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Researcher: Presser, KA (Ms Kirsty Presser)

Fields of Research

Manufacturing safety and quality
Microbial ecology
Food sciences

Research Objectives

Food safety
Expanding knowledge in the environmental sciences
Terrestrial systems and management
Processed meat products

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

Development of growth limits (growth/no growth interface) modelling and its application to predictive food microbiology
Inside E. coli - the mystery of intracellular pH; Annual Scientific Meeting of the Australian Society for Microbiology
Modelling the growth limits (growth/no growth interface) of Escherichia coli as a function of temperature, pH, lactic acid concentration, and water activity; Applied and Environmental Microbiology
Modelling the Growth Rate of Escherichia coli as a Function of pH and Lactic Acid Concentration; Applied and Environmental Microbiology
Physiology and Modelling of Escherichia coli Growth Inhibition due to pH, Organic Acids Temperature and Water Activity
Quantifying the hurdle concept by modelling the bacterial growth /no growth interface; International Journal of Food Microbiology
Quantitative Microbiology: A Basis for Food Safety; Emerging Infectious Diseases
Variation of Branched-Chain Fatty Acids Marks the Normal Physiological Range for Growth in Listeria monocytogenes; Applied and Environmental Microbiology

Research Projects

Research Candidate Supervision