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Researcher: Yu, JJ (Dr JJ Yu)

Fields of Research

Psychology of ageing
Social psychology
Mental health services
Specialist studies in education
Secondary education
Psychological methodology, design and analysis
Other education
Education systems
Educational psychology
Applied and developmental psychology

Research Objectives

Expanding knowledge in psychology
Families and family services
Clinical health
Rehabilitation and correctional services
Neonatal and child health
Learner and learning
Equity and access to education
Other education and training
Policies and development

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

A teacher's experience of supporting young asylum seekers in detention; 2014 joint Australian Association for Research in Education and New Zealand Association for Research in Education Conference
Adolescent relations with their mothers, siblings and peers: An exploration of the roles of maternal and adolescent self-criticism; Journal of Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology
Adolescent sibling relationship quality and adjustment: Sibling trustworthiness and modeling as factors directly and indirectly influencing these associations; Social Development
Adolescent siblings' looking glass self-orientations: Patterns of liabilities and associations with parenting; Journal of Youth and Adolescence: A Multidisciplinary Research Publication
Childhood trauma and adult interpersonal relationship problems in patients with depression and anxiety disorders; Annals of General Psychiatry
Cognitive emotion regulation strategies contributing to resilience in patients with depression and/or anxiety disorders; Comprehensive Psychiatry
Direct and moderating effects of social affordances on school involvement and delinquency among young adolescents; Journal of Research on Adolescence
Familial correlates of overt and relational aggression between young adolescent siblings; Journal of Youth and Adolescence: A Multidisciplinary Research Publication
First delinquent behaviour among pre-pubescent children: A development paradigm alongside family SES; International Journal of Offender Therapy and Comparative Criminology
Multilevel models for longitudinal data: A resource for quantitative psychologists
Partner effects of Mexican cultural values: The couple and parenting relationship; Journal of Psychology
Paternal family expressiveness as a mediator between father's dispositional optimism and child's dispositional optimism; The Journal of Genetic Psychology
Pathways of influence: Marital relationships and their association with parenting styles and sibling relationship quality; Journal of Child and Family Studies
Quantitative research on personalising learning and wellbeing in open-plan up-scaled learning communities; Adapting to teaching and learning in open-plan schools
Reciprocal associations between connectedness and autonomy among Korean adolescents: Compatible or antithetical?; Journal of Marriage and Family
Reciprocal influences between parental knowledge and adolescent self-control: A cross-sequential nationwide study of Korean youth; Journal of Family Psychology
Self-representations in early adolescence: Variations in sibling similarity by sex composition and sibling relationship qualities; Social Development
Sibling maltreatment; Encyclopedia of Adolescence
The intertwined relationship between self-esteem and peer stress among Korean adolescents: a prospective longitudinal study; Social Development
The Korean version of the Connor-Davidson Resilience Scale: An extended validation; Stress and Health
The role of post-secondary education among ex-inmates living crime-free; 2014 joint Australian Association for Research in Education and New Zealand Association for Research in Education Conference
Understanding adolescents' problematic internet use from a social/cognitive and addiction research framework; Computers in Human Behavior
Using social cognitive theory to understand meta-parenting in parents of young children; Family Science
Validation of a model of personalised learning; Learning Environments Research
Young children's sibling relationship interactional types: Associations with family characteristics, parenting, and child characteristics; Early Education and Development

Research Projects

Research Candidate Supervision

Factors influencing mathematics achievement of secondary school students in India. School Students's Perception
Psycho-Social Relationships and Academic Achievement in Early Adolescence