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Researcher: Denny, LJ (Ms Lisa Denny)

Fields of Research

Population Trends and Policies
Policy and Administration
Urban Sociology and Community Studies
Aged Health Care
Social Policy
Social Change
Climate Change Processes
Family and Household Studies
Innovation and Technology Management
Environmental Engineering
Risk Engineering (excl. Earthquake Engineering)
Surfacewater Hydrology

Research Objectives

Government and Politics
Public Services Policy Advice and Analysis
Employment Patterns and Change
Allied Health Therapies (excl. Mental Health Services)
Comparative Structure and Development of Community Services
Industry Policy
Social Class and Inequalities
Justice and the Law
Expanding Knowledge through Studies of Human Society
Effects of Climate Change and Variability on the South Pacific (excl. Australia and New Zealand) (excl. Social Impacts)
Work and Institutional Development
Expanding Knowledge in Engineering
Natural Hazards
Climate Change Adaptation Measures

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

Decomposition: population ageing at a sub-national level using Tasmania, Australia as a case study; Journal of Population Research
Diversifying Tasmania's Economy: Analysis and Options
Housing in Hobart: an overview of the data; Presentation to the City of Hobart Housing Roundtable
Libs' people plan 'feasable'
Measuring mendicancy: identifying capacity for future economic sustainability by developing a measure of government dependency; Australian Economic Review
Meet the new seachangers: now itís younger Australians moving out of the big cities
On the Move
Projecting Volunteer Resource Requirements Under Extreme Climate Futures Technical Report
Report: an overview of the potential socio-economic impacts of the proposed relocation of the University of Tasmania Sandy Bay campus to the Hobart CBD
Tackling the challenge of Tasmania's ageing population
Tasmania in Transition; Tasmania in Transition, Skills Tasmania Conference
TASMANIAN DEMOGRAPHICS REPORT Of 50 to 64 year olds and 65 to 79 year olds
Tasmanian Housing Summit Directions Paper
Tassie facing an age-old dilemma
Tassie prime for a rebrand
Thank God youíre here: the coming generation and their role in future‑proofing Australia from the challenges of population ageing; Australian Journal of Social Issues
The aspirational Tasmanian: ready for the right kind of change
Using SPSS for Descriptive Statistical Analysis; Social Research Methods
Women in the Workforce
Youth employment in Australia: A comparative analysis of labour force participation by age group; Journal of Applied Youth Studies

Research Projects

Projecting Volunteer Resource Requirements Under Extreme Climate Futures; Department of Police, Fire and Emergency Management [TAS] (DPEM)
Korongee Lifestyles
Tasmanian Community Fund Key Indicators

Research Candidate Supervision