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Researcher: McCallum, L (Dr Lucia McCallum)

Fields of Research

Astronomical sciences
Cosmology and extragalactic astronomy
Software testing, verification and validation
Satellite, space vehicle and missile design and testing

Research Objectives

Expanding knowledge in the physical sciences
Expanding knowledge in the earth sciences
Expanding knowledge in engineering
Understanding climate change
Ecological economics

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

Automated and dynamic scheduling for geodetic VLBI a simulation study for AuScope and global networks; Advances in Space Research
Challenges for geodetic VLBI in the southern hemisphere; Advances in Space Research
Changes and Impacts Research into the nature and state of the Australian region; AuScope Sypmosium
Observing APOD with the AuScope VLBI array; Sensors
On the estimation of a celestial reference frame in the presence of source structure; Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society
Precise station positions from VLBI observations to satellites: a simulation study; Journal of Geodesy
Results from the regional AUSTRAL VLBI sessions for Southern Hemisphere reference frames; International Association of Geodesy Symposia
Scheduling Strategies for the AuScope VLBI network; Oesterreichische Zeitschrift fuer Vermessung und Geoinformation
Simulated VLBI Satellite Tracking of the GNSS Constellation: Observing Strategies; IAG Scientific Assembly in Postdam, Germany, 2013
Simulating the eff ects of quasar structure on parameters from geodetic VLBI; Journal of Geodesy
Star scheduling mode - a new observing strategy for monitoring weak southern radio sources with the AuScope VLBI Array; Publications of the Astronomical Society of Australia
Systematic errors of a VLBI determined TRF investigated by simulations; IAG Symposium on Reference Frames for Applications in Geosciences 2010
Testing general relativity with geodetic VLBI. What a single, specially designed experiment can teach us; Astronomy and Astrophysics
The AUSTRAL VLBI observing program; Journal of Geodesy
The new Vienna VLBI Software VieVS; International IAG Symposium 2009
The potential for unifying global‐scale satellite measurements of ground displacements using radio telescopes; Geophysical Research Letters
Vienna VLBI and satellite software (VieVS) for geodesy and astrometry; Astronomical Society of the Pacific
VLBI observations of GNSS-satellites: from scheduling to analysis; Journal of Geodesy
VLBI observations to the APOD satellite; Advances in Space Research
VLBI satellite tracking for the realization of frame ties

Research Projects

Achieving millimetre geodesy with space tie satellites; Australian Research Council (ARC)
Signal power calibration for GNSS satellites
Very Long Baseline Interferometry Research Collaboration
Sibling Radio Telescopes for Geodesy

Research Candidate Supervision