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Researcher: Farmery, AK (Ms Anna Farmery)

Fields of Research

Aquaculture and fisheries stock assessment
Fisheries management
Fisheries sciences
Public policy
Environment and resource economics
Ecological impacts of climate change and ecological adaptation

Research Objectives

Fisheries - wild caught
Wild caught crustaceans (excl. rock lobster and prawns)
Fisheries - recreational freshwater
Understanding climate change
Wild caught rock lobster
Sustainability indicators
Fisheries - aquaculture
Management and productivity
Expanding knowledge in the environmental sciences
Environmentally sustainable animal production
Wild caught prawns

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

A quantitative metric to identify critical elements within seafood supply networks; PLoS ONE
Assessing the inclusion of seafood in the sustainable diet literature; Fish and Fisheries
Australia's dietary guidelines and the environmental impact of food 'from paddock to plate'; Medical Journal of Australia
Certification schemes in the Australian organic wine industry; 3rd International Conference on Public Policy (ICPP3)
Climate change risks and adaptation options across Australian seafood supply chains - a preliminary assessment; Climate Risk Management
Consuming sustainable seafood: guidelines, recommendations and realities; Public Health Nutrition
Domestic or imported? An assessment of carbon footprints and sustainability of seafood consumed in Australia; Environmental Science and Policy
Expanding the concept of sustainable seafood using Life Cycle Assessment; Fish and Fisheries
Facing the wave of change: stakeholder perspectives on climate adaptation for Australian seafood supply chains; Regional Environmental Change
Growth opportunities and critical elements in the supply chain for wild fisheries and aquaculture in a changing climate: a marine NARP project
Growth opportunities for marine fisheries and aquaculture industries in a changing climate; Applied Studies in Climate Adaptation
Life cycle assessment of wild capture prawns: expanding sustainability considerations in the Australian northern prawn fishery; Journal of Cleaner Production
Managing fisheries for environmental performance: the effects of marine resource decision-making on the footprint of seafood; Journal of Cleaner Production
Naturalness as a basis for incorporating marine biodiversity into life cycle assessment of seafood; International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment
Provenance of global seafood; Fish and Fisheries
The barriers and drivers of seafood consumption in Australia: a narrative literature review; International Journal of Consumer Studies
The environmental impact of two Australian rock lobster fishery supply chains under a changing climate; Journal of Industrial Ecology

Research Projects

Growth opportunities and critical elements in the value chain for wild fisheries and aquaculture in a changing climate; Dept of Climate Change, Energy & Efficiency and FRDC (DCCEE-FRDC)

Research Candidate Supervision