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Researcher: Hay, PR (Dr Peter Hay)

Fields of Research

Social geography
Social and political philosophy
Other creative arts and writing
Australian literature (excl. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander literature)
Political science
Australian history
Australian government and politics
Applied ethics
Approximation theory and asymptotic methods
Environmental politics
Other Indigenous studies
Natural resource management
Conservation and biodiversity
Public policy
Literary studies
Other environmental sciences
Comparative government and politics
Other commerce, management, tourism and services
Social change
Fine arts
Economic geography
Environmental assessment and monitoring
Visual arts
Wildlife and habitat management
Human geography
Globalisation and culture
Other literatures in English
Terrestrial ecology
Other language, communication and culture
Visual cultures
Cultural studies
North American literature
Urban design
Agriculture, land and farm management
Environmental philosophy
Environment policy
Policy and administration
Political theory and political philosophy
Urban and regional planning
Marine and estuarine ecology (incl. marine ichthyology)
Curriculum and pedagogy
Specialist studies in education
Other education
Environmental management
Screen media
Computer gaming and animation
Sustainable agricultural development
Public administration

Research Objectives

Other environmental management
Other culture and society
Expanding knowledge in psychology
Environmental ethics
Expanding knowledge in philosophy and religious studies
Government and politics
Expanding knowledge in human society
Rights to environmental and natural resources (excl. water allocation)
Understanding Australia's past
Public services policy advice and analysis
The performing arts
Environmental policy, legislation and standards
Environmental education and awareness
Political systems
Marine biodiversity
Visual communication
Citizenship and national identity
Social impacts of climate change and variability
Library and archival services
Conserving natural heritage
Religious structures
Expanding knowledge in economics
Conserving the historic environment
Understanding past societies
Expanding knowledge in creative arts and writing studies
Antarctic and Southern Ocean oceanic processes
Expanding knowledge in history, heritage and archaeology
The creative arts
Coastal and estuarine systems and management
Conserving intangible cultural heritage
Urban planning
Civics and citizenship
Conserving collections and movable cultural heritage
Hydro-electric energy
Assessment and management of coastal and estuarine ecosystems
Work and labour market
Assessment and management of terrestrial ecosystems
Measurement and assessment of marine water quality and condition
Institutional arrangements
Climate change adaptation measures (excl. ecosystem)
Natural hazards

Career Best Publications

A Companion to Environmental Thought; Edinburgh University Press
A phenomenology of islands; Island Studies Journal
Comparative Green Politics: Beyond the European Context?; Political Studies
Green Politics 'In the System'; Ebbing of the Green Tide? Environmentalism, Public opinion and the Media in Australia
Main Currents in Western Environmental Thought; UNSW Press
The Politics of Tasmania's World Heritage Area: Contesting the Democratic Subject; Environmental Politcs

