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Researcher: Bissember, AC (Dr Alex Bissember)

Fields of Research

Organic Chemical Synthesis
Natural Products Chemistry
Transition Metal Chemistry
Science, Technology and Engineering Curriculum and Pedagogy
Separation Science
Organometallic Chemistry
Biologically Active Molecules
Design Innovation
Chemical Sciences
Inorganic Green Chemistry
Medical Bacteriology
f-Block Chemistry
Synthesis of Materials
Physical Chemistry of Materials
Polymerisation Mechanisms

Research Objectives

Expanding Knowledge in the Chemical Sciences
Environmentally Sustainable Manufacturing
Human Pharmaceutical Treatments (e.g. Antibiotics)
Organic Industrial Chemicals (excl. Resins, Rubber and Plastics)
Syllabus and Curriculum Development
Clinical Health (Organs, Diseases and Abnormal Conditions)
Physical and Chemical Conditions of Water in Fresh, Ground and Surface Water Environments (excl. Urban and Industrial Use)
Expanding Knowledge in the Biological Sciences

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

α-Cyanocarbanion complexes and their application in synthesis; Journal of Organometallic Chemistry
4-iodo-6-methoxyquinoline; Organic Preparations and Procedures International
ent-Labdane Diterpenoids from Dodonaea viscosa; Journal of Natural Products
A mild, palladium-catalyzed method for the dehydrohalogenation of alkyl bromides: Synthetic and mechanistic studies; Journal of the American Chemical Society
A versatile approach to Ullmann C-N couplings at room temperature: New families of nucleophiles and electrophiles for photoinduced, copper-catalyzed processes; Journal of the American Chemical Society
Activity of natural and synthetic polygodial derivatives against Trypanosoma cruzi amastigotes, trypomastigotes and epimastigotes; Natural Product Research
Amide linked redox-active naphthoquinones for the treatment of mitochondrial dysfunction; MedChemComm
Anionic cyclometalated platinum(II) tetrazolato complexes as viable photoredox catalysts; Organometallics
Applications of visible light photoredox catalysis to the synthesis of natural products and related compounds; Natural Product Reports
Arbutin derivatives isolated from ancient proteaceae: potential phytochemical markers present in Bellendena, Cenarrhenes, and Persoonia Genera; Journal of Natural Products
Assessment in the chemistry teaching laboratory
Assessment in the chemistry teaching laboratory
Base-promoted reactions of dichlorocarbene adducts of cyclic enamines: A new route to annulated pyrroles; Organic Letters
Brønsted acid cocatalysis in copper(I)-photocatalyzed α-amino C−H bond functionalization; ACS Catalysis
Brønsted acid-mediated annulations of pyrroles featuring N-tethered α,β-unsaturated ketones and esters: total syntheses of (±)-tashiromine and (±)-indolizidine 209I; Tetrahedron
Brønsted acid-mediated radical processes in organic synthesis; Australian Journal of Chemistry
Capstone laboratory experiment investigating key features of palladium-catalyzed Suzuki-Miyaura cross-coupling reactions; Journal of Chemical Education
Chapter 7: Seven-Membered Rings; Progress in Heterocyclic Chemistry
Complete stereocontrol in the synthesis of harmonine and novel analogues facilitated by a Grubbs Z-selective cross-metathesis catalysis; Australian Journal of Chemistry
Counterion-induced asymmetric control in ring-opening of azetidiniums: facile access to chiral amines; Angewandte Chemie International Edition
Developments in visible-light-mediated copper photocatalysis; Tetrahedron Letters
Employing pressurized hot water extraction (PHWE) to explore natural products chemistry in the undergraduate laboratory; Journal of Visualized Experiments
Extraction of carboxylic acid-containing diterpenoids from Dodonaea viscosa via pressurised hot water extraction; Fitoterapia
Extraction of Eugenol from Cloves Using an Unmodified Household Espresso Machine: An Alternative to Traditional Steam-Distillation; Journal of Chemical Education
Green chemistry is key to reducing waste and improving sustainablity
Growing and bio-fabricating SCOBY: a project developed in an extended cross-disciplinary research team; 1st Annual Design Research Conference (ADR18)
Identifying the potential of pulsed LED irradiation in synthesis: copper-photocatalysed C-F functionalisation; Chemical Communications
Investigating the viability of a competency-based, qualitative laboratory assessment model in first-year undergraduate chemistry; Chemistry Education Research and Practice
Methods for the synthesis of annulated pyrroles via cyclisation strategies; Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry
Methyl cyanoformate (Mander's reagent); Synlett
Microwave-assisted trans-halogenation reactions of various chloro-, bromo-, trifluoromethanesulfonyloxy- and nonafluorobutanesulfonyloxy-substituted quinolines, isoquinolines, and pyridines leading to the corresponding iodinated heterocycles; The Journal of Organic Chemistry
