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Researcher: Richardson, BJ (Professor Benjamin Richardson)

Fields of Research

Environmental law
Corporations and associations law
Public law
Law and society and socio-legal research
Environmental management
Corporate social responsibility
Art criticism
Other education
Environmental and resources law
Art history, theory and criticism
Terrestrial ecology
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and the law
Marine and estuarine ecology (incl. marine ichthyology)
Environmental politics
Agricultural systems analysis and modelling
Fisheries management
Fisheries sciences
Environmental rehabilitation and restoration
Agricultural spatial analysis and modelling
Property law (excl. intellectual property law)
Not-for-profit law
Intellectual property law

Research Objectives

Environmental policy, legislation and standards
Community services
Justice and the law
Expanding knowledge in law and legal studies
Other environmental management
Government and politics
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community services
Law reform
Rehabilitation or conservation of terrestrial environments
Criminal justice
Legislation, civil and criminal codes
Rehabilitation or conservation of marine environments
Consumption patterns, population issues and the environment
Environmental protection frameworks (incl. economic incentives)
Other economic framework
The creative arts
The performing arts
Understanding climate change
Other education and training
Institutional arrangements
Other plant production and plant primary products
Other animal production and animal primary products
Ecosystem adaptation to climate change

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

A Damp Squib: Environmental Law from a Human Evolutionary Perspective; Law and Prosociality eJournal
A Damp Squib: Environmental Law's Limits in a Human Evolutionary Context; Institute for Sustainable Futures
A decade of restoring a temperate woodland: Lessons learned and future directions; Ecological Management & Restoration
A new paradigm for social license as a path to marine sustainability; Frontiers in Marine Science
A Tour de Force or Damp Squib? Socially Responsible Investment in Australia; School of Accounting & Corporate Governance Seminar
Aboriginal Societies and the Common Law: A History of Sovereignty, Status and Self-Determination
Aesthetics and environmental law: valuing Tasmania’s ‘ordinary’ nature; Griffith Law Review
Africa: From Object to Agent of Socially Responsible Investment; Natural Resource Investment And Africa’s Development
African Environment and Development
Aligning Social Investing with Nature's Timescales; The Cambridge Handbook on Corporate Law, Corporate Governance and Sustainability
An Improbable Union: Sustainability and Company Law; European Company Law
An Introduction to the Law on Financial Investment
Are social investors influential?; European Company Law
Art and activism in transnational environmental governance; Research Handbook on Transnational Environmental Law
Banking on Climate Change
Beauty: a lingua franca for environmental law?; Transnational Environmental Law
Being Virtuous and Prosperous: SRI’s Conflicting Goals; Journal of Business Ethics
Between nature and culture: ‘The Remarkable Tasmanian Devil’ at TMAG; Art Monthly Australia
Breaching the Maginot Line: the frailty of environmental law in Europe and North America; Environmental Law for a Sustainable Society
Breaching the Maginot Line: The Frailty of Environmental Law in Europe and North America
Business and Industry; The Oxford Handbook of International Environmental Law
Can Canadian Institutional Investors be a Muse for Corporate Social Responsibility?; CSR in the Pacific Rim Conference, Canadian Business Ethics Research Network and the University of British Columbia
Can Financial Markets Promote Sustainable Companies?; Towards Sustainable Companies: Identifying New Avenues
Can Socially Responsible Investment Provide a Means of Environmental Regulation; Monash University Law Review
Canadian Company Law and Corporate Environmental Responsibility; Sustainable Companies Workshop
Canadian Universities and the Law of Responsible Investing; Coalition of Universities for Responsible Investing Symposium
Capitalism, the Sustainability Crisis and the Limitations of Current Business Governance; Company Law and Sustainability: Legal Barriers and Opportunities
Carbon Markets: An International Business Guide
Climate Change and Displacement: Multidisciplinary Perspectives
Climate Change and Power. Economic Instruments for European Electricity
Climate Change Law and Aesthetics: A Primer; Debating Climate Law
Climate change law: encounters with aesthetics and art; Climate Law
Climate Finance and its Governance: Moving to a Low Carbon Economy through Socially Responsible Financing; International and Comparative Law Quarterly
Climate Finance: Regulatory and Funding Strategies for Climate Change and Global Development
