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Researcher: Lindstrom, RS (Dr Randall Lindstrom)

Fields of Research

Art criticism
Architectural history, theory and criticism
Architectural design
Philosophy of language
History and theory of the built environment (excl. architecture)
Professional ethics
Other built environment and design
Religion, society and culture
Philosophy of religion

Research Objectives

Expanding knowledge in philosophy and religious studies
The creative arts
Religious structures
Expanding knowledge in built environment and design
Commercial construction design
Government and politics
Other culture and society
Commercial construction planning
Religion and society
Religious rituals and traditions (excl. structures)

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

Creating church: kenosis as protocol; Faith and Form
Creation II and The Four Seasons; P. Negri: A Retrospective
Creativity and Contradiction: European Churches Since 1970; The American Institute of Architects Press
Expressions of Love: Stations of the Cross; P. Negri: A Retrospective
Human Judgement in Architecture: Diagnosis and Discernment; On Human Judgement
Kenosis Creativity Architecture: Appearance through Emptying; Routledge
On Human Judgement; University of Tasmania, School of Humanities
On Human Language and Communication; University of Tasmania, School of Humanties
P. Negri: A Retrospective; Blessed Sacrament Congregation - Saint Francis Church
Revisiting Kahn: a theological case for kenotic design; 29th Annual Conference of the Society of Architectural Historians Australia & New Zealand
St John the Baptist Catholic Church
Sustainability by design: kenosis as a framework for environmental, cultural, and social dialogue; The International Journal of Sustainability Policy and Practice
Talking Too Much About Architecture; On Human Language and Communication
The ground of art and the limits of color - a tribute to Rev. Dr. Patrick Negri, S.S.S. (1935-2016); ARTS
The Modesty of Architecture; Political Theory and Architecture
Virtual Cathedral: a conversation between liturgy and technology; Australian Journal of Liturgy

Research Projects

Research Candidate Supervision