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Researcher: Kim, H (Mr Howan Kim)

Fields of Research

Ship and platform structures (incl. maritime hydrodynamics)
Naval architecture
Special vehicles

Research Objectives

Emerging defence technologies
Water transport
Expanding knowledge in engineering

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

CFD modelling and validation of an AUV undergoing variable accelerations; 24th International Ocean and Polar Engineering Conference
Free running simulation of an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle undergoing a straight line manoeuvre via computational fluid dynamics; Pacific International Maritime Conference 2015
Numerical investigation into the effect of incidence flow angles on submarine propeller hydrodynamic characteristics; 21st Australasian Fluid Mechanics Conference
Numerical testing and verification of a marine propeller operating in a uniform flow field; Ships and Offshore Structures
Simulation and validation of an AUV in variable accelerations; International Journal of Offshore and Polar Engineering
Six-DOF simulations of an underwater vehicle undergoing straight line and steady turning manoeuvres; Ocean Engineering

Research Projects

Computational Fluid Dynamics - Free Running Model Project
Computational Fluid Dynamics Modelling of Experimental Programmes
Computational Modelling of Maritime Platforms

Research Candidate Supervision