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Researcher: Holz, CA (Dr Andres Holz)

Fields of Research

Ecological impacts of climate change and ecological adaptation
Landscape ecology
Population ecology
Physical geography and environmental geoscience

Research Objectives

Terrestrial biodiversity
Assessment and management of freshwater ecosystems
Rehabilitation or conservation of terrestrial environments

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

A conceptual framework for predicting temperate ecosystem sensitivity to human impacts on fire regimes; Global Ecology and Biogeography
Ecological and climatic controls of modern wildfire activity patterns across southwestern South America; Ecosphere
Effects of high-severity fire drove the population collapse of the subalpine Tasmanian endemic conifer Athrotaxis cupressoides; Global Change Biology
Fire history in western Patagonia from paired tree-ring fire-scar and charcoal records; Climate of the Past
Floraciones de bambues en Chile y Argentina: actual floracion masiva del colihue, historia natural y riesgos asociados; Revista Bosque Nativo
Habitat distribution modeling reveals vegetation flammability and land use as drivers of wildfire in SW Patagonia; Ecosphere
Past and present vulnerability of closed-canopy temperate forests to altered fire regimes: a comparison of the Pacific Northwest, New Zealand, and Patagonia; Bioscience
Positive fire feedbacks contribute to shifts from Nothofagus pumilio forests to fire-prone shrublands in Patagonia; Journal of Vegetation Science
Unusual Southern Hemisphere tree growth patterns induced by changes in the Southern Annular Mode; Nature Geoscience

Research Projects

The role of European settlers' fires and climate change as novel ecosystem triggers; University of Tasmania (UTAS)

Research Candidate Supervision