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Researcher: Campbell, SJ (Professor Steven Campbell)

Fields of Research

Health and community services
Health services and systems
Community child health
Aged health care
Primary health care
Health care administration
Medicine, nursing and health curriculum and pedagogy
Acute care
Education assessment and evaluation
Nutrigenomics and personalised nutrition
Health promotion
Community and primary care
Sub-acute care
Mental health services
Health management
Higher education
Quality management
Clinical midwifery
Cardiology (incl. cardiovascular diseases)
Aged care nursing
General practice
Residential client care

Research Objectives

Health policy evaluation
Evaluation of health and support services
Public health (excl. specific population health)
Health education and promotion
Clinical health
Neonatal and child health
Learner and learning
Health related to ageing
Diagnosis of human diseases and conditions
Rural and remote area health
Evaluation of health outcomes
Disability and functional capacity
Assessment, development and evaluation of curriculum
Other health
Mental health
Allied health therapies (excl. mental health services)
Community health care
Health inequalities
Expanding knowledge in psychology
Primary care
Languages and linguistics

Career Best Publications

Cognitive continuum theory in Nursing Decision-Making; Journal of Advanced Nursing
Purposive sampling: complex or simple? Research case examples; Journal of Research in Nursing

Research Publications

A conversation about practice development and knowledge translation as mechanisms to align the academic and clinical contexts for the advancement of nursing practice; Collegian
A scoping review exploring reablement models of training and client assessment for older people in primary health care; Primary Health Care Research and Development
A Statistics Package; Nurse Education: A Reflective Approach
Addressing the gaps in post-stroke sexual activity rehabilitation: patient perspectives; Healthcare
An academic perspective of participation in healthcare redesign; Health Research Policy and Systems
An ecological context of childhood; Neonatal, Paediatric and Child Health Nursing
An examination of influences on women's mental wellbeing after childbirth in Tasmania: implications for future policy and practice; Tasmanian Nursing and Midwifery Conference
An investigation of the hospital experiences of parents with a child in paediatric intensive care; NT Research
Being Participatory Through Photo-Based Images; Being Participatory: Researching with Children and Young People
Beyond the Clothier Enquiry; Nursing Standard
Building a research community of practice, and researching brilliance in health care : now for something different; 26th ANZAM Conference
Building Capacity to deliver Reablement in Regional Communities: What are the Benefits and Challenges?; 2018 Western NSW Health Research Network Conference
Building Capacity to Deliver Reablement in Regional Communities: Workforce Benefits and Challenges; AAG Conference 2018: Active Players, a Fair Future
Building rural workforce capacity in rural communities through a reablement teaching program: The case of Family Based Care; The Annual Rural Health and Collaborative Research Symposium
Challenges of delivering evidence-based stroke services for rural areas in Australia; Australian Journal of Rural Health
Child centred care: Challenging assumptions and repositioning children and young people; Journal of Pediatric Nursing
Childhood chronic-kidney-disease: A longitudinal-qualitative study of families learning to share management early in the trajectory; Patient Education and Counseling: An Interdisciplinary Journal for Patient Education Researchers and Managers
Children's nurses as critical thinkers; Journal of Child Health Care
Children's nursing-a cause for celebration; Journal of Child Health Care
Clinical evaluation of a rapid, pupil-based assessment of retinal damage associated with glaucoma; Clinical Ophthalmology
Cognitive continuum theory in Nursing Decision-Making; Journal of Advanced Nursing
Collaborative capacity building in applied health systems research; 7th Biennial Conference in Organisational Behaviour in Health Care (OBHC)
Commentary on Whyte D. et al. Clinical Effectiveness in Community Children's Nursing; Clinical Effectiveness in Nursing
Comprehensive service and practice development: City Hospitals Sunderland's experience of patient journeys; Practice Development in Health Care
Criteria Used by Nurses to Evaluate Practice-Related Information on the World Wide Web; Computers, Informatics, Nursing
Determinants of healthcare utilisation for low back pain: a population-based study in Ethiopia; Health and Social Care in The Community
Determining readiness for a reablement approach to care in Australia: Development of a pre-employment questionnaire; Health and Social Care in The Community
Developing the role of the healthcare assistant; Nursing Standard
Development of Medical Education in Saudi Arabia; Higher Education in Saudi Arabia
Doctoral education for nurses today: the PhD or professional doctorate?; Australian Journal of Advanced Nursing
Enhancing graduate nurse transition: Report of the evaluation of the Clinical Honors program; Journal of Continuing Education in Nursing
Essential learning shifting paradigms, enhancing workplace culture and change; Australian College of nursing (ACN) national nursing Forum
Evaluating nurse consultants' work through key informant perceptions; Nursing Standard
