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Researcher: Appleyard, SA (Dr Sharon Appleyard)

Fields of Research

Fish physiology and genetics
Animal systematics and taxonomy
Fisheries management

Research Objectives

Fisheries - wild caught
Other environmental management
Wild caught fin fish (excl. tuna)
Expanding knowledge in the biological sciences
Wild caught edible molluscs

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

A giant anguilliform leptocephalus Thalassenchelys foliaceus Castle & Raju is a junior synonym of Congriscus maldivensis (Norman 1939); Journal of Fish Biology
Application of genetics for threatened species research; CSIRO Threatened, Endangered or Protected Species (TEPS) Symposium
Assessing shark and ray populations using genetics; Hawaiian Institute for Marine Biology
Connectivity affected by physical barriers and sex-biased behaviours for the silvertip shark (Carcharhinus albimarginatus); Oceania Chondrichthyan Society Conference
Development of genetic markers in abalone through construction of a SNP database; Animal Genetics
Establishing the evolutionary compatibility of potential sources of colonizers for overfished stocks: a population genomics approach; Molecular Ecology
Population connectivity of tropical sharks in the Indo-Pacific; IMAS-CSIRO Quantitative Marine Science Symposium
Rediscovery of the threatened river sharks, Glyphis garricki and G. glyphis, in Papua New Guinea; PLoS One
Reef shark connectivity: a case study using multiple genetic markers; Sharks International Conference
Reef shark movement in the Indo-Pacific; Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies
Reef Sharks in the Indo-Pacific; University of Queensland
Variability in multiple paternity rates for grey reef and scalloped hammerhead sharks; Australian Society for Fish Biology Conference

Research Projects

Research Candidate Supervision