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Researcher: Arnott, NJ (Mr Nick Arnott)

Fields of Research

Medicine, nursing and health curriculum and pedagogy
Primary health care
Health and community services
Higher education
Cancer therapy (excl. chemotherapy and radiation therapy)
Health informatics and information systems
People with disability
Continuing and community education
Community and primary care
Residential client care
Architectural design
Aged care nursing

Research Objectives

Health policy evaluation
Health inequalities
Social structure and health
Learner and learning
Other health
Evaluation of health outcomes
Assessment, development and evaluation of curriculum
Other education and training
Other information and communication services
Disability and functional capacity
Ability and disability
Expanding knowledge in built environment and design

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

Achieving a Sense of Place: A qualitative case study of 'place making' on an undergraduate nursing satellite campus; 6th International Nurse Education Conference
Achieving a sense of ‘place’: reflections from a satellite campus; Teaching Matters: Places and Spaces 2014
Achieving health equity for people with disabilities: a call to action; Australian Nursing and Midwifery Journal
An exploration of the barriers and facilitators of community access and social inclusion for disabled and socially-marginalised population groups; Community and Primary Health Care Nursing Conference
Applied health and community support: Building opportunities through education; Building Opportunities, Building Communities Conference
Community Inclusion and Support Services (CISS) Attendant Care Service Evaluation
Contemporary nursing education; The Road to Nursing
Developing a 1300 Telephone-based Service Access System for the Outer East - Scoping Paper
Empowering our profession; The Road to Nursing
Gratitude in Cancer Care – A nursing perspective; Forum on Gratitude in Cancer Care
Innovative and Authentic Learning Experiences - The Associate Degree in Applied Health and Community Support; Building Opportunities, Building Communities Conference
Interim (formative) Evaluation of the Care Coordination in the Emergency Department Program
ISP Management Tools and Resources; EDSN Seminar Series, Leadership in the reorientation of day services
No textbooks, no lectures, no essays, no exams - is this the future of Higher Education; Teaching Matters
Philosophical underpinnings; The Road to Nursing
Philosophical underpinnings; The Road to Nursing
Professional experience placements; The Road to Nursing
Putting the 'e' in health; Potter and Perry's Fundamentals of Nursing
The grateful nurse: the possibilities and dilemmas of gratitude in nursing education and practice; 11th Annual Graduate Research Conference - University of Tasmania
The heart of nursing; The Road to Nursing
The journey begins; The Road to Nursing
The Road to Nursing; Cambridge University Press
The social model of health; An introduction to community and primary health care
Understanding self and others; The Road to Nursing
What works for me
Working with people who have a disability; An introduction to community and primary health care

Research Projects

Research Candidate Supervision