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Researcher: Mein Smith, PL (Professor Philippa Mein Smith)

Fields of Research

New Zealand History
Australian History (excl. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander History)
Historical Studies
Studies in Human Society
Design History and Theory

Research Objectives

Expanding Knowledge in History and Archaeology
Cultural Understanding
Understanding New Zealand's Past
Understanding Australia's Past
Expanding Knowledge through Studies of Human Society
Expanding Knowledge in Built Environment and Design

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

75th Anniversary of NZIIA: The Importance of New Zealandís Relationship with Australia; Proceedings of the NZIIA 75th Anniversary Series of Addresses and Lectures
A Concise History of New Zealand; Cambridge University Press
A History of Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific. Blackwell History of the World Series; Blackwell Publishers
Against All Odds: The Birth of the Commonwealth Trans-Antarctic Expedition, 1955-1958; Polar Record
Australia as New Zealandís western frontier, 1965-95; New Zealandís Empire
Carl Bridge, William Hughes: Australia (Makers of the Modern World Series), London: Haus Publishing, 2011
Cheering Prince George but planning to do away with the Queen?
Entanglements of Empire: Missionaries, Maori, and the Question of the Body. By Tony Ballantyne
Erik Olssen, Clyde Griffen and Frank Jones, An Accidental Utopia? Social Mobility and the Foundations of an Egalitarian Society
Friends, Family and Neighbours: New Zealand Influences on Australia; Friends, Foes And Other Intimaciesí International Australian Studies Association Biennial Conference
Gerald Chaudron, New Zealand in the League of Nations: The Beginnings of an Independent Foreign Policy, 1919-1939
Ian Pool, Arunachalam Dharmalingam and Janet Sceats, The New Zealand Family from 1840: A Demographic History
Introduction: special issue on New Zealand; Thesis Eleven: Rethinking Social and Political Theory
J. G. A. Pocock, The Discovery of Islands: Essays in British History
James Watson, W. F. Massey: New Zealand (Makers of the Modern World Series), London: Haus Publishing
John Connor, ANZAC and Empire: George Foster Pearce and the Foundations of Australian Defence
Keynote address: Retracing Australasia; Canterbury Historical Association
Keynote Address: Updating A Concise History of New Zealand; New Zealand Studies Society-Japan. 5th Japan-New Zealand International Symposium
Locating Australia? How students view Australiaís region; History Australia
Mapping Australasia; History Compass
Marilyn Lake and Henry Reynolds, Drawing the Global Colour Line: White Menís Countries and the Question of Racial Equality
Maternity in Dispute: New Zealand 1920-1939; Government Printer/Historical Branch
Mothers and King Baby: Infant Survival and Welfare in an Imperial World: Australia 1880-1950; Macmillan
Nicholas Stuart, Ruddís Way: November 2007-June 2010
Raymond Richards, Palmer: The Parliamentary Years
Reflections on Writing A Concise History of New Zealand; New Zealand Historical Association Conference
Reform: A Memoir. By Geoffrey Palmer
Remaking the Tasman World; Canterbury University Press
Remaking the Trans- Tasman World; NZIIA seminar on Remaking the Trans-Tasman World
Retracing Australasia: The History of a British Idea; Body and Mind: Historical Essays in Honour of F. B. Smith
Sealer dealers, colonial history, and architecture; 9th Annual Conference
Steven Loveridge, Calls to Arms
Tasman Connections; Globalisation, Entrepreneurship and the South Pacific
The Evolution of the Australia-New Zealand Relationship; Reconstituting the Constitution
The Evolution of the Australia-New Zealand Relationship, Reconstituting the Constitution Conference; Reconstituting the Constitution Conference
The Making of New Zealanders
The Rise and Fall of National Women's Hospital: A History. By Linda Bryder
The Tasman World; The New Oxford History of New Zealand
The ĎNZí in Anzac: different remembrance and meaning; First World War Studies
Trans-Tasman Migration
Trans-Tasman Migration and the Flow of People and Ideas; Immigration Research Group Roundtable: Migration and Settler Societies
Truby Kingís women: Four Australian case studies; Social History of Medicine
Updating 'A Concise History of New Zealand'; Journal of New Zealand Studies in Japan
Where is the Genre of Comparative History Useful and Where Is It Problematic?; Workshop on Comparative History
Where to from Here in the NZ Australia Relationship; New Zealand Australia Research Centre: seminar
Why was John McEwen a friend to New Zealand? Trans-Tasman and European integration in the 1960s; Regional Integration and Identity in the Pacific: A Colloquium

Research Projects

Globalisation, entrepreneurship and the South Pacific: Architecture and the Tasman World; University of Tasmania (UTAS)
Anzac Neighbours: 100 years of multiple ties between NZ and Australia

Research Candidate Supervision

Among Friends- The Movement of Tasmanians to New Zealand 1855-1875