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Researcher: Reynolds, H (Professor Henry Reynolds)

Fields of Research

Australian history
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander history
Historical studies
British history
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander sociology
History of empires, imperialism and colonialism
Screen and media culture
Social geography
Law and society and socio-legal research
International relations
History and philosophy of law and justice
Human geography
Tourism resource appraisal
Tourism management
International criminal law
Globalisation and culture
European history (excl. British, classical Greek and Roman)

Research Objectives

Understanding Australia's past
Expanding knowledge in human society
Expanding knowledge in history, heritage and archaeology
Understanding past societies
Justice and the law
Citizenship and national identity
Conserving Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander heritage and culture
Other culture and society
International relations
Socio-cultural issues in tourism
Tourism infrastructure development
Understanding Europe's past
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community services
Other environmental management

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

A Crossroads of Conscience; Reconciliation: Essays on Australian Reconciliation
A Few of Clark’s Hidden Stories: The Boy Patriot
A History of Tasmania; Cambridge University Press
A.I.Clark: Republican and Colonial Patriot; Project Republic: Plans and Arguments for a New Australia
Action and anxiety: the long history of settler protest about the nature of Australian colonization; Settler Colonial Studies
An Indelible Stain? The question of genocide in Australia's history; Penguin Books Australia Ltd
Andrew Inglis Clark: From Colonial Patriot to Radical Nationalist; Papers on Parliment
Are nations really made in war?; What's Wrong with ANZAC? The Militarisation of Australian History
Australia’s First and Most Important War; Australian Contributions to Strategic and Military Geography
Black Pioneers: How Aboriginal and Islander People helped build Australia; Penguin Books
Class, race, nation; Frontier, race, nation: Henry Reynolds and Australian history
Colonial Cassandras: Why Weren't the Warnings Heeded?; What's Wrong With ANZAC? The Militarisation of Australian History
Destination Past; Meanjin
Drawing the Global Colour Line: White Men's Countries and the Question of Racial Equality; Melbourne University Press
Fate of a Free People 2nd ed; Penguin Books
Foreword; Grease and Ochre
Foreword; Different white people: radical activism for Aboriginal rights
Foreword; The Secret River
Foreword; Beyond Awakening: The Aboriginal Tribes of North West Tasmania: A History
Foreword; Van Diemen’s Land An Aboriginal History
Foreword; The Black Wars: Fear. Sex and Resistance in Tasmania
Forgotten War; University of New South Wales Press Ltd
Frontier History; The Australian Legend and its Discontents
Genocide in Tasmania; Genocide and Settler Society: Frontier Violence and Stolen Indigenous Children in Australian History
George Augustus Robinson in Van Diemen's Land: Race, Status and Religion; Reading Robinson: Companion Essays to Friendly Mission
George Augustus Robinson in Van Diemen's Land: Race, Status and Religion; Reading Robinson: Companion Essays to Friendly Mission
Henry Reynolds: Triple J did the right thing, we need a new Australia Day
History Repeats; The Ideas Book
History revisited: Van Diemen's Land
Identity; The Companion to Tasmanian History
Inglis Clark: Some Afterthoughts; A Living Force. Andrew Inglis Clark and the Ideal of Commonwealth
Keynote Address; The Australian and South Pacific Association for Comparative Literature Conference: Star Trek and Endgame. Millennial Politics/Narrative Images
Mabo: A Historical Perspective
New Introduction; The Other Side of the Frontier
North of Capricorn: the Untold Story of Australia's North; Allen and Unwin
Nowhere People; Viking
On First Looking into Rusden’s History; StoryKeepers
Part of a Continent for Something Less Than a Nation? The Limits of Australian Sovereignty; Our Patch : Enacting Australian Sovereignty Post-2001
Reconcilation and its Denunciation; Indigenous Peoples; Self Determination, Knowledge, Indigeneity
Reviving indigenous sovereignty; Macquarie Law Journal
South Australia: Between Van Diemen's Land and New Zealand; Turning Points: Chapters in South Australian History
Tasmania's Bicentenary Celebrations: What's in a Date?; Memory, Monuments, and Museums: The Past in the Present
Tasmanian Stories: The John Lees Forums. Forum 6 - A Sense of Place - On Being Tasmanian
Terra Nullius Reborn; Whitewash: On Keith Windschuttle’s Fabrication of Aboriginal History
The Chant of Jimmie Blacksmith; Currency Press
The Judges Judged: Mabo and the Disaffected Historians; Legal History
The Militarisation of Australian History; Social Alternatives
The Question of Miscegenation in the Politics of English-Speaking Countries in the Early Twentieth Century; Re-Orienting Whiteness
The Tasmanians and the Scientists; New Literatures Review
This Whispering in Our Hearts Revisited; New South
Tongerlongeter: First Nations Leader and Tasmanian War Hero; NewSouth Publishing
Unnecessary Wars; University of New South Wales Press Ltd
Walter George Arthur (c1820-1861)
What's Wrong With ANZAC? The Militarisation of Australian History; UNSW Press

Research Projects

An Investigation Into Some Related Themes in Australian History Including Race Relations, Regionalism and Patriotism; Australian Research Council (ARC)
Landscapes of the Imagination: Sustainable Tourism for the Heritage Highway; CRC for Sustainable Tourism Pty Ltd (CRCT)

Research Candidate Supervision

"Thick, Dark Strokes of Romantic Gloom and Terror"- William Charles Piguenit's Tasmanian Wilderness
'We grew up this place'- Ernabella Mission 1937-1974
Aboriginal society in North West Tasmania- Dispossesion and Genocide
Cultural Evolution in Palawa (Tasmanian Aboriginal) Societies- 40000 BP to 1803 AD.
Different White People- Communists, Unionists and Aboriginal Rights 1946 - 1972
Frontier Conflict in Van Diemen's Land- An Attitudinal and Experiential History
Grease and Ochre- The Blending of Two Cultures at the Tasmanian Colonial Sea Frontier
Hopevale in the Era of Assimilation- A Personal History
Language of Racism - Tasmania 1804-28 in Print Media
Levee, Line and Martial Law- A History of the Dispossession of the Mairremmener People of Van Diemen's Land 1803-1832
Memories, Dreams and Inventions- The Evolution of Tasmania's Tourism Image 1803-1939
Small Islands, Big Struggles - Muttonbirding- Cultural Practice of Invented Tradition
Tasmanian indigenous people's interation with the christian church and the emergence of an indigenous-christian identity and praxis
Tasmanian Legal History and its Implications for Native Title Jurisprudence
The Concurrent Construction of American Nationalist and Native American Identities, 1789 - 1860.
The deaths of Captain BB Thomas & James Parker at Port Sorell
The gentry in Van Diemen's Land, 1820 - 1856
Through a Glass Darkly- Photographs of Colonial Convicts
Treaty-Making in Van Diemen's Land