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Researcher: Siahtiri, V (Ms Vida Siahtiri)

Fields of Research

Marketing management (incl. strategy and customer relations)
Tourist behaviour and visitor experience

Research Objectives

Other manufacturing

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

Are young adult Chinese status and fashion clothing brand conscious?; Journal of Fashion Marketing and Management
Can Islam and status consumption live together in the house of fashion clothing?; Journal of Fashion Marketing and Management
Do professional service firms benefit from customer and supplier collaborations in competitive, turbulent environments?; Industrial Marketing Management
Do the interactive effects of innovation in service experience, high levels of knowledge and engagement of customers lead to profitability in professional service firms?; Global Innovation and Knowledge Academy (GIKA)
Does cooperating with customers support the financial performance of business-to-business professional service firms?; Journal of Service Theory and Practice
Examining the contingent effect of market orientation and knowledge specificity on codesign and co-production of B2B professional service firms; Agents of Change- AMZMAC
Examining the marketing planning–marketing capability interface and customer-centric performance in SMEs; Journal of Strategic Marketing
Exploring the roles of marketing and selling capabilities in delivering critical customer centric performance and brand performance outcomes for B2B firms; Journal of Strategic Marketing
In search of status through brands from Western and Asian origins: Examining the changing face of fashion clothing consumption in Chinese young adults; Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services
Investigating the effects of service supply chain collaboration in professional services; Australian & New Zealand Academy of Management Conference (ANZAM)
Managing distal searches and its diminishing returns to service solution provision competence; ANZMAC 2015: Innovation and Growth Strategies in Marketing
Marketing resource-capability complementarity and firm performance in B2B firms; Journal of Business and Industrial Marketing

Research Projects

Research Candidate Supervision