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Researcher: Haase, M (Dr Max Haase)

Fields of Research

Naval architecture
Ship and platform structures (incl. maritime hydrodynamics)
Ocean engineering
Special vehicles
Metals and alloy materials

Research Objectives

Coastal sea freight transport
Domestic passenger water transport (e.g. ferries)
Water transport
Oil and gas exploration
Expanding knowledge in engineering
Nautical equipment

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

A practical design approach including resistance predictions for medium-speed catamarans; Ship Technology Research
Application of RANSE-based simulations for resistance prediction of medium-speed catamarans at different scales; 18th Australasian Fluid Mechanics Conference
Energy-efficient large medium-speed catamarans: Hull form design by full-scale CFD simulations; Ship Technology Research
Experimental validation of viscous free surface flow computation around fast NPL catamarans at large drift angles; 1st International Symposium on Naval Architecture and Maritime
Full-scale resistance prediction in finite waters: A study using computational fluid dynamics simulations, model test experiments and sea trial measurements; Journal of Engineering for the Maritime Environment
Full-scale simulation-based hull form design for large medium-speed catamarans with high fuel efficiency; 13th International Conference on Fast Sea Transportation
Hydrodynamic hull form design space exploration of large medium-speed catamarans using full-scale CFD; International Journal of Maritime Engineering
Maximising fuel efficiency by utilising full-scale CFD for the initial ship design process - Validation and application for large catamarans; Pacific International Maritime Conference 2015
Novel CFD-based full-scale resistance prediction for large medium-speed catamarans; Ocean Engineering
On the design and resistance prediction of large medium-speed catamarans; 8th International Conference on High-Performance Marine Vehicles
On the macro hydrodynamic design of highly efficient medium-speed catamarans with minimum resistance; International Journal of Maritime Engineering
Preparing a wave adaptive modular vessel for automation; Royal Institution of Naval Architects. Transactions Part B: International Journal of Small Craft Technology
Resistance prediction of medium-speed catamarans using free-surface viscous flow simulations; 15th Numerical Towing Tank Symposium
Simulating Loads and Motions of Full-Scale Offshore Platforms in Cyclonic Wave Conditions; 2016 SPE Asia Pacific Oil & Gas Conference and Exhibition
Underwater glider performance at model-scale and full-scale Reynolds numbers; Pacific 2017 International Maritime Conference
Unlocking hydrofoil hydrodynamics with experimental results; 4th International Conference on Innovation in High Performance Sailing Yachts
Wave-piercing catamaran transom stern ventilation process; Ship Technology Research

Research Projects

Hydrodynamic performance of the PPB-R

Research Candidate Supervision