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Researcher: Carson, S (Dr Steven Carson)

Fields of Research

Fine arts
Culture, representation and identity
Cultural and creative industries

Research Objectives

The creative arts
The performing arts
Expanding knowledge in human society
Recreation and leisure activities (excl. sport and exercise)
Teacher and instructor development

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

13,ooo; 26,ooo; 39,ooo
Casting and Weeding Diptych (Loose Weave 3 and Pinking)
Casting and Weeding Diptych and Tight Wound 1 and 2
Colour Me
Debris Improvisations
Flat Press
Interview with Catherine Zengerer
Memento - an improvised installation by Steven Carson
Mixed Messages
Noncommittal Series
Pottery Wheel Drawings/Plate Paintings
Soapbox #12
That Feeling: three artworks
The ordinary everyday: exploiting sensations of uncertainty and instability to underpin an aesthetic language in abstract sculpture and installation artworks, informed by direct experiences of the daily life

Research Projects

Eliston Family and Community Centre Public Art Commission; City of Casey (CofC)
The Pet Project - Covid companions; Regional Arts Australia (RAA)
Artist in Residence Magenta and Blacker Project Hutchins School Early Childhood Centre

Research Candidate Supervision