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Researcher: McLeod, K (Dr Kim McLeod)

Fields of Research

Sociological methodology and research methods
Health promotion
Sociology and social studies of science and technology
Mental health services
Curriculum and pedagogy theory and development
Creative arts, media and communication curriculum and pedagogy
Gender studies
Preventative health care
Health and community services
Health care administration
Medicine, nursing and health curriculum and pedagogy
Other education
Teacher education and professional development of educators
Journalism studies
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander public health and wellbeing
Social theory
Drama, theatre and performance studies
Other creative arts and writing
Social change
Visual arts
Continuing and community education

Research Objectives

Expanding knowledge in human society
Public health (excl. specific population health)
Mental health services
Learner and learning
Expanding knowledge in education
Assessment, development and evaluation of curriculum
Other education and training
Health education and promotion
Mental health
Evaluation of health and support services
Other culture and society
Multicultural services
Evaluation of health outcomes
Teacher and instructor development
Expanding knowledge in language, communication and culture
The performing arts
The creative arts

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

"Simply providing information": Negotiating the ethical dilemmas of obstetric ultrasound, prenatal testing and selective termination of pregnancy; Feminism and Psychology
''Stay away from them until you're old enough to make a decision'': tobacco company testimony about youth smoking initiation; Tobacco Control
A review of: Two worlds of drug consumption in later modern societies. Eisenbach-Stangl I, Moskalewicz J and B. Thom, Eds
Accounting for nonhuman material in health: The Wellbeing Machine; Sociology Seminar Series
Adding collaborative connective labor to the antidepressant bioeconomy; Knowledge/Culture/Economy International Conference
Adding the agentic capacities of visual materials to visual research ethics; Special issue of Visual methodologies: Exploring ethics and visual methodologies
Ambiguous encounters, uncertain foetuses: Women’s experiences of obstetric ultrasound; Feminist Review
Australian Letters to the Editor on Tobacco: Triggers, Rhetoric, and Claims of Legitimate Voice; Qualitative Health Research
Changes in the news representation of smokers and tobacco-related media advocacy from 1995 to 2005 in Australia; Journal of Epidemiology & Community Health
Disrupting whiteness in the classroom: Early stages of a collaborative investigation; Southern Knowledges Symposium
Diverse gender, sex and sexuality: Managing culturally safe workplaces; HIM - Interchange
Ethical challenges experienced by public health nurses related to adolescents’ use of visual technologies; Nursing Ethics
Factors Affecting the Resettlement of Former Refugees in Regional Australia; Federation of Ethnic Communities’ Councils of Australia’s biennial conference
Factors shaping the lived experience of resettlement for former refugees in regional Australia; International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health
Head of School Award for Excellence in Doctoral Research
Health as the ongoing movement between wellbeing and illbeing: the wellbeing machine; 2017 Biennial conference of the EASA Medical Anthropology Network - Bodies in transition: power, knowledge and medical anthropology
How do friends influence smoking uptake? Findings from qualitative interviews with identical twins; The Journal of Genetic Psychology: Research and Theory on Human Development
How to use visual methods to promote health among adolescents: a qualitative study of school nursing; Journal of Clinical Nursing
Impact of news of celebrity illness on breast cancer screening: Kylie Minogue's breast cancer diagnosis; Medical Journal of Australia
Individual versus corporate responsibility for smoking-related illness: Australian press coverage of the Rolah McCabe trial; Health promotion international
Making Music: a Wellbeing Tool in Remote Aboriginal Communities; Grow the Music Gala
Making News: The appearance of tobacco control organizations in newspaper coverage of tobacco control issues; American Journal of Health Promotion
Maximising students' use of purpose-built shade in secondary schools: Quantitative and qualitative results of a built-environment intervention; Health and Place
Mental health of former refugees in Launceston: A qualitative study; 10th Annual Australian Rural & Remote Mental Health Symposium
Orientating to assembling: Qualitative inquiry for more- than-human-worlds; International Journal of Qualitative Methods
Orientating to assembling: qualitative inquiry for more-than-human worlds; The Australian Sociological Association
Portrayal of tanning, clothing fashion and shade use in Australian women's magazines, 1987–2005; Health Education Research
Principles for a pedagogy of unlearning; Reflective Practice
Report on Nikolas Rose Public Lecture; Nexus
Rethinking using assemblages in more-than-human methods: towards a decolonised toolkit?; 4S Sydney
Stabilising objects: Antidepressants work as a connective resource; Victorian Substance Use Research Forum
Still a burning issue: trends in the volume, content and population reach of newspaper coverage about tobacco issues; Critical Public Health
The expansion and valuing of foetal measurements in obstetric ultrasound; 4S/EASST
The Impact of Photographs on the Researcher: An Ethical Matter for Visual Research; Ethics and Visual Research Methods: Theory, Methodology, and Practice
The mental health of former refugees in regional Australia: a qualitative study; Australian Journal of Rural Health
The missing work of collaboration: using assemblages to rethink antidepressant action; 13th Dangerous Consumptions Colloquium
The missing work of collaboration: Using assemblages to rethink antidepressant action; Contemporary Drug Problems
The resettlement experiences of former refugees in Launceston: A qualitative study; Rural Health and Collaborative Research Symposium
Tobacco in the news: an analysis of newspaper coverage of tobacco issues in Australia 2001; Tobacco Control
Using collaborative peer engagement to bring a decolonising lens to teaching practice; TASA 2019
Using collaborative peer engagement to bring a decolonising lens to teaching practice; Teaching Matters
Using materialist research tools to reconceptualise antidepressant efficacy; Cultural Studies Association of Australasia
Using posthuman perspectives to progress pain as a public health issue; The Australian Sociological Association
Using the pluriverse concept to critique eurocentrism in education; Teaching Matters
Using the pluriverse concept to critique Eurocentrism in education; Journal of Applied Learning & Teaching
Visual methods in health dialogues: a qualitative study of public health nurse practice in schools; Journal of Advanced Nursing
Wellbeing machine: a framework for reconceptualizing wellbeing as intimately connected to nonhuman material; Tenth International Conference on Interdisciplinary Social Sciences
Wellbeing machine: how health emerges from the assemblages of everyday life; Carolina Academic Press
Wellbeing machine: linking health to nonhuman material; The Australian Sociological Association
What creates wellbeing?; Taster Lecture Series

Research Projects

Best practice in youth orchestra leadership for the 21st Century; Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT)
Developing resources to enable resilient young Tasmanians through Arts engagement; Tasmanian Community Fund (TasCF)
Mentoring for Professional Practice: A Creativity Based Approach ; University of Tasmania (UTAS)
The Heart of Nursing; University of Tasmania (UTAS)
The role of the Youth Orchestra in the development of creativity, social learning, wellbeing, and resilience in Tasmania. ; University of Tasmania (UTAS)
THROUGH A YOUNG LENS- A study of the application of visual methods in Public health nurse dialogue with adolescents; The Arctic University of Norway (UiT)

Research Candidate Supervision