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Researcher: Andrewartha, SJ (Dr Sarah Andrewartha)

Fields of Research

Animal Physiological Ecology
Animal Developmental and Reproductive Biology
Biological Sciences
Invertebrate Biology
Animal Physiology - Systems

Research Objectives

Expanding Knowledge in the Biological Sciences
Coastal and Estuarine Flora, Fauna and Biodiversity
Expanding Knowledge in the Mathematical Sciences

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

Acid-base balance in the developing marsupial: from ectotherm to endotherm; Journal of Applied Physiology
Acute regulation of hematocrit and acid–base balance in chicken embryos in response to severe intrinsic hypercapnic hypoxia; Respiration Physiology and Neurobiology
An algorithm for the automatic analysis of signals from an oyster heart rate sensor; IEEE Sensors Journal
Calibration of the HemoCue point-of-care analyser for determining hemoglobin concentration in a lizard and a fish; Conservation Physiology
Developmental hypoxia has negligible effects on long-term hypoxia tolerance and aerobic metabolism of Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar); Physiological and Biochemical Zoology
Hybrid abalone are more robust to multi-stressor environments than pure parental species; Aquaculture
Thermal preference increases during larval development of pure and hybrid abalone; Journal of Shellfish Research

Research Projects

Research Candidate Supervision

Amoebic Gill Disease- A Diagnostic Study in Tasmanian Salmon
Environmental Effects on the Developmental Physiology of Atlantic Salmon (Salmo Salar)
Using biosensors for monitoring physiological responses to environmental and transport stress in oyster and abalone