Research Publications

"I'm going on The River"
'Balding Nevis': Place Imperatives of an Invisible Cohort within Tasmania's Forest Communities; Geographical Research
'Balding Nevis': Reflections on an unrecognised constituency in Tasmania's forest communities and the articulation of a moral economy of place; 'Senses of Place': A joint conference of the Place Research Network, the National Museum of Australia, the Mountain Festival and the Community, Place and Change Theme Area of the University of Tasmania
'Conservation and Use of Natural Heritage: Galapagos - Tasmania - Shirakami', a symposium held at Hirosaki University on 20 March, 2004, keynote address delivered by Dr Peter Hay of the University of Tasmania
'Ugly Mug' in the Dog Line, Eaglehawk Neck (1842)
A Companion to Environmental Thought; Edinburgh University Press
A History of the Australian Environment Movement
A phenomenology of islands; Island Studies Journal
A Question of Balance in Integrated Impact Assessment: Negotiating Away the Environmental Interest in Australia's Basslink Project; Journal of Environmental Assessment Policy and Management
A Tale of Two Islands
Academic Treatise or Personal Essay? Reflecting on Rival (?) Discursive Modes for Place and Nature; ISLE: Interdisciplinary Studies in Literature and Environment
An interview with Pete Hay
An Island in Turmoil
Appreciating the Master's Wife from the other side of the planet
Art as Prism: review of Tim Bonyhady's The Colourful Earth
Arts from islands
Back Town Dying
Black Cockatoos on the Isle of the Dead
Book review. A History of the Australian Environment Movement, by D Hutton, L Connors
Book Review. Rolling Back the Market: Economic Dogma and Political Choice by Peter Self; Urban Policy and Research
Book Review: Place: an Introduction, by T Cresswell; Geographical Research
Book Review: The Fight, by M Flanagan and T Uren
Brown(e), Thomas Alexander (1826-1915)
Brown(e), Thomas Alexander (1826-1915)
Bushers', fallers' and the tenacity of the moral economy: can pre-modern values flourish within late modernity?; School of Geography and Environmental Studies Conference 2006
But Labor tipped to win
Climate Perception and Land Management Decisions in Western New South Wales and Queensland. Final Report for the Land, Water and Wool Climate Variability Sub-program, Project: UTA13
Cochrane, George Henry (1880-1933)
Cochrane, George Henry (1880-1933)
Colour-coding Tasmania's Future: Brown sludge or the rainbow
Comparative Green Politics: Beyond the European Context?; Political Studies
Confecting myths of place with birthplace theme
Contesting the Assumed Status of Advanced Technology and of Animal Life Within Leftist Thought: Challenging the Change Vector in Left-Progressivism; SEARCH Foundation First Round Table for the Project of Left Renewal: Shared Values, Shared Future - Re-imagining the Good Society
Cultural significance of shacks in Tasmania
Deadman's Fingers
Defending Island Ecologies: Environmental Campaigns in Tasmania and Taiwan; Journal of Developing Societies
Defending the Wild Lands; Endangered: Tasmania's wild places
Demographic Fluidity and Moral Ecology: Queenstown (Tasmania) and a Lesson in Precarious Process; Moral Ecologies:Histories of Conservation, Dispossession and Resistance. Palgrave Studies in World Environmental History
Dinoflagelates and Art: Jane Quon's Marine Installation; Artlink
Dissenting Island Voices: Environmental Campaigns in Tasmania and Taiwan; Islands of the World VIII: Changing Islands - Changing Worlds
Dissenting Island Voices: Environmental Campaigns in Tasmania and Taiwan; Islands of the World VIII Conference: Changing Islands - Changing Worlds
Do the Greens Run the Agenda? (Interview by Terry Long, 7ZR)
Does Tasmania Have a Future? Conversation 2 with Evers, Nick and Flanagan Richard
Dove Lake Tanka
Elections: The Best Show in Town
