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Researcher: Brown, NR (Professor Natalie Brown)

Fields of Research

Higher education
Mathematics and numeracy curriculum and pedagogy
Other education
Teacher education and professional development of educators
Educational administration, management and leadership
Secondary education
Medicine, nursing and health curriculum and pedagogy
Curriculum and pedagogy
Specialist studies in education
Science, technology and engineering curriculum and pedagogy
Education assessment and evaluation
Vocational education and training curriculum and pedagogy
Sociology of education
Educational technology and computing
Continuing and community education
Plant developmental and reproductive biology
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander student engagement and teaching
Clinical pharmacy and pharmacy practice
Plant biology
Fine arts
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander curriculum and pedagogy
Social policy
Horticultural crop growth and development
Physical properties of materials
Data communications
Crop and pasture improvement (incl. selection and breeding)
Political science
Work integrated learning (incl. internships)
Comparative government and politics
Curriculum and pedagogy theory and development
Economics, business and management curriculum and pedagogy
Computer vision and multimedia computation
Technical, further and workplace education
Network engineering
Social change
Education policy
Social geography
Plant and fungus systematics and taxonomy

Research Objectives

Other education and training
Policies and development
Teacher and instructor development
Assessment, development and evaluation of curriculum
Learner and learning
Equity and access to education
Management, resources and leadership
Teaching and instruction technologies
Ornamentals, natives, flowers and nursery plants
The creative arts
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander education engagement and attendance outcomes
Higher education
Expanding knowledge in education
Schools and learning environments
Other culture and society
Workforce transition and employment
Children's services and childcare
Environmentally sustainable plant production
Expanding knowledge in psychology
Expanding knowledge in human society
Other environmental management
Teaching and curriculum
Expanding knowledge in the environmental sciences
Finance services
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander education
Marine biodiversity

