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Researcher: Mitev, DP (Dr Dimitar Mitev)

Fields of Research

Separation science
Instrumental methods (excl. immunological and bioassay methods)
Analytical spectrometry
Quality assurance, chemometrics, traceability and metrological chemistry

Research Objectives

Expanding knowledge in the chemical sciences

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

Assessing the extent, stability, purity and properties of silanised detonation nanodiamond; Applied Surface Science
Comparative study of cytotoxicity of detonation nanodiamond particles with an osteosarcoma cell line and primary mesenchymal stem cells; Biotechnology and Biotechnological Equipment
Direct determination of transition metals in mussel tissue digests using high-performance chelation ion chromatography with monolithic silica based chelating ion exchangers; Analytical Methods
Direct sector field ICP-MS determination of metal impurities in detonation nanodiamond; Carbon
Elemental analysis of nanodiamonds by inductively coupled plasma hyphenated methods; Nanodiamonds
Functionalisation of mesoporous silica gel with 2-[(phosphonomethyl)-amino]acetic acid functional groups. Characterisation and application; Applied Surface Science
Microwave-assisted purification of detonation nanodiamond; Diamond and Related Materials
Screening of elemental impurities in commercial detonation nanodiamond using sector field inductively coupled plasma-mass spectrometry; Journal of Materials Science
Separation and characterisation of detonation nanodiamond by capillary zone electrophoresis; Electrophoresis

Research Projects

Research Candidate Supervision