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Researcher: Cook, SD (Mr Sam Cook)

Fields of Research

Plant physiology
Plant cell and molecular biology
Analytical biochemistry
Gene expression (incl. microarray and other genome-wide approaches)

Research Objectives

Expanding knowledge in the environmental sciences
Expanding knowledge in the biological sciences
Expanding knowledge in the agricultural, food and veterinary sciences

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

Auxin biosynthesis: are the indole-3-acetic acid and phenylacetic acid biosynthesis pathways mirror images?; Plant Physiology
Impaired auxin biosynthesis in the defective endosperm18 mutant is due to mutational loss of expression in the ZmYuc1 gene encoding endosperm-specific YUCCA1 protein in maize; Plant Physiology
Linking auxin with photosynthetic rate via leaf venation; Plant Physiology
The auxins, IAA and PAA, are synthesized by similar steps catalyzed by different enzymes; Plant Signaling & Behavior

Research Projects

Auxin biosynthesis and the role of phenylacetic acid in plant: non-plant interactions; Australian Academy of Science (AASc)

Research Candidate Supervision