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Researcher: Patterson, KAE (Dr Kira Patterson)

Fields of Research

Health promotion
Physical education and development curriculum and pedagogy
Primary health care
Community child health
Social determinants of health
Gender, sexuality and education
Health and community services
Exercise physiology
Teacher education and professional development of educators
Health equity
Creative arts, media and communication curriculum and pedagogy
Health services and systems
Preventative health care

Research Objectives

Health education and promotion
Behaviour and health
Teacher and instructor development
Neonatal and child health
Rural and remote area health
Preventive medicine
Overweight and obesity
Women's and maternal health
Specific population health (excl. Indigenous health)
Equity and access to education
Health inequalities
Other education and training
Expanding knowledge in creative arts and writing studies
Other health
Public health (excl. specific population health)
Determinants of health

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

A cross-sectional study of geographic differences in health risk factors among young Australian adults: The role of socioeconomic position; Bmc Public Health
A scoping review: global health literacy interventions for pregnant women and mothers with young children; Health Promotion International
A spatial analysis of access to physical activity infrastructure and healthy food in regional Tasmania; Frontiers in Public Health
A Work-Integrated Learning model to enhance the readiness and self-efficacy of pre-service HPE teachers; Australia Association for Research in Education (AARE) HPE SIG Online Conference 2020
Accumulated exposure to rural areas of residence over the life course is associated with overweight and obesity in adulthood: a 25-year prospective cohort study; Annals of Epidemiology
Cluster patterns of behavioural risk factors among children: longitudinal associations with adult cardio-metabolic risk factors; Preventive Medicine
Co-designing health literacy responsive schools in Tasmania, Australia; Global Health Literacy Summit 2021
Contemplating [en]active curriculum: becoming health literate through Arts and HPE interconnection; Curriculum Perspectives
CSIRO ON PRIME Facilitators Performance Bonus $2000: Healthlit4Kids Team
Encounters in a marginalised subject: the experiential challenges faced by Tasmanian Health and Physical Education teachers; Australian Journal of Education
Finalist: Betta Milk ‘Make It Betta’ Health Achievement Award
HealthLit4Kids Animation: inclusive and informed participants; Engagement Transforms 2019 (ET19)
HealthLit4Kids: A primary school program, crossing boundaries for positive health literacy outcomes; CAPHIA Public Health Teaching & Learning Forum in Cairns
HealthLit4Kids: A professional development program to improve teachers’ health literacy knowledge, skills and experience; Global Health Literacy Summit
HealthLit4Kids: Promoting Health Literacy in Tasmanian Primary Schools- Capturing, Curating and Evaluating Health Literacy Artefacts; Engagement Transforms 2019 (ET19)
HealthLit4Kids: Responding to a gap in health literacy education; The Health Advocate
How much physical activity should teenagers do, and how can they get enough?
Longitudinal associations between TV viewing and BMI not explained by the 'mindless eating' or 'physical activity displacement' hypotheses among adults; BMC Public Health
School-based health literacy programs for children (2-16 years): An international review; Journal of School Health
Segregation and success in Tasmanian primary school sport carnivals; Sport, Education and Society
Sex Ed Dads: what Australian fathers want their teens to know about relationships and sexuality; Sex Education
Socioeconomic position over the life course from childhood and smoking status in mid-adulthood: results from a 25-year follow-up study; BMC Public Health
The current global state of movement and physical activity - the health and economic costs of the inactive phenotype; Progress in Cardiovascular Diseases
UTAS forum puts preventative health back on the agenda
What have dads got to do with it? Australian fathers’ perspectives on communicating with their young children about relationships and sexuality; Sex Education
Why some do but too many don’t? Barriers and enablers to physical activity in regional Tasmania – an exploratory, mixed-methods study; BMC Public Health
Work-Integrated Learning (WIL) in the Bachelor of Health and Physical Education program; Teaching Matters 2018

Research Projects

Digital Solutions: Taking HealthLit4Kids from Tasmania to the World; University of Tasmania (UTAS)
Measuring the impact of Work-Integrated Learning in the Bachelor of Education Health and Physical Education programme; University of Tasmania (UTAS)
Preventative Health Research in Rural and Regional Communities (Tasmania); Medical Research Future Fund (MRFF)
Promoting Health Literacy in Tasmanian Primary Schools - Capturing, Curating and Evaluating Health Literacy Artefacts; University of Tasmania (UTAS)
Promoting Health Literacy in Tasmanian Primary Schools - Evaluating the HealthLit4Kids pilot study.; University of Tasmania (UTAS)
Proof of concept: HealthLit4Kids at four diverse Tasmanian schools; Tasmanian Community Fund (TasCF)
Understanding urban-rural influences on chronic disease risk factors and mental health in young adults: A five-year prospective study; The Select Foundation (SelF)
Managing training load in talented high school age athletes

Research Candidate Supervision