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Researcher: Haynes, CEP (Dr Charles Haynes)

Fields of Research

Other law and legal studies
Public law
Information systems
Commercial law

Research Objectives

Expanding knowledge in psychology
Expanding knowledge in human society
Justice and the law
Other information and communication services
Other education and training

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

1991-1995 Tasmanian Supreme Court Judgments
1996 Tasmanian Supreme Court Judgments
1998 Supreme Court Judgments
Alienated Land Law Manual
Bartlett Digest
Catchwords Index 1970-1996
Computerising the Law of Papua New Guinea; Law via the Internet '99
Duggan v Parramore and Parramore v Duggan: When Do Omitted Easements Bind Torrens Registerd Land in Tasmania?; University of Tasmania Law Review
ELCOM Law Library
Environmental and Natural Resources Law Library
Improving Access to Legal Information in Papua New Guinea; Legal Developments in the Pacific Island Region
Legal Practice Library
Lillas Digest
Mining and Petroleum Law Library
Post-Independence Catchwords Index
Property Law Library
Public Services Library
Tasmanian Supreme Court Unreported Judgments 1997
Tasmanian Supreme Court Unreported Judgments Catchwords Index 1970-97
The Tasmanian Reports Consolidated Index
The Underlying Law of Papua new Guinea: The 'permanent' formula?; Australasian Law Teachers Association
University of Tasmania Law Review; University of Tasmania Law Review
University of Tasmania Law Review; University of Tasmania Law Review

Research Projects

Privacy, confidential information and the state; University of Tasmania (UTAS)

Research Candidate Supervision

Legal aspects of interaction between and indigenous community and a big mining project in a developing country- The case of the Ipili and Porgera gold mine in New Guinea
Legislative environmental assessment-An evaluation of procedure and context with reference to Canada and the Netherlands.
Public participation in reform of environmental laws especially soil conservation laws
Statutory interpretation and the use of plain language in drafting legislation
The Australian legislative framework for the protection of endangered species and the conservation of biological diversity