Climate Law and Developing Countries: Legal and Policy Challenges for the World Community; Edward Elgar Publishing
Climate Law and Economic Policy Instruments: A New Field of Environmental Law; Environmental Liability
Collateral damage: relaxing environmental and labour standards during the pandemic; coronajournal
Company Law and Sustainability: Legal Barriers and Opportunities; Cambridge University Press
Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Law; Essential Readings in Environmental Law
Corporate Social Responsibility of Multinational Corporations in Developing Countries: Perspectives on Anti-Corruption
Crucial Issues in Climate Change and the Kyoto Protocol: Asia and the World
Divesting from climate change: the road to influence; Law and Policy
Do the Fiduciary Duties of Pension Funds Hinder Socially Responsible Investment?; Banking and Finance Law Review
Doing Time — The Temporalities of Environmental Law; Environmental Law and Governance for the Anthropocene
Doing time: the temporalities of environmental law; Environmental Law and Governance for the Anthropocene
Eco-finance: The Legal Design and Regulation of Market-based Environmental Instruments
Ecological Literacy and Restoration
Ecological restoration and the Anthropocene; Ecological Restoration Law: Concepts and Case Studies
Ecological restoration and the law: recovering nature’s past for the future; Griffith Law Review
Ecological restoration and the Samuel review of the EPBC Act; Australian Environment Review
Ecological Restoration Law: Concepts and Case Studies; Routledge
Economic Instruments in UK Environmental Law Reform: Is the UK Government ‘Sending the Right Signals’?; European Journal of Law Reform
Emerging Forces in Environmental Governance
Energy Security: Managing Risk in a Dynamic Legal and Regulatory Environment
Enlisting Institutional Investors in Environmental Regulation: Some Comparative and Theoretical Perspectives; North Carolina Journal of International Law and Commercial Regulation
Environment and Statecraft. The Strategy of Environmental Treaty-making
Environmental Justice and Market Mechanisms: Key Challenges for Environmental Law and Policy; Kluwer Law
Environmental Law and Regulation
Environmental Law for Sustainability; Environmental Law for Sustainability
Environmental Law for Sustainability; Hart Publishing
Environmental Law in New Zealand
Environmental Law in Postcolonial Societies: Straddling the Local – Global Institutional Spectrum; Colorado Journal of International Environmental Law and Policy
Environmental Law, the Economy, and Sustainable Development
Environmental Principles and the Evolution of Environmental Law, by Scotford Eloise Hart
Environmental regulation through financial organisations: comparative perspectives on the industrialised nations; Kluwer Law International
Ethical Financing in Britain: A Neglected Prerequisite for Sustainability; Environmental Law Review
Ethical Investing and Governance of the Financial Economy; University of Victoria Working Group on Responsible Investments
Ethics and Socially Responsible Investment: A Philosophical Approach
EU Climate Change Policy
European Union Environmental Law: An Introduction to Key Selected Issues
Fiduciary and Other Legal Duties; Socially Responsible Finance and Investing
Fiduciary Law and Responsible Investing: In Nature’s Trust; Routledge
Fiduciary Relationships for Socially Responsible Investing: A Multinational Perspective; American Business Law Journal
Fiduciary responsibility in retail funds: clarifying the prospects for SRI; Journal of Sustainable Finance & Investment
Fiduciary Responsibility in Retail Funds: Clarifying the Prospects for SRI; Responsible Investing Initiative
Fiduciary Responsibility in Retail Funds: The Prospects for SRI; The Financial Sector and Sustainable Development
Financial institutions for sustainability; Environmental Liability
Financial Markets and Socially Responsible Investing; Company Law and Sustainability: Legal Barriers and Opportunities
Financing Environmental Change: A New Role for Canadian Environmental Law; McGill Law Journal
Financing Sustainability: The New Transnational Governance of Socially Responsible Investment; Yearbook of International Environmental Law
Five Follies of Fiduciary Finance Law—Our Understanding of It, That Is; UN Principles of Responsible Investment Academic Conference
For the Love of Animals: The Rise of the Animal Protection Movement
For the Love of Animals: The Rise of the Animal Protection Movement
Fossil Fuels Divestment: A Strategy for Sustainability?; Sustainable Trade, Investment and Finance: Toward Responsible and Coherent Regulatory Frameworks
Fossil fuels divestment: is it lawful?; University of New South Wales Law Journal
From fiduciary duties to fiduciary relationships for socially responsible investing: responding to the will of beneficiaries; Journal of Sustainable Finance & Investment
From museum to living cultural landscape: governing Tasmania's wilderness world heritage; Australian Indigenous Law Review
