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Researcher: Emery, SG (Dr Sherridan Emery)

Fields of Research

Higher education
English and literacy curriculum and pedagogy (excl. LOTE, ESL and TESOL)
Gender, sexuality and education
Early childhood education
Curriculum and pedagogy theory and development
Creative arts, media and communication curriculum and pedagogy
Teacher education and professional development of educators
Specialist studies in education
Other education
Continuing and community education
Curriculum and pedagogy
Environmental education curriculum and pedagogy
Secondary education
Sociology of education
Rural sociology
Physical education and development curriculum and pedagogy
Health promotion
Mathematics and numeracy curriculum and pedagogy
Gender relations
Sociological methodology and research methods
Primary education
Technical, further and workplace education
Environmental sociology

Research Objectives

Other education and training
Learner and learning
Teacher and instructor development
Gender aspects in education
Neonatal and child health
Teaching and curriculum
Expanding knowledge in education
Early childhood education
Assessment, development and evaluation of curriculum
Expanding knowledge in psychology
Health education and promotion
Higher education
Teaching and instruction technologies
Other economic framework
Health status (incl. wellbeing)
Gender and sexualities
Expanding knowledge in human society
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander education
The creative arts

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

Move Well Eat Well: Case study of a successful settings-based approach to health promotion; Health and wellbeing in childhood
A framework to support personalising prescribed school curricula; British Educational Research Journal
An Evaluation of the Launceston Big Picture School: Executive Summary and Report
Arts and sustainability: Some outcomes from a one-day professional learning event presented by UTAS; Sustaining Futures: Considering sustainability across the learning and teaching divide
Arts for Sustainability: Teachers’ Perspectives of Intersections between Education for Sustainability and Arts Learning; What is Next in Educational Research?
Becoming researchers: making academic kin in the Chthulucene; Australian Journal of Environmental Education
Beyond ‘safety’: teachers and school staff approaches to LGBTI-inclusion in Tasmanian schools; International Journal of Inclusive Education
Challenges facing early childhood teachers in literacy education; Linguistics and language education in new horizons: The link between theory, research and pedagogy
Context matters: Supporting staff working with LGBT students in schools; #GEACONF2018
Crossing cultural boundaries with a cuppa: a case study of cultural wellbeing within a postgraduate peer circle; Australian Association for Research in Education (AARE) Conference 2016: transforming education research
Cultural wellbeing and respect for diversity in early childhood education; 69th OMEP World Assembly and International Conference
Cultural wellbeing in Australian schools: Theorisations, provocations and implications for curriculum; 2015 Biennial Curriculum Conference
Cultural wellbeing In education: Theorisations from a case study of a Tasmanian cultural arts program; European Conference on Educational Research ECER 2017
Drowning in the shallows: an Australian study of the PhD experience; European Conference on Educational Research - ECER 2108
Elaborating a framework for communicating assessment aims in higher education; Assessment and Evaluation in Higher Education
Enabling educators: Skills 4 Kids Cafes as professional learning; Every Child
Enriching personal growth and communicative competence through self-organised interaction between native and non-native speakers; Australian Association for Research in Education (AARE) Conference 2016: transforming education research
Environmental and sustainability education research, past and future: three perspectives from late, mid, and early career researchers; Australian Journal of Environmental Education
Evolution or Revolution in EE/ES research? A collaborative dialogue from first-year PhD students; Australian Journal of Environmental Education
Examining focused conversation for leading professional learning and development in early childhood: highlighting the role of evaluative stance; 2013 Australian Association of Research in Education Conference
Exploring how adults who work with young children conceptualise sustainability and describe their practice initiatives; Australasian Journal of Early Childhood
Fluid Methods to Make Sense of an Unknown: An Emergent Grounded Theory Study of Cultural Wellbeing; Structuring the Thesis: Matching Method, Paradigm, Theories and Findings
Fostering EfS connections for community wellbeing: working meaningfully with what we’ve got; World Symposium on Sustainable Development at Universities (WSSD-U-2018)
Improving Regional Low SES Students’ Learning and Wellbeing; Australian Association for Research in Education Conference
Improving regional low-SES students’ learning and wellbeing: Case studies from three schools; International Round Table Symposium: Educational Issues and Trends
Infuences on local curriculum innovation in times of change: a literacy case study; Australian Educational Researcher
Initial teacher education for teaching literacy: Review of literature - Phase 1b Report for the Review of Literacy Teaching, Training and Practice in Government Schools
Island intersections: a correspondence about educational research in Tasmania; Gender and island communities
New perspectives on research in environmental and sustainability education; Planet and People: 8th World Environmental Education Congress
New perspectives on research in environmental and sustainability education; Planet and People: 8th World Environmental Education Congress
Personalising mathematics and English learning in the middle years through co-teaching; Australian Association for Research in Education Conference
Regional communities’ influences on equity participation in higher education
Settings - Based Health Promotion; Health & Wellbeing in Childhood
Social enterprises and regional cities: working together for mutual benefit; Entrepreneurship & Regional Development
Social enterprises developing capability and well-being through work-based learning; Journal of Vocational Education and Training
Speed dating the Sustainable Development Goals
Supporting children's cultural wellbeing through arts based education; The Social Educator
Supporting gender non-conforming students: learnings from school staff from Australia; European Conference on Educational Research - ECER 2108
Sustainability as a cross-curricular priority in the Australian Curriculum: a Tasmanian investigation; Environmental Education Research
Teacher adaptation to flexible learning environments; Learning Environments Research
Teaching to the NAPLAN writing test. Why some teachers do and some teachers don’t; ALEA National Conference
Team teaching in large spaces: three case studies framed by relational agency; Teaching Education
The curious schools project: capturing nomad creativity in teacher work; Australian Journal of Teacher Education
The impact of professional development on early childhood educators' confidence, understanding and knowledge of education for sustainability; Environmental Education Research
The Tasmanian sustainability skills cafes projects: working with communities – A story of successes with learnings to share; EfS Tasmania webinar
Transnational dialogues for sustainability research in early childhood education: a model for building capacity for ESD in universities?; Handbook of Theory and Practice of Sustainable Development in Higher Education
UK expert Dianne Boyd partners with UTAS to bring 'skills cafes' to Launceston
University and school research partnerships as a source of professional growth in regional communities; Australian Educational Researcher
Using attitude analysis to explore focused conversations for professional learning and development in early childhood; Linguistics and language education in new horizons: The link between theory, research and pedagogy
Using insights from Myers-Briggs type preferences to support early childhood pre-service teachers' personal and professional mathematical understanding; 23rd Biennial Conference of The Australian Association of Mathematics Teachers Inc. and the 34th Annual Conference of the Mathematics Education Research Group of Australasia Inc. (AAMT-MERGA Conference)
Visualising LGBT-inclusive practices: A resource informed by teachers and support staff; #GEACONF2018
Watery webs of interconnectedness: Water-ways as pedagogical sites; 69th OMEP World Assembly and International Conference
Writing together to foster wellbeing: doctoral writing groups as spaces of wellbeing; Higher Education Research and Development
Your Stories: Evaluation of Launceston Big Picture School

Research Projects

Inclusive practices: Supporting teachers, supporting students; University of Tasmania (UTAS)
Sustainability Skills Cafes; Launceston City Council (LCC)
Waverley Community Skills 4 Kids Cafes; Department of Education Tasmania (DET)
Making Launceston a Child Friendly City: What do children think?

Research Candidate Supervision