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Researcher: McLean, WA (Dr Wayne McLean)

Fields of Research

International relations
Australian government and politics

Research Objectives

Defence and security policy
International relations
Government and politics
National security
Expanding knowledge in human society

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

Authoritarianism, Energy and Ideas in Central Asia: From Politics and Pipelines to Foreign Policy; Russia, Eurasia and the New Geopolitics of Energy: Confrontation and Consolidation
Beyond Drones: Robotics and nanotech as future tools of state violence; Unnatural Futures Conference
Domestic narratives and Turkey’s structural realities; ISA Annual Convention
Drones are cheap, soldiers are not: a cost-benefit analysis of war
How the War on Drugs has intervened in the US-Mexico security relationship; Australian Political Studies Association Annual Conference
Managing Change and Continuity in Turkish foreign policy:; Change and Continuity in the Middle East and Central Asia
Neoclassical realism and Australian foreign policy: understanding how security elites frame domestic discourses; Global Change, Peace & Security
Nuclear deterrence, missile systems and the security of Turkey in the 'new' Middle East; Insight Turkey
Power and Ideas in Australian Foreign Policy; Australian Political Studies Association Conference
Sectoral Hierarchy: An Adapted Security Framework for Analysing Turkey; International Sociological Association
Structure and Resources as Harbingers of Authoritarianism in Azerbaijan; 11th Biennial Conference of the Australasian As
Tasmania election: a spiritless campaign may be a good thing
Tasmania election: what is the Hare-Clark system?
Tasmania January to June 2015; Australian Journal of Politics & History
The debate over military technology: in defence of drones
Understanding Divergence between Public Discourse and Turkish Foreign Policy Practice: A Neoclassical Realist Analysis; Turkish Studies
• Energy and Ideas in Central Asia: from pipelines to policy; International Studies Association Annual Conference
• Evaluating Culture and Security in Regional Order: The Case of Turkey and Iran; International Studies Association Annual Conference

Research Projects

Research Candidate Supervision