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Researcher: Beall, J (Professor JC Beall)

Fields of Research

History and philosophy of specific fields
Quantity surveying
Philosophy of language

Research Objectives

Expanding knowledge in philosophy and religious studies
Other construction
Expanding knowledge in language, communication and culture
Expanding knowledge in the mathematical sciences

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

A Neglected Response to the Grim Result; Analysis
A note on freedom from detachment in the Logic of Paradox; Notre Dame Journal of Formal Logic
A Simple Approach Towards Recapturing Consistent Theories In Paraconsistent Settings; Review of Symbolic Logic
Adding to Relevant Restricted Quantification; The Australasian Journal of Logic
An Introduction to Logic; Pyrrho Press
An Introduction to Logic (2nd Ed); Pyrrho Press
Can u do that?; Analysis
Completing Sorenson's Menu: A Non-Modal Yabloesque Curry; Mind
Dialetheists against Pinocchio; Analysis
Do inconsistent laws deliver gluts?; Law and the New Logics
End of Inclosure; Mind
Fitch's Proof, Verificationism and the Knower Paradox; The Australasian Journal of Philosophy
Free of Detachment: Logic, Rationality, and Gluts; Nous
From Full Blooded Platonism to Really Full Blooded Platonism; Philosophia Mathematica
Future Contradictions; Australasian Journal of Philosophy
Heaps of Gluts and Hyde-ing the Sorites; Mind
Implications of changing building codes for the tourism accommodation sector in Tasmania; 38th Annual Conference of the Architectural Science Association (ANZAScA) and the International Building Performance Simulation Association - Australia
Is the Observable World Inconsistent?; The Australasian Journal of Philosophy
Logical Pluralism; Oxford University Press
Looking for Contradictions; Australasian Journal of Philosophy
LP+, K3+, FDE+, And Their ‘Classical Collapse; Review of Symbolic Logic
Minimalism, Gaps and the Holton Conditional; Analysis
Multiple-conclusion LP and default classicality; Review of Symbolic Logic
Non-Detachable Validity and Deflationism; Foundations of Logical Consequence
Off-Topic: a new interpretation of Weak Kleene logic; Australasian Journal of Logic
On Mixed Inferences and Pluralism About Truth Predicates; The Philosophical Quarterly
On the Ternary Relation and Conditionality; Journal of Philosophical Logic
Spandrels of Truth; Oxford University Press
Trivializing sentences and the promise of semantic completeness; Analysis
Two flavors of Curry’s paradox; The Journal of Philosophy
Why Priest’s reassurance is not reassuring; Analysis

Research Projects

Research Candidate Supervision