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

'The teachers give as much as they can, not as little as they can': Report from SiMERR Tasmania; Science, ICT and Mathematics Education in Rural and Regional Australia: State and Territory Case Studies
A canary in the coal mine: How do we hold interdisciplinary process and product in tension with place?; Artlands 2021
A message from the chalk face - what casual teaching staff tell us they want to know, access and experience; Journal of University Teaching and Practice
A middle school classroom inquiry: Estimating the height of a tree; Australian Mathematics Teacher
A national strategy to promote Open Educational Practices in higher education in Australia; 33rd International Conference of Innovation, Practice and Research in the Use of Educational Technologies in Tertiary Education
A primary classroom inquiry: Estimating the height of a tree; Australian Primary Mathematics Classroom
A professional development framework for teaching in higher education; HERDSA
A reciprocal relationship: informing a profession’s competency standards; 2015 HERDSA Conference
ACEL TAS Public Discourse Award of the Australian Council for Educational Leaders
Adopting new practice: Using Feedback to Develop a University-wide Moderation Process that closes the assessment loop; ATN Assessment Conference
An international review of the use of competency standards in undergraduate pharmacy education; Pharmacy Education (Print)
An International Review of the Use of Professional Competencies within Pharmacy Education; APSA2013
Assessment in the professional experience context; Journal of University Teaching and Learning Practice
Beginning teachers’ perception of their induction into the teaching profession; Australian Journal of Teacher Education
Benchmarking with the BLASST Sessional Staff Standards Framework; Journal of University Teaching & Learning Practice
Book Review: Developing undergraduate research and inquiry
Career Progression and Development of Professional Staff in Higher Education; Professional and Support Staff in Higher Education
Case Study: Development of a policy implementation evaluation; TEMC 2013 Trends Tradition Technology
Children are naturally interested in science. Our job is to keep it that way, says Professor: Interview with Sarah Gillman
Classroom readiness: Complex, collaborative and continuing; Professional Educator
Collaborative development of a framework for numeracy: A case study; AAMT
Competency standards come to life for UTAS Bachelor of Pharmacy undergraduates; APSA 2012 Annual Conference
Connecting quality learning and teaching with sessional staff standards: The BLASST project; 35th Higher Education Research and Development Society of Australia Annual International Conference
Converging discipline perspectives to inform the design and delivery of STEAM teacher professional learning; Australian Art Education
CPD aligned to competency standards to support quality practice; Pharmacy
Creating Accessible Teaching and Support (CATS): Final Report
Defining our strengths, focusing our goals, optimising our future: curriculum transformation at the University of Tasmanian; Higher Education Research and Development Society of Australasia Inc
Delivering Institutional Priorities in Learning and Teaching Through a Social Learning Model: Embedding a High Impact Community of Practice Initiative at the University of Tasmania; Communities of Practice
Departments; HERDSA Guide: Quality Learning and Teaching with Sessional Staff
Developing Australian Academics’ Capacity: Supporting the Adoption of Open Educational Practices in Curriculum Design
Developing breadth through a renewed curriculum ; HIgher Education Research and Develpment Society of Australia: Learning for Life and Work in a Complex World
Developing lifelong learning skills: Using a traffic light report to promote competency standards and self-assessment among pharmacy undergraduates; Ensuring Quality in Professional Education: Human Client Fields Pedagogy and Knowledge Structures
Developing pathways from vocational to higher education courses: challenges faced; Australian Association for Research in Education (AARE) Conference 2015
Development of mathematical pathways for VET students to articulate to related higher education courses
Development of mathematics pathways for VET students to articulate to related higher education courses; ACSME: Australian Conference on Science & Mathematics Education 2013
Digging into Australian Data with Tinkerplots; Objective Learning Materials
Disrupting disciplines: Empowering students and teachers to drive STEAM teacher professional learning design; Teaching Matters 2018
Education and Equity in Times of Crisis: Learning, Engagement and Support; Palgrave Macmillan
Educational research and professional learning in changing times: The MARBLE experience; Sense Publishers
Educational Technology for Gen Z
Establishing cluster partnerships in professional experience; Australian Teacher Education Association Conference 2014
Evaluating data-analysis software: Exploring opportunities for developing statistical thinking and reasoning; Australian Computers in Education Conference
Evidence-based research in practice; AARE
Exploring possibilities for practice. Proceedings of the 7th Teaching Matters Annual Conference (online); Teaching Matters 2008
Foundations programs: Models that work; International Consortium for Educational Development: Across the Globe Higher Education Learning and Teaching
Full STEAM ahead
Future Considerations for Professional and Support Staff in Higher Education; Professional and Support Staff in Higher Education
Getting past our maths block: Interview with Sarah Gillman
Getting the right blend: Applying a learning and teaching model to collaborative research ; 12th annual conference of the International Society for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning
Global connectivity, open resources, personalised learning - How technology is changing higher education; International Conference on teaching and learning in higher education
Harnessing the Transformative Power of Education; Brill|Sense
Higher Education Research and Development Society of Australasia - Invitation to Chair International Conference; 35th Higher Education Research and Development Society of Australia Annual International Conference
Illuminating the profession's competency standards to bachelor of pharmacy students using individualised 'traffic light' reports; APSA 2014 Annual Conference
Illuminating the profession's competency standards to bachelor of pharmacy students using individualised 'traffic light' reports; APSA 2014 Annual Conference
Impact Evaluation of the Teacher Internship Placement Program: Final Report
Improving the Outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Students within Catholic Education Tasmania
Improving the outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students within Catholic Education Tasmania: literature review
Interdisciplinarity for social justice enterprise: intersecting education, industry and community arts perspectives; Featured Symposium
Knowledge, use and perceived relevance of a profession’s Competency Standards; implications for Pharmacy Education; International Journal of Pharmacy Practice
