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Researcher: Phelan, DC (Mr David Phelan)

Fields of Research

Farming Systems Research
Agricultural Systems Analysis and Modelling
Agricultural Production Systems Simulation
Agro-ecosystem Function and Prediction
Farm Management, Rural Management and Agribusiness
Animal Growth and Development
Animal Management
Soil Physics

Research Objectives

Climate Change Adaptation Measures
Browse Crops
Sown Pastures (excl. Lucerne)
Farmland, Arable Cropland and Permanent Cropland Water Management
Pasture, Browse and Fodder Crops
Beef Cattle
Winter Grains and Oilseeds
Effects of Climate Change and Variability on Australia (excl. Social Impacts)
Livestock Raising
Climate Change Models
Management of Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Animal Production
Dairy Cattle

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

Advancing a farmer decision support tool for agronomic decisions on rainfed and irrigated wheat cropping in Tasmania; Agricultural Systems
Beneficial impacts of climate change on pastoral and broadacre agriculture in cool-temperature Tasmania; Crop and Pasture Science
Climate Futures for Tasmania: impacts on agriculture technical report
Exploring adaptation options for a region nominally favoured by climate change - a Tasmanian case study; Climate Adaptation 2014
Management opportunities for boosting productivity of cool-temperate grazed dairy farms under climate change; Agricultural Systems
Modelling Responses of Perennial Ryegrass Pastures to Future Climate Scenarios in Tasmania; Australia-NZ Climate Forum 2010
Modelling responses of perennial ryegrass pastures to future climate scenarios in Tasmania
Modelling the responses of perennial ryegrass and a sub-tropical pasture species to future climate scenarios in Tasmania; 2012 NCCARF National Adaptation Conference
Near-term pasture growth rate forecasts: which method works best?; 17th Australian Agronomy Conference 2015
Pasture optimization and decision support tools for the dairy and beef industries: report 1 August to 31 October 2013
Projected impact of climate change on dryland pastures: opportunities for red meat producers
Projected impact of climate change on extensive dryland pastures: opportunities for graziers
Projected impact of climate change on irrigated pastures: opportunities for dairy farmers
Projected impact of climate change on Meander Valley: opportunities for agricultural enterprises
Projected impact of climate change on wheat: production opportunities for growers
Projected impact of climate change on wine grape production: opportunities for growers
Projected impact of climate change overview: opportunities for Tasmanian agriculture
Projected impact of climate change what farmers say: farmers talk about their options
The Tasmanian pasture resource audit: is perenniality a thing of the past? What adaptation actions are needed to increase perenniality into the future?; 2nd International Climate Change Adaptation Conference 2012
Water for Profit
Water for Profit

Research Projects

Water for Profit ; Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water & Environment (DPIPWE)
Clean Energy Futures: planning for climate change - spatial interpolation of pasture yields
Live Gaps
LiveGAPS 2 Understanding livestock yield gaps for poverty alleviation, food security and sustainability

Research Candidate Supervision