Environmental art
Esperance camp
Explaining A Durable Moral Economy: 'Bushers' and 'Fallers' Of North-East Tasmania; Isolation: Disconnection, solitude and seclusion in a connected world
Extract from an Academic's Diary: 27 June 1998; A World of Islands: an Island Studies Reader
Extracts from Vladivostok Tanka
Finding Meaning in Place: A Prodigal Son Considers the North-west Coast
Flower Cone
Forgotten Corners: Essays in Search of an Island's Soul
From a Suitcase in Maritime Canada; Sense of Place 5 Tasmanian Colloquium
From a Suitcase in Maritime Canada; Elsewhere: a Journal for the Literature of Place
Future of Tasmania's Minority Liberal Government
Gallows Hill, Murderers Plains, Killman Point
Green Politics 'In the System'; Ebbing of the Green Tide? Environmentalism, Public opinion and the Media in Australia
Green Politics in Tasmania
History of Environmental Thought
How to predict the Election - or not be wrong by much!
Imagine Nature; Tasmanian School of Art at Hobart, University of Tasmania
Imagine Nature: Raymond Arnold, Rebecca Greenwood, Leigh Hobba, Anne MacDonald and David Stephenson
Impasse of Parliamentary Reform
In Search of Essence. Clive Hamilton's 'The Freedom Paradox'
Interview on culture of government for feature article: 'Bacon Regime Rapped in Performance Review' by Wayne Crawford
Island (In) Sight, Ten Days on the Island Festival
Island Biogeography: A Perspective from Tasmania; Islands of the Mind: Psychology, Literature and Biodiversity
Jim Bacon/Paul Lennon: The Changing of the Guard - From 'The Emperor' to 'Big Red'; Yes, Premier: Labor Leadership in Australia's States and Territories
John Croaker convict embezzler
Labor to govern in minority! Maybe?
Labor to win by a whisker
Language and Violence
Last Days of the Mill
Likely impact of the One Nation Party on Tasmanian Politics
Live a life of poetry. Launch, Blue Giraffe 4
Living on... A conversation about island peoples, places, politics and poetry; Island
Main Currents in Western Environmental Thought; UNSW Press
Maintenance of the Democratic Scope in Tasmania
Man-Made World: Correspondence
Marine Reserves in Tasmania: The Legislative Context
Matriachs of the North-West
Matters pertaining to the Port Arthur massacre
Meek, James McKain (1815- 1898)
Meek, James McKain (1815-1898)
Monday at the Cricket
Myths Floating on the Tides of History
Nature Writing, Writing Nature
Nicolas Baudin - the bicentenary of the expedition to Van Diemen's Land of an extraordinary French explorer
Night Wind, High in Viminalis
Night Wind, High in Manna Gums
Not Far From Here
Not Just a Single Issue Party, More an Evolving Way of Life
Notes within Shadow
Old Man's Beard
On Writing Some Poems of Place; A Social Ecology Journal
Parliamentary Reform and Responsible Government in Tasmania
Perfectly Situated: Reading The Master's Wife as Literature of Place; The Master's Wife: The Book and the Place: Essays on Sir Andrew Macphail's "Masterpiece"
Planning umpires under constraint
Plea for feelings to come first
Poem by a lake
Poet, Male, Getting on a Bit
Poetry as investigative pedagogy: issue of ethics and praxis in Hay and Thorne's Last Days of the Mill; Australasian Journal of Ecocriticism and Cultural Ecology
Politics and Primordial Time. Neil Hoffmann's Grand and Seamless Aesthetic
Politics and Primordial Time: Neil Hoffman's Grand and Seamless Aesthetic; Ceramics: Art and Perception
Politics of the Referendum Bill to Reduce the Size of the Tasmanian Parliament
Port Arthur Abandoned: The Ketch 'Harriet' in Mason's Cove 17 September 1877
Port Arthur Poem: Three fragments
Port Arthur: Where Meanings Collide
Private property and public interest in fisheries management: the Tasmanian rock lobster fishery; Marine Policy
Proposed Reform of the Tasmanian Parliament
Rally for Action Against Canal Estates - Speech by Dr Peter Hay
