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Researcher: Lake, SE (Dr Samantha Lake)

Fields of Research

Marine and Estuarine Ecology (incl. Marine Ichthyology)
Wildlife and Habitat Management

Research Objectives

Ecosystem Assessment and Management of Marine Environments
Ecosystem Assessment and Management of Antarctic and Sub-Antarctic Environments
Antarctic and Sub-Antarctic Flora, Fauna and Biodiversity
Marine Flora, Fauna and Biodiversity

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

Analysis of the diet of New Zealand Fur Seals Arctocephalus foresteri in Tasmania; Marine Mammal Research in the Southern Hemisphere
Annual reproductive rates of weddell seals in eastern antarctica from 1973 to 2000; Marine Ecology - Progress Series
Aspects of the ecology of Weddell seals at the Vestfold Hills, Prydz Bay, East Antarctica
Influence of time of day and month on Weddell seal haul-out patterns at the Vestfold Hills, Antarctica; Polar Biology
Movements of adult female Weddell seals during the winter months; Polar Biology
Regional, temporal and fine-scale spatial variation in Weddell seal diet at four coastal locations in east Antarctica; Marine Ecology Progress Series
Spatial utilisation of fast-ice by Weddell seals Leptonychotes weddelli during winter; Ecography

Research Projects

Research Candidate Supervision