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Researcher: Brett, P (Dr Peter Brett)

Fields of Research

Humanities and social sciences curriculum and pedagogy (excl. economics, business and management)
Teacher education and professional development of educators
English and literacy curriculum and pedagogy (excl. LOTE, ESL and TESOL)
Higher education
Curriculum and pedagogy theory and development
Curriculum and pedagogy
Creative arts, media and communication curriculum and pedagogy
Educational administration, management and leadership
Australian history
Education assessment and evaluation
Communication and media studies
Specialist studies in education
Mathematics and numeracy curriculum and pedagogy
Secondary education
Primary education

Research Objectives

Teaching and curriculum
Teacher and instructor development
Other education and training
Assessment, development and evaluation of curriculum
Teaching and instruction technologies
Management, resources and leadership
Learner and learning
Professional development and adult education
Expanding knowledge in psychology
Schools and learning environments
Policies and development
The media
Workforce transition and employment

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

'An event of no small importance': The inspection of Tasmanian schools in the 1920s and 1930s; Tasmanian Historical Research Association Papers and Proceedings
'The misdeeds and follies of morally bankrupt elite'? Framing rioting and ethnic violence in Karachi – a case study; Global Media Journal: Pakistan Edition
'The sacred spark of wonder': local museums, Australian curriculum history, and pre-service primary teacher education: a Tasmanian case study; Australian Journal of Teacher Education
Addressing Social Justice and Cultural Identity in Pakistani Education : a Qualitative Content Analysis of Curriculum Policy; Education, Ethnicity and Equity in the Multilingual Asian Context
Applying a 'Contexts of Influence' policy analysis model to education in Nepal; Waikato Journal of Education
Beyond "navel-gazing" and "mush": Learning about identity in Australian classrooms; Citizenship, Social and Economics Education
Beyond binary discourses? Pakistan studies textbooks and representations of cultural, national, and global identity; IARTEM e-Journal
Citizenship education and gender in Pakistan teachers' and students' perspectives; The Social Educator
Citizenship education in England in the shadow of the Great War; Citizenship Teaching & Learning
Defining and designing impact consciousness in teacher education; Teaching Education
Demonstrating 'impact': insights from the work of preservice teachers completing a graduate teacher performance assessment; Australian Journal of Teacher Education
Developing Language and Literacy; Teaching Humanities and Social Sciences
Discovering argument: linking literacy, citizenship education, and persuasive advocacy; Journal of Social Science Education
Enhancing students' persuasive writing through professional learning and action research; Linguistics and language education in new horizons: The link between theory, research and pedagogy
Evidencing the impact of pre-service teachers: shifting the conversation; Australian Association for Research in Education (AARE) Conference 2016: transforming education research
Exploring the influence of the curriculum on student learning in culturally and ethnically diverse classroom contexts: praxis, paradoxes and perspectives of stakeholders; Waikato Journal of Education
Exploring the intersections between philosophy and civics and citizenship education in Australia; 2015 International conference on redesigning pedagogy / 11th International CitizED Conference & Arts, Humanities and Literature Conference 2015
Geospatial technologies and twenty first century citizenship: opportunities and barriers in the humanities and social sciences classroom; The Social Educator
Global citizenship education in Nepal; International Journal of Development Education and Global Learning
Global citizenship, media literacy and advocacy; Linguistics and language education in new horizons: The link between theory, research and pedagogy
Hearing the voices of the invaded: review of 'Indigenous voices, climate change and modern slavery'
Historical empathy: If you're going to do it, do it right'. 'Historical Empathy: Ethical and Culturally Responsive Teaching' by Innes, Melanie, Forster, Daniella J., Gurr, Sarah and Sharp, Heather
How all teachers can support citizenship and human rights education: a framework for the development of competences
Infusing cultural diversity into Pakistan Studies textbooks: An analysis of textbooks and teachers’ perspectives; Radicalization in Pakistan: A Critical Perspective
Interpreting Home Hill house museum and the legacy of Joseph and Enid Lyons: Challenges and educational opportunities; reCollections
Kerry Kennedy, Deborah Henderson and Colin Marsh: Becoming a Teacher (7th Edition)
Learning History; Teaching Humanities and Social Sciences
Learning the Words: supervising teachers and the language of impact in an initial teacher education programme; Australian Journal of Teacher Education
Making Connections Between Civics and Citizenship and Education for Sustainability; Civics and Citizenship in Australia: Challenges, Practices and International Perspectives
Making the links between health and physical education, sport and civics and citizenship education in Australia; Curriculum Studies in Health and Physical Education
No Minister. Examining recent commentary on the draft Australian history and civics and citizenship curriculum; The Social Educator
Peripherality, place and possibilities; Teaching Matters
Postcolonial history education: Issues, tensions and opportunities; Historical Encounters
Putting on the Style: Enhancing Citizenship Education with a Persuasive Writing Framework; What is Next in Educational Research?
Retrieving the civic dimension in history: Creating meaningful and memorable links between History and Civics and Citizenship in primary classrooms; The Social Educator
Review of Alistair Ross: Finding political identities: young people in a changing Europe
Some challenges in teaching citizenship in an Islamic context: Pakistan Studies teachers’ perspectives and practices in relation to teaching about identity; Citizenship Teaching & Learning
Sustainability; Teaching Humanities and Social Sciences
Sustainable school transformation: An inside-out school led approach
The Challenges of Undertaking Citizenship Education Research in Pakistan; What is Next in Educational Research?
The Humanities and Social Sciences in the Australian Curriculum; Teaching Humanities and Social Sciences
The past in the present: Bringing history and civics and citizenship education to life in early years settings; Making humanities and social sciences come alive: early years and primary education
Twenty reasons why cross-curricular citizenship education might struggle to take flight in secondary schools: an autoethnographic review; Curriculum and Teaching
Unity in diversity? The representation of ethnic diversity in Pakistani textbooks and through teacher and student perspectives; The International Journal of Learner Diversity and Identities
Visualizing civic values: representations of idealized citizenship behaviours in images found in Nepalese social studies textbooks; Citizenship Teaching & Learning
Walking the walk: democratizing change in teacher education; Journal of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning
Ways into Drama: Preparing for Engagement; International Perspectives on Drama and Citizenship Education
What matters and what's next for civics and citizenship education in Australia?; The Social Educator
What we're about out here: the resilience and relevance of school farms in rural Tasmania; Journal of Research in Rural Education
‘An engaging and different experience’: blog posting in a humanities and social sciences teacher education unit; The Online Journal of Distance Education and e-Learning
“Frost still clings to the shadows”: Port Arthur, convict history, pedagogy, and place; International Journal of the Inclusive Museum

Research Projects

Improving Literacy and Numeracy across Years 5 to 8 in response to the outcomes of the NAPLAN results in Years 7 and 9

Research Candidate Supervision

Mulitcultural Education in Catholic Missionary Schools in Pakistan- An Examination of Curriculum Content and Experience of Teachers
Peace Education through Interactive Theatre- A Theatre of Empowerment to Foster Healing and Intercultural Dialogue amongst the Youth of Sri Lanka