Natural products isolated from endemic Tasmanian vascular plants; Australian Journal of Chemistry
New method for the rapid extraction of natural products: efficient isolation of shikimic acid from star anise; Organic Letters
Non-classical anionic naked N-heterocyclic carbenes: fundamental properties and emerging applications in synthesis and catalysis; Catalysts
Novel polygodial analogs P3 and P27: Efficacious therapeutic agents disrupting mitochondrial function in oral squamous cell carcinoma; International Journal of Oncology
Nuances in fundamental Suzuki−Miyaura cross-couplings employing [Pd(PPh3)4]: poor reactivity of aryl Iodides at lower temperatures; Organometallics
Oranges, lemons and limonene: addressing surprisingly persistent and enduring myths
Phosphine-scavenging cationic gold(I) complexes: alternative applications of gold cocatalysis in fundamental palladium-catalyzed cross-couplings; Organometallics
Photoinduced, copper-catalyzed alkylation of amides with unactivated secondary alkyl halides at room temperature; Journal of the American Chemical Society
Phytochemical profile of the rare, ancient clone Lomatia tasmanica and comparison to other endemic Tasmanian species L. tinctoria and L. polymorpha; Phytochemistry
Polygodial: a viable natural product scaffold for the rapid synthesis of novel polycyclic pyrrole and pyrrolidine derivatives; Tetrahedron
Practical Isolation of Asperuloside from Coprosma quadrifida via Rapid Pressurised Hot Water Extraction; Australian Journal of Chemistry
Practical isolation of polygodial from Tasmannia lanceolata: a viable scaffold for synthesis; Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry
Preparation of some angularly substituted and highly functionalized quinolizidines as building blocks for the synthesis of various alkaloids and related scaffolds of medicinal interest; Tetrahedron
Pressurized hot water extraction as a viable bioprospecting tool: isolation of coumarin natural products from previously unexamined Correa (Rutaceae) species; ChemistrySelect
Progress in the development of Platelet-Activating Factor Receptor (PAFr) antagonists and applications in the treatment of inflammatory diseases; ChemMedChem
RACI inclusion and diversity: a report on progress
Recent applications of [Cu(dap)2]Cl in visible light-mediated photoredox catalysis; Australian Journal of Chemistry
Seven-Membered Rings; Progress in Heterocyclic Chemistry
Seven-Membered Rings; Progress in Heterocyclic Chemistry
Seven-Membered Rings; Progress in Heterocyclic Chemistry
Seven-Membered Rings; Progress in Heterocyclic Chemistry
Siliquapyranone: a tannic acid Tetrahydropyran-2-one isolated from the leaves of carob (Ceratonia siliqua) by pressurised hot water extraction; Australian Journal of Chemistry
Synthesis and characterisation of homoleptic 2,9- diaryl-1,10-phenanthroline copper(I) complexes: influencing selectivity in photoredox-catalysed atom-transfer radical addition reactions; Dalton Transactions
Synthesis of 2,3-dihydro-4(1H)-quinolones and the corresponding 4(1H)-quinolones via low-temperature fries rearrangement of N-arylazetidin-2-ones; Australian Journal of Chemistry
Synthetic applications of light, electricity, mechanical force and flow; Nature Reviews: Chemistry
TEMPO−Me: An electrochemically activated methylating agent; Journal of the American Chemical Society
The Au(I)-catalyzed intramolecular hydroarylation of terminal alkynes under mild conditions: Application to the synthesis of 2H-chromenes, coumarins, benzofurans, and dihydroquinolines; The Journal of Organic Chemistry
The oxidation of pyrrole; Chemistry - An Asian Journal
Transition-metal-catalyzed alkylations of amines with alkyl halides: Photoinduced, copper-catalyzed couplings of carbazoles; Angewandte Chemie: International Edition
Tricarbonyl rhenium(I) tetrazolato and N-heterocyclic carbene complexes: versatile visible-light-mediated photoredox catalysts; Dalton Transactions
Visible light dye-photosensitised oxidation of pyrroles using a simple LED photoreactor; Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry

Research Projects

Artificial Photosynthesis: Using Light to Sustainably Prepare Valuable Chemical Compounds; Collier Charitable Fund (CCFund)
Development of new viable and inexpensive visible light copper photocatalysts; United Nations Educational, Scientific & Cultural Organization (UNESCO)
Development of novel transition metal-catalyzed processes: Cascade and photochemical reactions; University of Tasmania (UTAS)
Extraction and analysis of Plant Material
Isolation and synthesis of potential new therapeutic agents from Hemp (Cannabis sativa) and their biological evaluation
Synthesis of Opiate Derivatives

Research Candidate Supervision

Chemical survey of Tasmanian land plants by Hot Pressurised Water Extraction (HPWE) targeting new molecular scaffolds for chemical modification for medicinal chemistry applications
Oxidation of Pyrroles- Applications to the Sythesis of Biologically Active Molecules
Synthesis of New Derivatives Targeting Mitochondrial Disease