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Researcher: Panton, LF (Miss Lilyan Panton)

Fields of Research

Architectural science and technology

Research Objectives

Expanding knowledge in engineering
Expanding knowledge in built environment and design

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

A BEM study of the influence of musicians on onstage sound field measures in auditoria; 43rd International Congress on Noise Control Engineering
A BEM study on the effect of source-receiver path route and length on attenuation of direct sound and floor reflection within a chamber orchestra; Acoustics 2015 Hunter Valley
Broadband acoustic scattering with modern aesthetics from random 3D terrain surfaces generated using the Fourier Synthesis algorithm; Acoustics 2016: The Second Australasian Acoustical Societies Conference
Chamber musicians’ acoustic impressions of auditorium stages: relation to spatial distribution of early reflections and other parameters; Journal of the Acoustical Society of America
Effect of a chamber orchestra on direct sound and early reflections for performers on stage: a boundary element method study; Acoustical Society of America. Journal
Investigating concert hall acoustics from musicians' perspective: summary of results from a survey of two touring chamber orchestras; Acoustics 2015 Hunter Valley
Overview and preliminary results from a study of stage acoustics for chamber orchestras; The International Symposium on Musical and Room Acoustics (ISMRA 2016)
Stage acoustics in eight Australian concert halls: acoustic conditions in relation to subjective assessments by a touring chamber orchestra; Acoustics Australia
Using a spherical microphone array for stage acoustics: A preliminary case for a new spatial parameter; 22nd International Congress on Acoustics

Research Projects

Research Candidate Supervision