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Researcher: Thompson, JA (Mrs Jennifer Thompson)

Fields of Research

Exploration geochemistry
Igneous and metamorphic petrology
Inorganic geochemistry
Mineralogy and crystallography
Resource geoscience

Research Objectives

Copper ore exploration
Expanding knowledge in the earth sciences
Mining and extraction of copper ores
Precious (noble) metal ore exploration

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

Age and geochemistry of host rocks of the Cobre Panama porphyry Cu-Au deposit, central Panama: implications for the Paleogene evolution of the Panamanian magmatic arc; Lithos
Archean Chlorite: Regional metamorphic chlorite from the Shebandowan Greenstone Belt, Ontario, Canada
Bingham Canyon
Bingham Canyon and Wasatch Mountains Update
Calcite synthesis
Calcite synthesis
Carbonate geochemistry: a P1153 PhD thesis proposal
Chlorite comes of age: a key tool for exploring in greenrocks
Chlorite Synthesis
Cobre Panama porphyry
Cobre Panama Porphyry Cu-Au-Mo District
Cobre Panama update
Composition and emplacement of the Benfontein Kimberlite Sill Complex (Kimberley, South Africa): Textural, petrographic and melt inclusion constraints; Lithos
El Teniente quartz
El Teniente – Magnetite
El Teniente – Quartz
Enhanced geochemical targeting in magmatic-hydrothermal systems
Epidote synthesis
Epidote synthesis
Executive summary AMIRA project P1060: enhanced geochemical targeting in magmatic-hydrothermal systems
Feldspar chemistry and fluorescence at Batu Hijau
Geochemistry and geochronology of the intrusive rocks of the central Wasatch Mountains igneous belt, Utah, USA: implications for porphyry mineralization; Utah Geological Association Publication
Grasberg calcite
Grasberg porphyry Cu-Au deposit: Study site update December 2012
Grasberg porphyry Cu-Au deposit: Study site update July 2012
Grasberg-Ertsberg mining district
Lithocap blind test site - Barrick
Locating hidden terrane boundaries in East Antarctica with detrital feldspar Pb isotopes; Australian Geoscience Council Convention
Matrix dependency for oxide production rates by LA-ICP-MS; Journal of Analytical Atomic Spectrometry
Newcrest Greenrock Blind Test
P1060 - achievements and explorers' toolbox
P1060 Field Guide - Intrusive and Magm atic-Hydrothermal Features of the Central Wasatch Mountains, Utah
P1153 Explorer’s Toolbox: Workflow for green and white rock exploration
Quartz Synthesis
Quartz: a new tool for vectoring in green rock, lithocap and white rock environments
Quartz: A tool for vectoring and fertility assessments in magmatic-hydrothermal ore deposits
Recent advances in the application of mineral chemistry to exploration for porphyry copper-gold-molybdenum deposits: detecting the geochemical fingerprints and footprints of hypogene mineralization and alteration; Geochemistry: Exploration, Environment, Analysis
Shebandowan greenstone belt, Canada
The sides of porphyry deposits: exploring in green and white rocks
U-Pb geochronology for Jorge Sanhueza at Anglo-American, January 2017
Use of non-matrix matched reference materials for the accurate analysis of calcium carbonate by LA-ICP-MS; Geostandards and Geoanalytical Research
Using pyrite to vector towards porphyry and epithermal mineralisation
Vectoring techniques investigated using trace element chemistry of carbonates around the Baguio District
Vectors to mineralization in the carbonate-hosted Grasberg-Ertsberg porphyry district from calcite C-O isotope and trace element geochemistry; 14th SGA Biennial Meeting

Research Projects

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