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Researcher: Bland, R (Professor Robert Bland)

Fields of Research

Social work
Mental health services
Counselling, wellbeing and community services
Clinical social work practice
Social policy
Social program evaluation
Family care

Research Objectives

Mental health
Pacific Peoples community services
Other education and training
Children's services and childcare
Women's and maternal health
Professions and professionalisation
Other culture and society
Expanding knowledge in human society
Community services
Carers' support
Families and family services
Gender and sexualities
Social structure and health
Health related to ageing
Ageing and older people

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

Asking the Customer: Exploring Consumers' Views in the Generation of Social Work Pratice Standards; Australian Social Work
Beyond Skills and Knowledge: Towards a more Human Understanding of Helping; 14th Annual TheMHS Conference
Children of Parents with Mental Illness 2: Personal and Clinical Perspectives; Australian Social Work
Developing and Evaluating a Psychoeducation Program for Caregivers of Bipolar Affective Disorder Patients: Report of a Pilot Project; Research on Social Work Practice
Encouraging Principles of Consumer Participation and Partnership: The Way Forward in Mental Health Practice in Australia; Health Care Practice in Australia
Mental Health; Social Work and Human Services Best Practice
Mental Health Services in the Australian States and Territories - Tasmania; Mental Health in Australia
Navigating stormy waters: Challenges and opportunities for social work in mental health; Australian Social Work
Policy Reform in Australia and Family Roles: Learning from Experience; Family Interventions in Mental Illness
Poverty and mental illness; Thinking about Poverty
Practice Standards in Australia: Implications for Social Work Education; Social Work Education
Shifting the paradigm in community mental health: towards empowerment and community; Australian Social Work
Social work and the mental health team; Australasian Psychiatry
Social Work Practice in Mental Health; Social Work Fields of Practice
Social Work Practice in Mental Health; Social Work - Fields of Practice
Specialised Assessment Skills - Social Assessment; Mental Health in Australia
Strategies for encouraging and maintaining hope among people living with serious mental illness; Australian Social Work
Teaching to Do or Teaching to Be in Social Work; Social Work: From Scientism to Sophism - the Ethics of Evidence and the Evidence of Ethics
The Active Participants in Mental Health Services - The Social Worker; Mental Health in Australia
The Development of Competency Standards for Mental Health Social Workers - Final Report
The Nature and Sources of Hope: Perspectives of Family Caregivers of People With Serious Mental Illness; Perspectives in Psychiatric Care
Understanding grief and guilt as common themes in family response to mental illness: Implications for social work practice; Australian Social Work

Research Projects

An Exploration of the Meaning of Hope from Three Perspectives in Mental Health; Australian Research Council (ARC)
Evaluation of local Partnership Agreements
Headstuff Evaluation
Mental Health Practice Standards Project
Pathways and Turning Points: How Women Survive Violent Partners

Research Candidate Supervision

A Relational Encounter- The lived experience of direct social work practice with people of refugee background
Evaluation of a group program working with children & non-abusive parents who have observed & experienced domestic violence
Globalisation in rural and regional communities is acting to produce new models of disempowered parenting
Laboured Sexualities- The Experiences of Young Queer People in the Workplace
Leaving the War Zone - Fifty (Three) Ways to Leave your Lover- A Feminist Analysis of Fifty-Three Women's Pathways to Leaving a Male Partner who Assaulted Them
Male survivors of sexual assault
Meaning systems, quality of life & leteracy/numeracy tuition within the mental health setting
Mental Health and Migration
Nurturing Citizens- An enquiry into Citizenship and Attachment Theory
Older Women Who Live Alone- An Interpretive Approach to Bridging the Gap Between Lived Experiences and Policy Discourses
Psycho-social support in episodic affective disorders experienced by adolescents with diagnosed mental health conditions
Responsible Fathering- Its effect on therapeutic outcomes with children with difficult behaviours
The legacy of domestic violence- How the dynamics of abuse continue beyond separation
The Lived Experience of Compassionate Love at End of Life
The nexus between social owrk, volunteer work and social capital
The Operations of Risk- The Meaning, Emotion and Morality of Risk Identities in Social Work Practice
The police experience of domestic violence inteventions
Unemployment and community
Who Cares When a Temporary Visa Holder Leaves a Relationship Because of Domestic Violence?
Young People Strengthening Their Communities