Evaluating the perceived role of the nurse consultant through the lived experience of healthcare professionals; Journal of Clinical Nursing
Evidence in clinical reasoning: a computational linguistics analysis of 789,712 medical case summaries 1983–2012; BMC Medical Information and Decision Making
Examining the engagement of health services staff in change management: modifying the SCARF assessment model; International Practice Development Journal
Exploring the challenges and successes of the lecturer practitioner role using a stakeholder evaluation approach; Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice
Fairy Tale or Nightmare?; Nursing Mirror
Families First; Nursing Development News
Families First: The Southampton NDU; Paediatric Nursing
Families in the driving seat; Journal of Child Health Care
Family Centred Care; Whaley and Wong's Nursing Care of Infants and Children
Finding brilliance using positive organizational scholarship in healthcare; Journal of health organization and management
Fully automatic external defibrillators in acute care: Clinicians' experiences and perceptions; European Journal of Cardiovascular Nursing
Gaining co-operation for mouth care from a child with cancer; European Journal of Cancer Care Online
Health Benchmarking Project Final Report
Health care utilisation for low back pain and its predictors: a systematic review and metaanalysis of population based observational studies; PROSPERO
Health-care utilisation for low back pain: a systematic review and meta-analysis of population-based observational studies; Rheumatology International
Healthcare professionals’ views of the experiences of children with cancer and their families living in Tasmania: an interpretive-descriptive study; Comprehensive child and adolescent nursing
Hospital admission and associated factors among individuals presenting to healthcare facilities for low back pain in Ethiopia; International Journal of Rheumatic Diseases
How are “Outstanding Achievement” practices transferred adapted and (re)created? A conceptual framework; Healthcare Management Review
How best practices are copied, transferred, or translated between health care facilities: A conceptual framework; Health Care Management Review
Impact of the Leading Empowered Organisation Programme; Nursing Standard
Implementing Evidence-Based Practice; Research Process in Nursing
Issues and Models in Parenting
Judging nursing information on the WWW: a theoretical understanding; Journal of Advanced Nursing
Keeping it in the family: Defining and developing family centred care; Child Health
Launching further research in community children's nursing; Textbook of Community Children's Nursing
Launching further research in community children's nursing; Community Children's Nursing
Male Health Visitors; Health Visitor
Mouth Care in Cancer Patients; Nursing Times
New light on an old debate?; Journal of Child Health Care
Nurses as family learning brokers: shared management in childhood chronic kidney disease; Journal of Nursing and Healthcare of Chronic Illness
Nursing and Every Child Matters; Making Sense of Every Child Matters: Multi-professional Practice Guidance
Nursing by consultation?; Child Health
Nursing identity and patient-centredness in scholarly health services research: a computational text analysis of PubMed abstracts 1986–2013; BMC Health Services Research
Nursing support and care: Meeting the needs of the child and family with altered gastrointestinal function; Child Health Care Nursing
Of truths, concepts and social constructions; Nurse Researcher
Oral health policy: International implications for Australia. Final Report
Paediatric community nursing: doctor's views; Journal of Child Health Care
Patient and family involvement: A discussion of co-led redesign of healthcare services; Journal of Participatory Medicine
Person-centred data collection methods to embed the authentic voice of people who experience health challenges; BMJ Open Quality
Perspectives of children's nursing; Whaley and Wong's Nursing Care of Infants and Children
Perspectives: Method and methodology in nursing research; Journal of Research in Nursing
Policy in the hearts, minds and hands of nurses; The National Nursing Forum: Nursing Now - Power of Policy
PONF Guidelines for mouth care; PONF Guidelines for mouth care
PONF Guidelines for mouth care; PONF Guidelines for mouth care
Preparation for the developing role of the Community Children's Nurse
Preparation for the developing role of the community children's nurse
Preparation for the developing role of the Community Children's Nurse
Preparing graduates for professionalism and person-centred practice: developing the patient voice in nurse education; 2nd International Conference: Where's the Patient's Voice in Health Professional Education - 10 Years On?
Preparing the nursing workforce for the next era: Re-classifying and reframing enrolled nursing knowledge; Collegian
Process of conducting qualitative research; Nurse Researcher
Public anxiety and health policy: A psychodynamic perspective; Social Theory & Health
Public health for children: the Green Paper; Journal of Child Health Care
Purposive sampling: complex or simple? Research case examples; Journal of Research in Nursing
Pursuing strategies of patient within empowerment - a preliminary evaluation of a CD-ROM generated health promoting information system; Southampton Health Journal
Putting the family first: Interpreting a framework for family centred care; Child Health
Reablement implementation and evaluation at family based care: Final Report
Reliability of psychometric tools; Nurse Researcher: the international journal of research methodology in nursing and health care
