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Researcher: Hughes, PW (Professor Phillip Hughes)

Fields of Research

Sociology of education
Education systems
Other education
Specialist studies in education
Educational administration, management and leadership
Curriculum and pedagogy

Research Objectives

Other education and training
Teaching and curriculum
Teacher and instructor development
Policies and development

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

Australian Secondary Education Project : participation and retention rates and social and educational factors which are related to them in Tasmania Vol 1 and 2; Centre for Education University of Tasmania
Changes and Challenges in Senior Secondary Education in Tasmania 1982 to 1991
Ensuring Teaching Quality: Assessing the Role of Competency Frameworks; 1994 Australian College of Education National Conference
Ensuring teaching quality: Assessing the role of competency frameworks; Ensuring Quality in Education
Identifying the Qualities and Characteristics of the 'Effective' Teacher
Identifying the Qualities and Characteristics of the Effective Teacher. Report 2: Normative Dimensions of Teacher/Student Interaction
Improving Access of Disadvantaged Youth to Higher Education; Australian Government Publishing Service
Improving Student Performance at University. Report to the University of Tasmania Strategic Initiatives standing Committee
Longitudinal Cohort Analysis; Dialogues in Educational Research
Monitoring student progress: A framework for improving student performance and reducing attrition in higher education; National Clearinghouse for Youth Studies
Rural Disadvantage and Post-Compulsory Participation: Parents' Views of School and Work
Teachers Make a Difference; Faculty of Education
Teaching competencies in the Classroom: identifying the qualities and characteristics of the effective teacher
The Identification and Development of Intellectual Ability report (1986-1989); Centre for Education, University of Tasmania
Towards Equity and Excellence: Final Conclusions and Recommendations of a research study on The Impact of Financial Assistance on Secondary and Tertiary Participation

Research Projects

Improving educational participation and performance of disadvantaged youth of high ability, using schools as the agents of change; Australian Research Council (ARC)
National Clearinghouse for Youth Studies; Department of Education, Science and Training (DEST)
Perceptions of Community needs in relation to provisions and take up of technical and trade education; Australian Research Council (ARC)
Teaching competencies-implementation in the classroom; Australian Research Council (ARC)

Research Candidate Supervision

Children's services in Tasmania
Compulsory schooling in 19 & 20 Century Tasmania
Developing a media education program for infant children
Inservice education of teachers in secondary schools in Papua New Guinea
Program Evaluation
Teacher education in Paua New Guinea- Policy and Practice 1946- 1996
The relationship between school climate and school-based staff development practices.
TITLE- A study of academic achievement and schools' primary objectives in 12 Tasmanian secondary schools