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Researcher: Liu, P (Associate Professor Pengfei Liu)

Fields of Research

Ocean Engineering
Marine Engineering
Naval Architecture
Ship and Platform Hydrodynamics
Science, Technology and Engineering Curriculum and Pedagogy
Distributed Computing
Aerodynamics (excl. Hypersonic Aerodynamics)
Aerospace Structures
Curriculum and Pedagogy Theory and Development
Maritime Engineering
Energy Generation, Conversion and Storage Engineering
Environmental Science and Management
Renewable Power and Energy Systems Engineering (excl. Solar Cells)

Research Objectives

Tidal Energy
Water Transport
Expanding Knowledge in Engineering
Wind Energy
Aerospace Equipment
Teacher and Instructor Development
Syllabus and Curriculum Development
Marine Oceanic Processes (excl. climate related)
Passenger Water Transport
International Sea Freight Transport (excl. Live Animal Transport)
Coastal Sea Freight Transport
Wave Energy
Biofuel (Biomass) Energy
Effects of Climate Change and Variability on Antarctic and Sub-Antarctic Environments (excl. Social Impacts)
Expanding Knowledge in the Environmental Sciences
Hydro-Electric Energy

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

A novel maneuverable propeller for improving maneuverability and propulsive performance of underwater vehicles; Applied Ocean Research
A teaching scheme using forerun computing-culture cases for computational-thinking oriented course; 2018 10th International Conference on Education Technology and Computers
CIP-based analysis on strongly nonlinear interaction between solitary wave and submerged flat plate; Ocean Engineering
Deployment of batch mode scientific workflow on a Computation-as-a-Service private cloud; Proceedings 5th International Conference on Soft Computing and Machine Intelligence (ISCMI 2018)
Design and implementation of teaching and learning activities in a ship resistance and propulsion classroom; Global Journal of Engineering Education
Design and optimization for strength and integrity of tidal turbine rotor blades; Energy
Development and optimization of dual-mode propellers for renewable energy; Renewable Energy
Drag reduction by using the microriblet of sawtooth and scalloped types; International Journal of Physics
Energy generation efficiency and strength coupled design and optimization of wind turbine rotor blades; Journal of Energy Engineering
Evaluation of aerospike for drag reduction on a blunt nose using experimental and numerical modeling; Acta Astronautica
Evaluation, design and optimization for strength and integrity of polar class propellers; Cold Regions Science and Technology
Exploration of outcome-based computational thinking education programs for teachers; 2nd International Conference on E-Society, E-Education and E-Technology (ICSET 2018)
Investigation the effects of micro-riblet film on a wing-in-ground effect; International Journal of Multidisciplinary Sciences and Engineering
Model testing and performance comparison of plastic and metal tidal turbine rotors; Applied Ocean Research
Model testing of a series of bi-directional tidal turbine rotors; Energy
Numerical aerodynamic of the rectangular wing concerning to ground effect; American Journal of Mechanical Engineering
Numerical analysis of the effects of riblets on drag reduction of a flat plate; Journal of Applied Fluid Mechanics
Numerical hydrodynamic evaluation of propeller (with hub taper) and podded drive in azimuthing conditions; Ocean Engineering
Numerical investigation of auto-pitch wing-in-ground effect oscillating foil propulsor; Applied Ocean Research
Numerical study of a solitary wave impacting on the submerged barrier; The 9th International Conference on Asia and Pacific Coasts 2017 (APAC 2017)
Numerical study on interaction of a solitary wave with the submerged obstacle; Ocean Engineering
Oscillating foil propulsion system
Oscillating Foil Turbine
Parametric analysis of horizontal axis tidal turbine hydrodynamics for optimum energy generation; 3rd International Symposium on Marine Propulsors
Performance of dynamic azimuthing podded propulsor; International Shipbuilding Progress
Prototyping a series of bi-directional horizontal axis tidal turbines for optimum energy conversion; Applied Energy
Study on propulsive performance of two geometrically similar podded propulsors; Transactions of the Royal Institution of Naval Architects Part A: International Journal of Maritime Engineering
Uncertainty of measurements of podded propulsor performance characteristics; Ocean Engineering
WIG (wing-in-ground) effect dual-foil turbine for high renewable energy performance; Energy
WIG effect turbine of a remarkable energy generation efficiency; The Second Conference of Global Chinese Scholars on Hydrodynamics (CCSH'2016)

Research Projects

Dual-Mode Propeller-Turbine Device (DMPTD); CSIRO-Commonwealth Scientific & Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO)
Oscillating Foil Turbine; CSIRO-Commonwealth Scientific & Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO)

Research Candidate Supervision