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Researcher: Parks, MC (Dr Michelle Parks)

Fields of Research

Teacher education and professional development of educators
Higher education
Learning sciences
Curriculum and pedagogy theory and development
Education policy
Sociology of education
Sociology and social studies of science and technology
History and philosophy of science

Research Objectives

Teacher and instructor development
Higher education
Learner and learning
Professional development and adult education
Other education and training
Policies and development
Workforce transition and employment

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

'TEACHING ... IT JUST FEELS RIGHT': Contemporary Perspectives of Career-Change Teachers and Their Motivations for Teaching; Opportunities and Challenges in Teacher Recruitment and Retention: Teachers’ Voices Across the Pipeline
'Teaching...I can see myself not doing that forever': The beginning teacher experience - a study of the changing career expectations and required competencies of beginning teachers; 2011 Australian Teacher Education Association Conference (ATEA 2011)
Australian teachers, principals, and pre-service teachers – Expectations and realities: Australian reports in an international context; 94th Annual meeting of the American Educational Research Association (AERA 2013)
Demonstrating 'impact': insights from the work of preservice teachers completing a graduate teacher performance assessment; Australian Journal of Teacher Education
Pre-service teachers’ evolving perceptions and responses to teaching: changing career to find meaning and purpose
Redefining Boundaries in Initial Teacher Education: Creating a Collective Vision and Approach to Preparing High-Quality Graduate Teachers; Teaching Performance Assessments as a Cultural Disruptor in Initial Teacher Education
Teaching…I can see myself not doing that forever”: the beginning teacher experience – A study of the changing career expectations and required competencies of beginning teachers; Australian Teacher Education Association (ATEA) Conference 2011: Valuing Teacher Education: Policy, Perspectives and Partnerships

Research Projects

Pedagogical Content Knowledge (PCK) for Higher Education: How do we teach what we know?; University of Tasmania (UTAS)
What is knowable in science and elsewhere? A cross-disciplinary approach to distinguishing science from scientism.; University of Tasmania (UTAS)

Research Candidate Supervision