Researching with and through others; Nurse Researcher
Review: Development and validation of the taste alteration scale for children receiving chemotherapy; Journal of Research in Nursing
Review: Psychometric properties of the Arabic version of the PedsQLTM Family Impact Scale; Journal of Research in Nursing
Review: Tapping the potential of the National Institute for Health Research Collaborations for Leadership in Applied Health Research and Care (CLAHRC) to develop research capacity and capability in nursing; Journal of Research in Nursing
Review: The evaluation of a home-based paediatric nursing service: concept and design development using The Kirkpatrick Model; Journal of Research in Nursing
Role Development in Health Care Assistants: The Impact of Education on Practice; Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice
Shared Interests; Nursing Management
Solving the context-process problem; Nurse Researcher
Staff experiences of a reablement approach to care for older people in a regional Australian community: A qualitative study; Health and Social Care in The Community
Structured approaches to promote patient and family engagement in treatment in acute care hospital settings: protocol for a systematic scoping review; Systematic Reviews
The Brilliance Project: trying to understand great performance in the health service; Asia Pacific Journal of Health Management
The challenges of including patients with aphasia in qualitative research for health service redesign: Qualitative interview study; Journal of Participatory Medicine
The child and the Children Act; Foundations of Nursing - An integrated approach
The Child Receiving Radiotherapy; The Child with Cancer - Nursing Care
The Child with Gastro-intestinal dysfunction; Whaley and Wong's Nursing Care of Infants and Children
The concept of child-centered care in healthcare: a scoping review protocol; JBI Database of Systematic Reviews and Implementation Reports
The development and validation of a measurement instrument to investigate determinants of health care utilisation for low back pain in Ethiopia; PLoS One
The ethos of paediatric intensive care; Manual of Paediatric Intensive Care Nursing
The image of the children's nurse: a study of the qualities required by families of children's nurses' uniform; Journal of Clinical Nursing
The Impact of Leading Empowered Organisations (LEO) on Leadership Development in Nursing; International Journal of Health Care Quality Assurance
The Importance of Play in Child Development; Hospital Equipment and Supplies
The Thai-Australian Health Alliance: Developing Health Management Capacity and Sustainability for Primary Health Care Services; Education for Health
The Well and Sick Child; Health Promotion and Patient Education
Too early to research; Child Health
Training health professionals in the rural health career pipeline: a complex health system requiring strategic systems based research; Journal of Research in Nursing
Translation of evidence into practice; Evidence-Based Practice in Nursing Informatics: Concepts and Applications
Treating Oral Candidiasis; Journal of Community Nursing
Understanding the research–policy divide for oral health inequality; Healthcare Policy
Urine Collection from Disposable Nappies; The Lancet
Using ResearchGate Responsibly: Another Resource for Building Your Profile as a Nurse Author; Nurse Author and Editor (Online): a newsletter for nurse authors, editors, and editorial board members
Vertical integration in the Australian community care setting: can it work? A theoretical review of current literature; International Journal of Health Planning and Management
Vital Notes for Nurses: Principles of Care; Blackwell Publishing
Whaley and Wong's Children's Nursing; Elsevier Health Sciences
What makes a children's nurse?; Journal of Child Health Care
Who has the right to care, who has the right to judge?; Neonatal, Paediatric and Child Health Nursing
Why are there so few male health visitors; Midwife, health visitor and community nurse
Working in Partnership; HNE Handover
Working on the edge: Positive organisational scholarship in healthcare (POSH) and looking for what's good in healthcare; 27th ANZAM Conference

Research Projects

Co-led redesigned stroke services in North West Tasmania; Royal Hobart Hospital Research Foundation (RHHRF)
'Reablement' Project Evaluation
Evaluation of the Regional Integrated Diabetes Education (RIDE) Pilot Program
Family Based Care/UTAS Reablement (HDR) Scholarship
Translating evidence into practice and practice into evidence in northern Tasmania
Vertical integration in a community care setting

Research Candidate Supervision

An ethnographic approach to making sense of the relationship between policy and nursing practice
Decision Making in People with a Diagnosis of Chronic Kidney Disease (CHD)
Evaluation of Pathway to Excellence Program in St Vincent's Hospital Sydney, Australia
How can Magnet Designation be the driver of organisational sustainability while advancing the quality and safety agenda
How does clinical risk management improve patient outcomes in an acute care hospital?
Nursing New Graduate Led Wards- Evaluation of a model to bridge the theory-practice gap
Strategic review of nursing education at St Vincent's- Role, function & structure across the education continuum, building professional capacity, capability and flexibility into the workforce to meet changing organisational & community needs
The Response of Child and Family Health Nurses to not 'Good Enough' Parenting- Parenting Behaviours that are Perceived as Abuse and/or Neglectful