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Researcher: Hill, PW (Dr Peter Hill)

Fields of Research

Fine arts
Musicology and ethnomusicology

Research Objectives

Expanding knowledge in psychology

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

'Art of Reproduction'
'How to Photograph a Sunset: Keith Arnatt'
'Paradigm Changes in 20th Century Art'
Liquid Voices - Anne Morrison
Superfictions 2
A Little Night Reading; Art monthly Australia
Body; ARTnews
Constructed City
Europe's Summer of Art; Art monthly Australia
False Hair, Synthetic Lace and Remarkable Cave - the work of Ray Arnold; Imprint
How Say You?
Is there a Doctor in the Art School - PhDs in the Visual Arts; Art Monthly Australia
Mrs Aristotle's Teeth - ARC Funding; Art monthly Australia
Networking: Art by Post, Fax and Phone
New Zealand Does It Better; Artmonthly Australia
Peter Hill: The Art Fair Murders: A Novel, An Installation
Peter Hill: The Art Fair Murders: A Novel, An Installation
Ronnie Forbes - Art in Public Places; CAST
Soho Arts Festival, New York and Fotofeis International Festival of Photography in Scotland
Superfictions: The Art Fair Murders. A Novel. An Installation. A Superfiction
The Next Wave Festival; Art monthly Australia
The Portrait of a Lady: Sargent and Lady Agnew; ARTnews
The Sydney Biennale
Where There's A Will There's A Way Round It; ARTnews

Research Projects

Research and production costs towards an international exhibition titled 'For or Against Nature' to be held in Auckland featuring the work of selected i; University of Tasmania (UTAS)

Research Candidate Supervision