Recherche Bay and legitimate interest: Establishing priority in the politics of place; National Academies Forum Symposium: A Celebration of the History, Culture, Science and Technology of Recherche Bay
Reject this latest piece of advanced folly
Review of Gwynneth Singleton, The Howard Government: Australia Commonwealth Administration 1996-1998
Review of Lessons from Nature: Learning to Live Sustainably on the Earth; Environmental Politics
Rounds of the Kitchen
Science, ethics and emotion in the politics of biodiversity; Biodiversity: Integrating Conservation and Production. Case Studies from Australian Forests and Fisheries
Shape of the Wind: Pattern and Chaos in Sue Lovegrove's Island Art; Artlink: Australian Contemporary Art Quarterly
Silently on the Tide
Singing the songs of loss
Skeyhill Thomas John (1895-1932)
Skeyhill, Thomas John (1895-1931)
Small Island Dreaming
Spirit and Place
Standards of public morality and the crisis of Government
State election campaign
State of Tasmanian Governance
Stonehouse, Ethel Nhill Victoria (1883-1964)
Stonehouse, Ethel Nhill Victoria (1883-1964)
Sunburst of literary creativity
Sunset on the Irish Festival (Port Arthur 1994)
Synergies and Tensions in the Application of Irreducible Communicative Paradigms to Issues of Marine Ecology; New Constellations: Art, Science and Society
Tasmania's Future
Tasmanian Election Count
Tasmanian Politics: The Year in Review, The Year Ahead
Tasmanian Stories: The John Lees Forums. Forum 6 - A Sense of Place - On Being Tasmanian
That Islanders speak and others hear
The 'Tasmanian Disease': Discussion with Talk Back
The Ecopolitics Conference Series
The Ferret, His Dog
The Forests; Matthew Newton
The Gallopers
The Moral Economy of the Bush; Arena Magazine
The poetics of Island Place: articulating particularity; Local Environment
The political rationalities of island geography: Preliminary thoughts on the ideological freight of island metaphor; 15th Islands of the World Conference 2017
The Politics of Tasmania's World Heritage Area: Contesting the Democratic Subject; Environmental Politcs
The radical politics of Nature Poetry; Five Bells
The Red Steer at Rat Bay; A Place on Earth: An anthology of nature writing from Australia and North America
The role of the Speaker in Tasmania's Hung Parliament
The Stability or Otherwise of Tasmania's Minority Government
The toxic public sphere
The Tuffin Interview: Dr Pete Hay
The Vast Grey Wall; Reflections on Social Justice: Reclaiming Our Identity as a Nation with a Heart and a Soul
The Visual Arts and Dissident Scholarship. Citizenship, the Humanities and Activist Critique; First International Conference on New Directions in the Humanities
The Voice of the Voiceless in Tasmania's Forests
The Western Edge
These blarsted hills; Words for country, Landscape & language in Australia
They may as well cut my brain out: the voice of the 'third cohort'; Islands of Memory- Revisited
Time and Place: an environmental history of Prince Edward Island by Edward MacDonald, Joshua MacFadyen, and Irené Novaczek
Untitled feature article on Port Arthur and Tasmanian identity
Vale: Bernard Knyvet ('Barney') Roberts 1920 - 2005. Ah - if ever there was a life well lived . . .
Vale: Margaret Scott 1934 - 2005
Vandiemonian Essays; Walleah Press
Vast Grey Wall; Sense of Place 5 Tasmanian Colloquium
Whaling and its controversies: Examing the attitudes of Japan's youth; Marine Policy
What I did on my holidays
What Is the Public Interest? How Do Public and Private Interests Intersect?
What the sea portends: a reconsideration of contested island tropes; Island Studies Journal
Whatever Happened to Brenda Hean?
When it Comes to Electoral Systems, P.E.I. is Badly Served
White Words
Whither Green Political Theory?; Green Politics
Will we hang that Parliament?
Writing place: unpacking an exhibition catalogue essay; Changing Places: Re-Imagining Australia

