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Researcher: Annear, MJ (Dr Michael Annear)

Fields of Research

Aged health care
Health psychology
Health services and systems
Residential client care
Applied sociology, program evaluation and social impact assessment
Aged care nursing
Soil sciences
Health economics
Health and community services
Geriatrics and gerontology
Health policy
Health informatics and information systems
Medicine, nursing and health curriculum and pedagogy
Acute care
Urban design
Neurology and neuromuscular diseases
Preventative health care

Research Objectives

Health related to ageing
Other health
Clinical health
Health education and promotion
Preventive medicine
Learner and learning
Behaviour and health
Health policy evaluation
Public health (excl. specific population health)
Expanding knowledge in the health sciences
Palliative care
Ageing and older people
Pacific Peoples community services
Health inequalities
Evaluation of health and support services
Social structure and health
Neonatal and child health
Assessment, development and evaluation of curriculum
Other education and training

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

'Bringing the outside world in': Enriching social connection through health student placements in a teaching aged care facility; Health Expectations
A new standard in dementia knowledge measurement: comparative validation of the Dementia Knowledge Assessment Scale and the Alzheimer’s Disease Knowledge Scale; Journal of the American Geriatrics Society
A place for visual research methods in the field of leisure studies? Evidence from two studies of older adults' active leisure; Leisure Studies
Active ageing in an urban disaster context: preliminary findings from a participatory investigation; South Island symposium on issues related to older people
Active ageing in an urban environment: Introduction of a new ecological model; The New Zealand Association of Gerontology annual conference
Active ageing in the urban areas: from assessment to sustainability in evolving cities; Ecobalance
Active ageing on an extreme earth: will we reach a century?; 47th Australian Association of Gerontology national conference 2014
Advancing an integrated leisure research strategy for New Zealand: an analysis of the perceived research needs and priorities of stakeholders in the arts, outdoor recreation, sport and community recreation sectors
Are care workers appropriate mentors for nursing students in residential aged care?; BMC Nursing
Assessment and management of chronic respiratory conditions in frail older adults
Counting the cost of dementia-related hospital admissions: a regional investigation; Australasian Journal on Ageing
Dementia care in a large regional hospital: evidence for a knowledge-practice divide; Population Health Congress 2015
Dementia in a regional hospital setting: contextual challenges and barriers to effective care; International Journal of Ageing and Later Life
Dementia knowledge assessment scale (DKAS): confirmatory factor analysis and comparative subscale scores among an international cohort; BMC Geriatrics
Dementia knowledge assessment scale: development and preliminary psychometric properties; American Geriatrics Society Journal
Dementia knowledge matters: An international Delphi consensus study; 49th Australian Psychological Society Annual Conference
Dementia tsunami in aged care: can students improve residents' quality of life?; The 46th Australian Association of Gerontology National Conference
Developing a National Leisure Research Strategy for New Zealand: Arts, outdoor recreation, sport, and community recreation; Annals of Leisure Research
Development and preliminary psychometric properties of the General Practitioner Attitudes and Confidence Scale (GPACS–D) for dementia; BMC Family Practice
Driving change? Medical student placements in aged care facilities; The 46th Australian Association of Gerontology National Conference
Encountering aged care: a mixed methods investigation of medical students’ clinical placement experiences; Bmc Geriatrics
Environmental influences on healthy and active ageing: A systematic review; Ageing and Society
Evidence-based practice; Care of the Person with Dementia: Interprofessional Practice and Education
Experiences of Japanese aged care: the pursuit of optimal health and cultural engagement; Age and Ageing
Experiencing social isolation following earthquakes in Canterbury, New Zealand; 13th Global Conference of the International Federation on Ageing
Health Care Student Perceptions of Societal Vulnerability to Disasters in the Context of Population Aging; Disaster Medicine and Public Health Preparedness
Health student clinical placements in aged care facilities improve quality of life for residents; Aged Care Services Tasmania State Conference
