, high levels of knowledge and engagement of customers lead to profitability in professional service firms?; Global Innovation and Knowledge Academy (GIKA)
Does industry matter? Examining the role of industry structure and organizational learning in innovation and brand performance; Journal of Business Research
Eliciting positive social change: Marketing's capacity to drive prosocial behaviours; Marketing Intelligence & Planning
Empowering senior citizens via third places: Research driven model development of seniors' empowerment and social engagement in social places; Journal of Services Marketing
Examining market entry mode strategies via resource-based and institutional influences: Empirical evidence from a region-within-country economy context; Australasian Marketing Journal
Examining the contingent effect of market orientation and knowledge specificity on codesign and co-production of B2B professional service firms; Agents of Change- AMZMAC
Examining the effects of website induced flow in professional sporting team website; Internet Research: Electronic Networking Applications and Policy
Examining the firm's value creation process: a managerial perspective of the firm's value offering strategy and performance; British Journal of Management
Examining the marketing planning–marketing capability interface and customer-centric performance in SMEs; Journal of Strategic Marketing
Examining the new product innovation-performance relationship: Optimizing the role of individual-level creativity and attention-to-detail; Industrial Marketing Management
Examining the role of international entrepreneurship, innovation and international market performance in SME internationalisation; European Journal of Marketing
Examining the role of within functional area resource-capability complementarity in achieving customer and product-based performance outcomes; Journal of Strategic Marketing
Explications of political market orientation and political brand orientation using the resource-based view of the political party; Journal of Marketing Management
Exploring civic engagement through seniors' good citizenship behavior within clubs; Journal of Nonprofit and Public Sector Marketing
Exploring innovation driven value creation in B2B service firms: The roles of the manager, employees, and customers in value creation; Journal of Business Research
Exploring the relationships between e-service quality, satisfaction, attitudes and behaviours in content-driven e-service web sites; Journal of Services Marketing
Exploring the roles of marketing and selling capabilities in delivering critical customer centric performance and brand performance outcomes for B2B firms; Journal of Strategic Marketing
Foreign wine consumption in Australia: The influence of consumer perceptions to foreign cultures on wine choice; Journal of Food Products Marketing
How technology oriented new ventures gain advantages in first product commercialisation from complementarities between marketing - technology capabilities and IT assets; ANZAM conference
Implementing competitive strategies: The role of responsive and proactive market orientations; European Journal of Marketing
In search of innovation and customer-related performance superiority: the role of market orientation, marketing capability, and innovation capability interactions; Journal of Product Innovation Management
In search of status through brands from Western and Asian origins: Examining the changing face of fashion clothing consumption in Chinese young adults; Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services
Innovation and business success: The mediating role of customer participation; Journal of Business Research
Investigating the effects of service supply chain collaboration in professional services; Australian & New Zealand Academy of Management Conference (ANZAM)
Managing distal searches and its diminishing returns to service solution provision competence; ANZMAC 2015: Innovation and Growth Strategies in Marketing
Managing web site performance taking account of the contingency role of branding in multi-channel retailing; Journal of Consumer Marketing
Market orientation versus innovative culture: Two routes to superior brand performance; European Journal of Marketing
Marketing resource-capability complementarity and firm performance in B2B firms; Journal of Business and Industrial Marketing
Mastering the complementarity between marketing mix and customer-focused capabilities to enhance new product performance; Journal of Business and Industrial Marketing
Optimizing the online channel in professional sport to create trusting and loyal consumers: The role of the professional sports team brand and service quality; Journal of Sport Management
Performance implications of market orientation, marketing resources, and marketing capabilities; Journal of Marketing Management
Political campaign advertising: Believe it or not; Journal of Nonprofit and Public Sector Marketing
Political marketing orientation: confusions, complications, and criticisms; Journal of political marketing
Political opinion leadership and electoral behavior; Journal of Nonprofit and Public Sector Marketing
Product resource–capability complementarity, integration mechanisms, and first product advantage; Journal of Business Research
Rose by any other name? The influence of brand name versus chemical differences in the prescription of antidepressants: the role of expertise, journal of macromarketing; Journal of Macromarketing
Service branding: Consumer verdicts on service brands; Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services
Studying Chinese Generation Y consumers' consumer involvement in fashion clothing and brand status; Produce and Brand Management, Journal Of
Supporting new product commercialization through managerial social ties and market knowledge development in an emerging economy; Asia Pacific Journal of Management
The contingent value of marketing and social networking capabilities in firm performance; Journal of Strategic Marketing
The dynamics of voter behavior and influence processes in electoral markets: A consumer behavior perspective; Journal of Business Research
The effects of perceived industry competitive intensity and marketing-related capabilities: Drivers of superior brand performance; Industrial Marketing Management
The Performance Advantages for SMEs of Product Innovation and Marketing Resource-Capability Complementarity in Emerging Economies; Journal of Small Business Management
The relationship between business orientations and brand performance: A cross-national perspective; Asia Pacific Journal of Marketing and Logistics
The role of corporate strategies and brand strategies in new service development in service organisations in Australia; ANZAM conference
The role of entrepreneurial marketing in new technology ventures first product commercialisation; Journal of Strategic Marketing
The role of intellectual resources, product innovation capability, reputational resources and marketing capability combinations in SME growth; International Small Business Journal
Understanding service firms brand value creation: a multilevel perspective including the overarching role of service brand marketing capability; Journal of Services Marketing
Understanding the role of retail store service in light of self-image-store image congruence; Psychology and Marketing
Value creation architecture and engineering: A business model encompassing the firm-customer dyad; European Business Review
Why doesn’t our branding pay off: optimising the effects of branding through innovation; European Journal of Marketing
Winning through innovation and marketing: Lessons from Australia and Vietnam; Industrial Marketing Management

Research Projects

ARC Industrial Transformation Training Centre for Innovative Horticultural Products: Adding value to horticulture value; Australian Research Council (ARC)
Examining the Role of Service Innovation & Service Branding Capabilities in Service Firms Value Creation & Appropriation: A Multi-level Study; Australian Research Council (ARC)
College of Experts 2017-2019 - Professor Aron O'Cass

Research Candidate Supervision

Achieving Ambidexterity across Multiple Organisational Levels and Functional Areas- Synchronising the Development and Marketing of Firms' New and Established Products
Achieving Superiority in Product and Customer Performance through Marketing and Innovation Resource-capability Combinations
Articulating the Role of Marketing and Product Innovation Capability in Export Venture Performance using Ambidexterity and Complementarity Theory
Consumer Behavious/Marketing at the Bottom of the Pyramid
Developing and Deploying Relational and Reputational Resources and Capability to Achieve Superior Performance and Competitive Advantage in Firms Rent Creation Efforts
Enhancing Customer Value in Service Firms- A Multi-Level Study of Service Firms Value Creation and Appropriation
Establishing and Maintaining Strong Brands Via Value Creation Capabilities- Examining Service Firms, Service Branding, Innovation and Network Capabilities to Improve Service Brand Performance
Exploring Internal and External Antecedents of New Service Success Through New Service Introduction Strategies
Exploring Optimal Exploitation Mechanisms that Enhance First Product Commercialisation in New Technology Ventures in India a Member of the BRICS Group
Investigating Dynamic Capabilities' Impact on Firm Performance- A Meta-analysis of Empirical Research
Performance Implications of Fit Among Firm Characteristics , Environmental Characteristics and Brand Performance
Sources Affecting of E-Business Value Creation in Iraqi Banking Services Sector