Research Projects

Development of a consoildated philosophical and political theory of the contemporary environment movement; Australian Research Council (ARC)
Environmental Education and Marine Ecosystem Degradation: The Role of Site-specific Art as Communicative Strategy within Community Awareness-raising Programs; Australian Research Council (ARC)
Knowing El Nino: The Influences of Climate Perception on Land Management Decisions in Western New South Wales and Queensland; Land and Water Australia (LWA)
The establishment of Antarctic specially protected areas and Antarctic specially managed areas, focusing on single jurisdictions and multiple jurisdicti; Antarctic Science Advisory Committee (ASAC)

Research Candidate Supervision

"Goethe, Ruskin and a Phenomenology of Bodily Presence"
"The Domination of Culture" - an exploration of changing relationships between humanity and its material culture during the scientific, commercial and industrial revolutions of the 18th century
'Antipodean England'? A History of Drought, Fire and Flood in Tasmania from European Settlementin 1803 to the 1960s
'The Power of Story and Ecological Consciousness- Five Twentieth-Century Films'
A comparison of the Natural Resource Management Regimes of Tasmania and Taiwan
An Environmental History of British Settlement in Van Dieman's Land- The Making of a Distinct People, 1798-1831
An interpretive, paradigmatic and comparative analysis of Canadian and Australian Green Parties
Attitudes to environmental conservation - land use policy in Australia
Australian marine protected area policy- towards a national system of marine biosphere reserves
Becoming nature- A human rapprochement through religion and environmentalism
Biodiversity Versus Nature- Values in Conflict
Climate Change and Environmental Citizenship- Transition to a Post-Consumerist Future?
Coles Bay and the Freycinet Peninsula. A Case Study of a Community's Cultural and Economic Relations with the Natural Environment
Culture, Politics and Japanese Whaling- Perspectives of Japanese Youth and What These Might Portend for the Future
Democracy- Sickness and Cure. Why Liberal Democracies Often Under-provide Public Goods and How Public Deliberation May Correct This
Drawing the Betweenness of Place
Eco-sensitive Management- Transitions towards, and the style of ecocentric management of business organisations
Ecocentric environmental ethics
Emancipation Writ Large- Toward an Ecocentric Green Political Theory
Emotional framing of Environmental Journalism- An Australian history
Environment & structure in protecterd area organisations
Environmental studies
Environmental studies- the 'French Garden'
Expanding the Knowledge Base on Pro Poor Tourism/Sustainable Tourism Eliminating Poverty (ST~EP) and Developing Soundly Based Structures to Implement ST~EP Projects
Exploring the Connections Between Inequality, Community Dysfunction and Sustainability- Fishery Case Studies from Newfoundland, Tasmania and Pakistan
Figuring Extinction- Visualising the Thylacine in Zoological and Natural History Works 1808-1936
From Productivism to Pragmatism- Sustainability in Tasmania's Vegetable Processing Industry
Garden of Imaginings- An Investigation in Print
Growth from Limits- A political economy inquiry into responses to natural resource development limits using a case study analysis of timber production from natural and
History of green politics in Tasmania
How environmental attitudes are reflected and promoted through Australian children's literature
Human social and psychological perspective's and their impact on wildlife conservation
In Search of the Timeless Wisdom- An Inquiry into the Ecological Implications of the loss of Tradition in Western Civilisation
Integral ecology- body, mind and spirit in nature and the future of self and culture in the natural world.
Islandness, Sense of Place, and the Importance of 'Story' in the Islands of Newfoundland and Tasmania
Knowing El Nino- Integrating Knowledges of Managing Climate Variability in the Eastern Australian Rangelands
Land use policy in the Northern Territory
Learning for Rural Places in 'the Digital Future'
Military-sourced Metaphor in Discourses of Conflict in Tasmania's Disputed Florentine Forests
Orangutans in Iban Culture- ecological implications.
Perception of music and nature
Perception of the Australian landscape
Place Matters- Finding Deep Ecology within Towns and Cities
Recreation carrying capacities in wilderness and national parks.
River Experience- A Phenomenological Description of Meaningful Experiences on a Wilderness River Journey
Role of the media in shaping environmental values
Science Narratives- The Construction, Mobilisation and Validation of Hydro Tasmania's case for Basslink
Shaping sustainable local economies in the Global Marketplace
Small Island Governance and Global-Local Change in King Island, Tasmania
Study of the theoretical legacy of thewestern Enlightment its implications for sustainability&the capacity of western societies to develop sustainablity
Sustainability through informed choice
The anthropology of pilgrimage- A cultural and psychological analysis of a modern spiritual journey - The route to Kailas
The Axis Mundi- The Role of Community Gatherings in Cultural Development
The creation of common ground in land use disagreements, especially relating to Tasmania
The Environmental Ethics of Domestication- When Biotechnology Reframes Nature
The Forbidden Question- A History of the Limits to Growth Debate
The interface between the environment and the living things in that environment
The Origin of Beauty- A Metaphysical Foundation for Ecophilosophy
The Political Ecology of International Trade
The Rapidly Shifting Landscape of Global Forest and Climate Politics- Responses to Tropical Deforestation in Papua New Guinea
The Spiritual Values of the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area and Implications for Wilderness Management
Title- A History of the Muttonbird Industry
TITLE- Envisioning futures- A critique of
Title- Planning for a Sustainable Society- Institutional Reform and Social Transformation
Understories- Uncertain Growths in the Telling of Wild Tasmania
Urban Change in Inner City of Hobart, 1972-1992. The role and processes of Inner-City Action Groups
Visual art, environment and the development of values