Learning at home during COVID-19: Effects on vulnerable young Australians. Independent Rapid Response Report
Meeting the Challenge: Professional Learning for Integrating ICT into Science and Mathematics Classes ; AARE
Micropropagation of two threatened Tasmanian species of Calocephalus (Asteraceae), with comments on phenotypic plasticity; Australian Journal of Botany
My Favourite Ratio - An inquiry about pi; Australian Mathematics Teacher
Numeracy in a reform-based learning environment; AARE
Open access education at the University of Tasmania: MOOCs and beyond; 9th International Technology, Education and Development Conference
Outcomes for engineering students delivering a STEM outreach and education programme; European Journal of Engineering Education
Partners in Professional Experience: A collaborative model; HERDSA
Partnerships for learning on campus and beyond; Teaching Matters 2009
Planning sustainable peer learning programs: An application and reflection; International Journal of First the Year in Higher Education
Playful learning? An extreme comparison of the children’s University in Malaysia and in Australia; Journal of Applied Learning & Teaching
Policy and Curriculum Research in the Context of Change; The Future of Educational Research
Pre-service teachers' perceptions of the reconceptualized School Experience 1 in the Bachelor of Teaching Program; Doing the Public Good: Positioning Education Research
PREVIEW: Arts-rich education will help lift literacy and numeracy
Proceedings of the 6th Teaching Matters Conference - Showcasing Innovation; Showcasing Innovation
Professional and Support Staff in Higher Education; Springer Nature Singapore Pte Ltd. 2018
Professional and Support Staff in Higher Education: An Introduction; Professional and Support Staff in Higher Education
Professional development for teaching in higher education; International Journal of Mathematical Education in Science and Technology
Professional Experience - Development of an Assessment Rubric; Making Teaching Public: Reforms in Teacher Education
Providing the right feedback to the right students: applying an innovative e-Assessment system in engineering education; 23rd Annual Conference of the Australasian Association for Engineering Education
Putting Partnership at the Centre of Teachers' Professional Learning in Rural and Regional Contexts: Evidence from Case Study Projects in Tasmania; Australian Journal of Teacher Education
Putting WIL on the (round) table: Developing policy and practice at UTAS; World Association for Cooperative Education (WACE) Asia Pacific Conference
Reflections on the value of mapping the final theory examination in a molecular biochemistry unit; Journal of Microbiology and Biology Education
Reproductive Biology of Nerine (Amaryllidaceae)
Reproductive biology of Nerine (Amaryllidaceae) I: The annual growth cycle, floral development and gamete production; Herbertia
Reproductive biology of Nerine (Amaryllidaceae) II: Embryo development and seed germination; Herbertia
Research and business intelligence: driving an improvement agenda across education sectors; Australasian Conference on Information Systems
Research and Development in Higher Education: Connections in Higher Education; 35th Higher Education Research and Development Society of Australia Annual International Conference
Responding to a Changing Higher Education Sector: The Role of Professional and Support Staff; Professional and Support Staff in Higher Education
Science and numeracy in the Australian curriculum: Measurement activities for the middle years; Teaching Science
STEAM Horizons Professional Learning Collaborative – Interim report/future directions
STEAM horizons: Boundary conditions and transitions; 2018 ACUADS Conference
STEAM Horizons: Engagement and attainment through interdisciplinary education - Final Report
STEAM Horizons: Navigating contentions and possibilities for interdisciplinary pedagogy and learning in Tasmania; AARE Conference 2018
Student attitude change associated with teacher professional learning in Mathematics; MAVI-16
Student Change Associated with Professional Learning in Mathematics; MERGA
Student change associated with teachers' professional learning; MERGA
Students' perceptions of constructive alignment: validation of a data collection instrument; International Conference on Teaching and Learning in Higher Education 2017
Teacher change in a changing educational environment; 223rd Biennial Conference of The Australian Association of Mathematics Teachers Inc. and the 34th Annual Conference of the Mathematics Education Research Group of Australasia Inc. (AAMT-MERGA Conference)
Teachers' Confidence and Beliefs and their Students' Attitudes to Mathematics; MERGA
Teachers' knowledge of their students as learners and how to intervene; MERGA
Tertiary Numeracy Enquiry
The A-Lab: a playful circle; Playful Learning
The enhancement of generic attributes through assessment tasks and reflective learning; Teaching Matters 2007
The Transformative Potential of Education; Harnessing the Transformative Power of Education
The UTAS Pharmacy Student's Road Map; APSA 2012 Annual Conference
The value of an open, early academic development program to students' transition and first year experience: The UTAS UniStart program; The International Journal of the First Year in Higher Education
Towards a model first year experience - a staff perspective; HERDSA
Towards achieving good assessment practice - A case study; AAEE
Traffic light report provides a new technique for assurance of learning; Journal of Learning Design
Transforming Professional Practice: What Profiling Tells Us; AARE
Turning Good Ideas into Quality Research; What is Next in Educational Research?
Understanding Tasmanian School Students' Post-School Pathway Intention: Phase Three: Analysis of TASC and University of Tasmania data
Understanding Tasmanian School Students' Post-School Pathway Intentions
Understanding Tasmanian School Students’ Post-School Pathway Intentions: Phase 3: Analysis of TASC and University of Tasmania data
Use of tissue culture techniques for hybridisation of Nerine; Australian Biologist
Using a Cross-Institutional Collaborative Model to Deliver a National Roundtable Conference on Assessment: A Case Study; Journal of University Teaching and Learning Practice
Using a distributive leadership strategy to improve the quality of assessment across a university: initial results of the project; ATN Assessment Conference
Using an Inquiry Approach to Develop Mathematical Thinking ; AARE
UTAS' Open Educational Practices developments: Past, present and future; 30th Ascilite Conference
What can you learn in 3 minutes?; ATN Assessment Conference
What can you learn in three minutes? Critical reflection on an assessment task that embeds technology; Campus-Wide Information Systems
What do we really mean by educational attainment?; Education Transforms 2017
What profiling tells us about ICT and professional practice; AARE
Why do they come and why do they stay? Meeting the needs and expectations of undergraduate students in the life sciences; HERDSA 2003
Why do they come? A review of individual student learning appointments; Pacific Rim First Year in Higher Education Conference
WIL[ling] to share: an institutional conversation to guide policy and practice in work-integrated learning; Higher Education Research and Development

