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Researcher: Power, J (Dr Jacqueline Power)

Fields of Research

Industrial and product design
Architectural history, theory and criticism
Interaction and experience design
Interior design
Architectural design
Timber, pulp and paper
Urban and regional planning
History and theory of the built environment (excl. architecture)
Other built environment and design
Design management
Architectural science and technology
Landscape architecture
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community and regional development
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander architecture

Research Objectives

Other manufacturing
Understanding Australia's past
Environmentally sustainable manufacturing activities
Expanding knowledge in built environment and design
Environmentally sustainable construction activities
Wood, wood products and paper
Learner and learning
Hardwood plantations
Assessment, development and evaluation of curriculum
The creative arts
Timber materials
Wood sawing and veneer
Other culture and society
Urban planning
Other education and training
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander connection to land and environment
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander knowledge

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

3D Printing Craft: weaving and oozing; Synergy - DRS International Conference 2020
A sensory meal: a performative interior design and theatre collaboration; 8th International Conference and Exhibition of the Association of Architecture Schools of Australasia
Advanced design research and the teaching-research nexus; Teaching Matters 2018
Advanced design research as rhizomatic learning; Teaching Matters 2018
Australian Indigenous Interiority and Cosmology; The 12th Conference of the International Association for the Study of Traditional Environments: The Utopia of Tradition
Australian palawa buildings: rethinking interiors and their representation; Journal of Interior Design
Australian triumphal arches and settler colonial cultural narratives; Fabrications
Bio-fabrication with mycelium and kelp
Biofabrication with SCOBY: material innovation and independent learning in a summer research unit; Teaching Matters 2018
Biologically Inspired Designs; Advances in Manufacturing and Processing of Materials and Structures
Classical Period of Australian Indigenous Interiors: Shaping of Space and Interiority; Design Principles and Practices: An International Journal
Communicating with Light and Shadow: Bernabeifreeman's Ema and Ziya exhibition luminaires; International Conference of University Courses in Design 2009
Connecting education, practice and research: creating meaningful products within an industrial design studio using a product narrative framework; IASDR 2011 4th World Conference on Design Research
Designing together: end-user collaboration in designing a personalised product; Crafting the Future
Developing a New Generation of Tasmanian Appearance Hardwood Products for In-State Design and Manufacturing: Opportunity Analysis
Differentiating co-design and mass customisation from a user completion model within the realm of product design; 2nd International Conference on Design Creativity
Dovetailing Furniture and Design Thinking
Food for thought: Student design shelter for project
Future scenarios for interior design: learning now and into the future; IFI GIEOF - DFIE Asia Region Education Symposium 2013
Growing and bio-fabricating SCOBY: a project developed in an extended cross-disciplinary research team; 1st Annual Design Research Conference (ADR18)
Healthy Buildings of the Tasmanian Aboriginal Peoples; Interiors: Design Architecture Culture
Hybrid design: combining craft and digital practice; Craft Research
Illuminating design research: shining light on the academic designer; Industrial Design Educators Network
Interior space: representation, occupation, well-being and interiority; 30 Elisava Temes de Disseny
Living designs; Living Machines 2016: 5th International Conference on Biomimetic and Biohybrid Systems
Neville Smith Forest Products
Origin of the pieces
Palawa resilience and resistance to colonial housing at Wybalenna; Global Dimensions in Housing: Approaches in Design and Theory from Europe to the Pacific Rim
Personalisation from a design practice perspective; Product Lifetimes And The Environment 2017
Personalised mass manufactured products: a possibility or a contradiction; Paxis + Poetics: Research Through Design 2013
South-east Australian Indigenous space and its cosmological origin
Stories in Form
Stories in Form exhibition: a collaborative case study of design research; IASDR2015 Congress
Stories in Form: a product design exhibition inspired by academic research; Discursive Space: Breaking barriers to effective spatial communication in museums
The Australian Indigenous sky dome and its potential to reshape interiority; Interiors
The liminality of interiority: Australian Indigenous cosmological space; SITUATION Symposium and Exhibition
The ring trees of Victoria’s Watti Watti people are an extraordinary part of our heritage
The Value of Storytelling in Product Design; Handbook of Research on Trends in Product Design and Development: Technological and Organizational Perspectives
Thrice: Blurring Demarcation between Inside and Out; Design Principles and Practices: An International Journal
Uncertainty and disciplinary difference: mapping attitudes towards uncertainty across discipline boundaries; Design Studies
Using a Narrative Framework in an Industrial Design Studio to Create Meaningful Products; ConnectED 2010 - 2nd International Conference on Design Education

Research Projects

Biofabrication with Mycelium; University of Tasmania (UTAS)
Developing a New Generation of Tasmanian Appearance Hardwood Products for In-State Design and Manufacturing; FWPA - National Institute for Forest Products Innovation (FWPA - NIFPI)
In collaboration with Wadi Wadi Traditional Owners facilitated by the Wadi Wadi Board; University of Tasmania (UTAS)
Watti Watti Tungie: journey of Carnie protector of the land; Victoria State Government (VSG)
Neville Smith Forest Products Colour Project

Research Candidate Supervision