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Researcher: Minstrell, ML (Dr Melinda Minstrell)

Fields of Research

Public Health and Health Services
Aged Health Care
Aged Care Nursing
Medicine, Nursing and Health Curriculum and Pedagogy
Conservation and Biodiversity
Health Counselling
Primary Health Care

Research Objectives

Health and Support Services
Health Related to Ageing
Rural Health
Women's Health
Mental Health
Carer Health
Learner and Learning Processes
Environmental Management Systems
Evaluation of Health Outcomes
Expanding Knowledge in the Biological Sciences

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

A case study evaluation protocol to assess processes, effectiveness and impact of a nurse practitioner-led memory clinic; Health
A Conceptual Framework for Breast Nurses' Practice in Rural Settings: A pragmatic mixed methods study
Addressing supportive care needs in rural areas: the Tasmanian experience; Clinical Oncological Scoaiety of Australia Conference
Aged care nurse practitioners working in general practice; Journal of Clinical Nursing
Aged care nurse practitioners working in general practice; 2014 Primary Health Care Research Conference
Developing information: local resources for consumers and health care sites; 6th National Breast Care Nurses Conference
Distribution and abundance of roadkill on Tasmanian highways: human management options; Wildlife Research
Diversity in rural supportive cancer care: specialist breast nurse approaches; 13th International Conference on Cancer Nursing
Evaluating the Role of Nurse Practitioners in Timely Dementia Diagnosis: a Case Study of a Nurse-Led Memory Clinic; Primary Health Care Research and Information Service Conference
IM/NPACT Tasmania - Nurse practitioners bringing specialised expertise to aged care services; Living Longer Living Better - National Aged Care Conference
IM/NPACT Tasmania: Developing an aged care nurse practitioner model of practice in primary care; International Psychogeriatric Society Meeting
Initiating rural breast nurse positions: the Tasmanian experience; 6th National Breast Care Nurses Conference
Online Learning and Aspirations in the Bachelor of Dementia Care degree; Aspirations Matter 2014
Open referral policy within a nurse-led memory clinic: patient demographics, assessment scores, and diagnostic profiles; International Psychogeriatrics
Potentials in supportive cancer care: specialist breast nurse devevelopment, implementation and research; 35th Public Health Association of Australia Annual Conference
Primary and Aged Care: a hybrid trial. Dissolving the barriers; Australian College of Nurse Practitioners Conference
Removing barriers - self referral to a nurse-led memory clinic; Australasian Journal on Ageing 31 (Suppl 2)
Speed kills: mitigating roadkill in Tasmania
Strengthening Support for Women with Breast Cancer, report on the Tasmanian Project 2001 - 2004
Supportive care needs across time; 9th National Breast Care Nurses Conference
Supportive care of rural women with breast cancer in Tasmania, Australia: changing needs over time ; Psycho-Oncology
The challenge of developing and evaluating local programs in breast cancer care: the Strengthening Support for Women with Breast Cancer Program; Rural and Remote Health Papers 1991 - 2003
The nurse practitioner-client therapeutic encounter: an integrative review of interaction in aged and primary care settings; Journal of Advanced Nursing

Research Projects

Research Candidate Supervision