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Researcher: Seger, A (Mr Andreas Seger)

Fields of Research

Phycology (incl. Marine Grasses)
Plant Pathology

Research Objectives

Fisheries - Aquaculture
Aquaculture Fin Fish (excl. Tuna)
Expanding Knowledge in the Biological Sciences

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

Assessment of the efficacy of clay flocculation in Korean fish farm waters: Cochlodinium cell removal and mitigation of ichthyotoxicity; Harmful Algae
Avances en el estudio de ictiotoxinas asociadas con Floraciones Algales Nocivas (FANs)
Exploration of Phoslock clay in mitigating Prymnesium parvum fish-killing algal blooms in aquaculture ponds; International Society for the Study of Harmful Algae
Fish gill damage by harmful microalgae newly explored by microelectrode ion flux estimation techniques; Harmful Algae
Improvements to the RTgill-W1 fish gill assay for ichthyotoxins: a comparison of the potency of different toxin fractions and extracts tested with different microplate materials; 16th International Conference on Harmful Algae
Mitigating fish-killing Prymnesium parvum algal blooms in aquaculture ponds with clay: the importance of pH and clay type; Journal of Marine Science and Engineering
Mitigating fish-killing algal blooms with PAC modified clays: efficacy for cell flocculation and ichthyotoxin adsorption; 17th International Conference on Harmful Algae 2016
Mitigating fish-killing algal blooms: clay revisited to remove ichthyotoxins; 16th International Conference on Harmful Algae
Progress in understanding algal bloom-mediated fish kills: the role of superoxide radicals, phycotoxins and fatty acids; PLoS ONE
Review of progress in our understanding of fish-killing microalgae: implications for management and mitigation; 17th International Conference on Harmful Algae 2016

Research Projects

Korea-Australia Consortium to protect finfish aquaculture from harmful algal blooms; Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT)

Research Candidate Supervision