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Researcher: Satariyan, A (Mr Adnan Satariyan)

Fields of Research

English and literacy curriculum and pedagogy (excl. LOTE, ESL and TESOL)
English as a second language
Higher education
Linguistic structures (incl. phonology, morphology and syntax)
Curriculum and pedagogy

Research Objectives

Languages and linguistics
Learner and learning
Policies and development
Assessment, development and evaluation of curriculum

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

A reflective model for action research: An evolving pedagogical trajectory; What is Next in Educational Research?
A shifting paradigm in the pedagogy of writing skills in global education: From transmission to facilitation to critical considerations; Linguistics and language education in new horizons: The link between theory, research and pedagogy
An evolving approach to the teaching of writing skills to university students for whom English is an additional language; Thinking Doing Learning Conference
An inductive teaching of writing skills: Bilingual analysis-based teaching; Nazeri Publishing Co.
An investigation into the relationship between EFL teachers' and students' multiple intelligences and teaching styles; Journal of Language and Translation
Development and validation of an instrument to evaluate English language teachers’ lesson planning self-concept; Journal of Language & Translation
Exploring supervisory support in an Australian university: Perspectives of doctoral students in an education faculty; Journal of the Australian and New Zealand student services association
Grammatical error correction of English as foreign language learners; Journal of Language and Translation
Investigating discourse socialisation progress of an English as a second language learner using systematic functional linguistic approach; Journal of Language and Translation
Investigating Students with English as a Foreign Language and Their Textbooks: An Application of Multiple Intelligences Theory; International Journal of Humanities and Social Science
Meta-cognition as a trend in teaching literacy skills to learners of English as an additional language; Linguistics and language education in new horizons: The link between theory, research and pedagogy
Perceptions of Iranian EFL learners towards learning language through computers: an investigation on the TOEFL (paper and computer based) test; Journal of Language and Translation
The Design and Implementation of a Short Course, Focusing on Metacognition, to Develop Writing Skills for University Students for Whom English Is an Additional Language: An Action Research Study; Structuring the Thesis: Matching Method, Paradigm, Theories and Findings
The relation between critical thinking and translation quality; Journal of Language and Translation
Towards “operating within” the field: doctoral students’ views of supervisors’ discipline expertise; International Journal of Doctoral Studies
Vocabulary focused language learning on IELTS writing development: A case study; Iranian EFL Journal
Writing skill and categorical error analysis: A study of first year undergraduate University students; Iranian Journal of Research in English language teaching
Writing skills’ clues and principles for ESL students: Graph, letter and essay writing; Nazeri Publishing Co.

Research Projects

Research Candidate Supervision