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Researcher: Westwood, KJ (Dr Karen Westwood)

Fields of Research

Chemical oceanography
Marine and estuarine ecology (incl. marine ichthyology)
Biological oceanography
Global change biology
Physical oceanography
Phycology (incl. marine grasses)
Physical geography and environmental geoscience
Conservation and biodiversity
Other biological sciences
Ecological impacts of climate change and ecological adaptation
Biological physics
Classical physics

Research Objectives

Antarctic and Southern Ocean oceanic processes
Effects of climate change on Antarctic and sub-Antarctic environments (excl. social impacts)
Biodiversity in Antarctic and Southern Ocean environments
Understanding climate change
Assessment and management of coastal and estuarine ecosystems
Expanding knowledge in the environmental sciences
Public health (excl. specific population health)
Marine biodiversity
Fisheries - wild caught
Expanding knowledge in the biological sciences

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

Primary productivity off the Antarctic coast from 30 degrees-80 degrees E; BROKE-West survey, 2006; Deep-Sea Research. Part 2: Topical Studies in Oceanography
Antarctic slush-ice algal accumulation not quantified through conventional satellite imagery: beware the ice of March; The Cryosphere Discussions
Assessing Sub-Antarctic Zone primary productivity from fast repetition rate fluorometry; Deep-Sea Research. Part 2: Topical Studies in Oceanography
Climate change and Southern Ocean ecosystems I: how changes in physical habitats directly affect marine biota; Global Change Biology
Contrasting regimes of production and potential for carbon export in the Sub-Antarctic and Polar Frontal Zones south of Tasmania; Deep-Sea Research. Part 2: Topical Studies in Oceanography
Enhanced CO2 concentrations change the structure of Antarctic marine microbial communities; Marine Ecology Progress Series
Environmental factors influencing algal blooms in the Derwent River; The State of the Derwent
Kerguelen Axis 2015-16: Marine science activities in support of research and observing of marine ecosystems in the vicinity of the Kerguelen Axis during 2015-16 austral summer
Ocean acidification impacts primary and bacterial production in Antarctic coastal waters during austral summer; Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology
Ocean acidification of a coastal Antarctic marine microbial community reveals a critical threshold for CO2 tolerance in phytoplankton productivity; Biogeosciences
Photosynthetic carbon allocation of an Antarctic sea ice diatom (Fragilariopsis cylindrus); Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology
Phytoplankton community structure and stocks in the Southern Ocean (30-80E) determined by CHEMTAX analysis of HPLC pigment signatures; Deep-Sea Research. Part 2: Topical Studies in Oceanography
Primary production in the Sub-Antarctic and Polar Frontal Zones south of Tasmania, Australia; SAZ-Sense survey, 2007; Deep-Sea Research. Part 2: Topical Studies in Oceanography
Response of phytoplankton Photophysiology to varying environmental conditions in the Sub-Antarctic and Polar Frontal Zone; PLoS One
Sustained upwelling of subsurface iron supplies seasonally persistent phytoplankton blooms around the Southern Kerguelen Plateau, Southern Ocean; Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans
The influence of iron and light on net community production in the Subantarctic and Polar Frontal Zones; Biogeosciences
The relation of mixed-layer net community production to phytoplankton community composition in the Southern Ocean; Global Biogeochemical Cycles

Research Projects

Assessment of habitats, productivity and food webs on the Kerguelen Axis in the Indian Sector of the Southern Ocean; Department of Environment and Energy (Cwth) (DoEE)
Sea Ice Physics and Ecosystems Experiment II - an integrated study of physical and ecological sea ice processes off East Antarctica during spring; Department of Environment and Energy (Cwth) (DoEE)
The availability of Antarctic krill to large predators and their role in biogeochemical recycling in the Southern Ocean; CSIRO-Commonwealth Scientific & Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO)

Research Candidate Supervision