How health student clinical placements in residential aged care facilities improve quality of life for residents; ACST State Conference 2015
Interdisciplinary innovation in aged care: the Wicking Teaching Aged Care Facility program; IAGG 2017
Interprofessional curriculum development achieves results: Initial evidence from a dementia-care protocol; Journal of Interprofessional Care
Interprofessional education in aged care: A power-knowledge divide among undergraduate health students; Interprofessional Health, Education and Practice
Interprofessional education in aged-care facilities: Tensions and opportunities among undergraduate health student cohorts; Journal of Interprofessional Care
Japanese perceptions of societal vulnerability to disasters during population ageing: Constitution of a new scale and initial findings; International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction
Japanese-language Dementia Knowledge Assessment Scale: Psychometric performance, and health student and professional understanding; Geriatrics & Gerontology International
Leisure time physical activity differences among older adults from diverse socioeconomic neighborhoods; Health and Place
Neighbourhood deprivation and older adults preferences for and perceptions of active leisure; Annals of Leisure Research
Older adults as research partners: lessons from participatory investigation into environmental influences on active ageing; International Gerontology and Geriatrics conference
Older people in a major earthquake: initial experiences and representations; British Society of Gerontology Annual Conference
Pain assessment in older adults with dementia: An exploratory pilot study of paramedic students’ perceptions of the utility of two validated assessment tools; Australasian Journal of Paramedicine
Participatory and evidence-based recommendations for urban redevelopment following natural disasters: Older adults as policy advisers; Australasian Journal on Ageing
Prioritising the development of paramedic students’ interpersonal skills; Journal of Paramedic Practice
Psychological challenges among older adults following the Christchurch earthquakes; Journal of Disaster Research
Re-imagining age-friendly communities during a long-term earthquake recovery process; The British Society of Gerontology Annual Conference
Reconceptualising vulnerability, risk, and technology in an ageing society: Evidence-informed psychosocial interventions and participatory urban remediation support recovery; 12th APRU Multi-Hazards Symposium
Research Note: Advancing an Integrated Leisure Research Strategy for New Zealand; Australasian Parks and Leisure
Residents with mild cognitive decline and family members report health students 'enhance capacity of care' and bring 'a new breath of life' in two aged care facilities in Tasmania; Health Expectations
Surviving to thriving: Psychological and activity related impacts of the Canterbury earthquakes on urban-living older adults; College of Nurses Aotearoa Biannual Symposium
Taste-related sensations in old age; Journal of Oral Rehabilitation
Teaching Aged Care Facilities: Creating strong WIL opportunities and benefits; WIL 2020: Pushing the boundaries – 2016 ACEN National Conference
The Dementia Knowledge Assessment Scale (DKAS): A universal measure to assess understanding about the biomedical and psychosocial aspects of an emerging global health challenge and its Japanese version; 34th Western Regional Conference of the Japan Association for International Health
Urban environmental pathways to active ageing: a participatory investigation amidst natural disasters
Vulnerability and resilience: older adult responses to two major earthquakes; Public Health Association of New Zealand conference
What should we know about dementia in the 21st Century? A Delphi consensus study; BMC Geriatrics
Who Knows, Who Cares? Dementia knowledge among nurses, care workers, and family members of people living with dementia; Journal of Palliative Care
“They're not including us!” Neighbourhood deprivation and older adults' leisure time physical activity participation

Research Projects

Clinical Redesign of respiratory pathways in residential aged care; University of Tasmania (UTAS)
Dementia-related presentations at the Royal Hobart Hospital - A pilot program for redesigning state-wide clinical care pathways involving Tasmanian residential aged care facilities (RACFs) and their c; Royal Hobart Hospital Research Foundation (RHHRF)
Improving Dementia Education Access (the IDEA study) for clinical hospital staff in regional and district hospitals: a cluster randomised study to improve knowledge and patient outcomes; National Health & Medical Research Council (NHMRC)

Research Candidate Supervision