Research Projects

A national discipline specific professional development programme for lecturers and tutors in the mathematical sciences; Australian Learning and Teaching Council Limited (ALTC)
Developing Australian academics' capacity: supporting the adoption of Open Educational Practices into curriculum design; Office for Learning & Teaching (OLT)
Development of mathematics pathways for VET students to articulate to related higher education courses; Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources (DISER)
Embedding Uni-hubs in Regional Tasmanian School collectives; Department of Education, Skills and Employment (DESE)
Evidenced-based approach to the design and redevelopment of inclusive technology enhanced learning environments; Office for Learning & Teaching (OLT)
Providing the Mathematical Foundation for an Innovative Australia within Reform Based Learning Environments; Australian Research Council (ARC)
SiMERR Hub Tasmania; University of New England (UNE)
STEAM HORIZONS: Engagement and Alignment through Interdisciplinary Education; University of Tasmania (UTAS)
Students, universities and open education; Office for Learning & Teaching (OLT)
Education Research
Impact evaluation of the Aboriginal Student Engagement Australian School-based Apprenticeship (AES ASbA) Project
Impact evaluation of the Teacher Internship Placement Program
Impact of DoE staff completing the Graduate Certificate of Inclusive Education
Improving outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students
Review of Online Courses
Work-based Learning Project

Research Candidate Supervision

An Evaluation and Redevelopment of Current Laboratory Practices- An in Depth Study into the Differences Between Learning and Teaching Styles.
An examination of the tensions encountered by Male Primary School Teachers.
Career Pathways of Teacher Education Graduate
Competency Standards Curriculum Mapping for UTAS School of Pharmacy. A 'Road Map' for Students and Staff.
Defining value for the sustainability of open education practices in higher education
Facelifting Legal Pedagogy to Enhance Foundation Law Students' Understandings of Ethics, Professionalism and Critical Reflection through Discourse Analysis
Facilitating Collaborative Learning in Accounting Students
Factors in the Persistence of Distance Higher Education Students
Forgotten Students, Forgotten Teachers- Positioning the Middle Years in New Zealand Teacher Education
Gendered Constructions in Students' Science Fiction Texts Through the Development of a Transformative Pedagogy
Improving the Understanding of Physics in College Students from Low Socio-Economic Backgrounds
Integrating ICT into pedagogical practices
Numeracy Within Reform-Based Learning Environments- A Synthesis of Five Dimensions of Practice
Preservice Teacher Conceptions of Teacher Agency and Support for Primary Science- A Professional Learning Case Study
Reasoning about Covariation with Tinkerplots
Situating Learning about Bushfire Behaviour Training- the case of an Australian land management agency
The Development and Analysis of Innovative and Engaging Mathematics Topics including Benfold's Law and Straight Line Candles (Involving preparation and case studies)
The Role of Distributive Leadership in Implementing Criterion-referenced Assessment- A Case Study of a University
Understanding the Australian experience of engaging with Open Educational Practice- factors influencing the creation, adoption and sharing of Open Educational Resources