From Student Strikes to the Extinction Rebellion: New Protest Movements Shaping our Future; Edward Elgar Publishing
German Socially Responsible Investment: Barriers and Opportunities; German Law Journal: review of developments in German, European and International jurisprudence
Globalism, Localism and Identity: Fresh Perspectives on the Transition to Sustainability
Governance for Sustainable Development: A Foundation for the Future
Governance of Tasmania’s private bushlands: artful ensemble or hodgepodge?; Environmental and Planning Law Journal
Governing Fiduciary Finance; Routledge Handbook of Responsible Investment
Green Illusions: governing CSR aesthetics; Windsor Yearbook of Access to Justice
Greening the Financial Sector: Legal Reforms in the European Union; Yearbook of European Law
Hard Choices, Soft Law: Voluntary Standards in Global Trade, Environment and Social Governance
Human Rights and Public Finance: Budgets and the Promotion of Economic and Social Rights. By Aoife Nolan, Rory O'Connell and Colin Harvey
Human Rights Responsibilities of Fiduciary Investors; Shareholders Association for Research and Education (SHARE)
Indigenous Peoples and Governance Structures
Indigenous peoples and saltwater / freshwater governance; Indigenous Law Bulletin
Indigenous Peoples and the Law – Historical, Comparative and Contextual Issues; Indigenous Peoples and the Law: Comparative and Critical Perspectives
Indigenous Peoples and the Law: Comparative and Critical Perspectives; Hart Publishing
Indigenous Peoples, International Law and Sustainability; Review of European Community and International Environmental Law
Indigenous Peoples, Law and the Environment; Environmental Law for Sustainability
Indigenous Rights Entwined with Nature Conservation
International Environmental Law and Sovereign Wealth Funds; International Environmental Law: Perspectives from the Global South
International Environmental Law in the Asia Pacific
International Institutions: An International Organization Reader
Introduction: Climate Law and Developing Countries; Local Climate Change Law: Environmental Regulation in Cities and Other Localities
Investing in Nature’s Trust: environmental governance of the financial economy; Kirby Seminar, University of New England School of Law
Investing in sustainability or feeding on stranded assets? The Norwegian government pension fund global; Wake Forest Law Review
Is East Asia Industrializing Too Quickly? Environmental Regulation in Its Special Economic Zones; UCLA Pacific Basin Law Journal
ISO 14001: Case Studies and Practical Experiences
It is about time: understanding the textures of time in Australian Environmental Law; Environmental and planning law journal
Keeping Ethical Investment Ethical: Regulatory Issues for Investing for Sustainability; Journal of Business Ethics
Law and Ecology: New Environmental Foundations
Local Authorities and Climate Change; Climate Change
Local Climate Change Law; Local Climate Change Law: Environmental Regulation in Cities and Other Localities
Local Climate Change Law: Environmental Regulation in Cities and Other Localities; Edward Elgar Publishing
Local Forest Management: The Impacts of Devolution Policies
Lost in time: the missing temporality of environmental law; Australian Environment Review
Maastricht Journal of European and Comparative Law; Maastricht Journal of European and Comparative Law
Mandating Environmental Liability Insurance; Duke Environmental Law and Policy Forum
Marine Park Review Looks Set to Repeat Past Mistakes
Multilateral Development Banking
Natural Visions: The Aesthetics of Environmental Law
Our Box was Full: An Ethnography for the Delgamuukw Plaintiffs
Pensions law reform and environmental policy: a new role for institutional investors; Journal of International Financial Markets: Law and Regulation
Protecting Indigenous Peoples through Socially Responsible Investment; Indigenous Law Journal
Protesting against climate breakdown: novel legal options; Australian Environment Review
Public Participation in Environmental Decision-making; Environmental Law for Sustainability
Putting Ethics into Environmental Law: Fiduciary Duties for Ethical Investment; Osgoode Hall Law Journal
Reclaiming nature: eco-restoration of liminal spaces; Australian Journal of Environmental Law
Reforming Climate Finance through Investment Codes of Conduct; Wisconsin International Law Journal
Reforming Finance Capitalism for Sustainability; Sixth Annual PRI Academic Network Conference
Reforming Finance Capitalism for Sustainability; Reforming Finance Capitalism for Sustainability
Regulating from Nowhere: Environmental Law and the Search for Objectivity
Research Methods in Environmental Law: A Handbook
Resourcing ecological restoration: the legal context for commercial initiatives; Restoration Ecology
Responsible Business: Self-Governance and Law in International Economic Transactions
Responsible Investment
Restoration dialogues: improving the governance of ecological restoration; Restoration Ecology
Restoring layered geographies: ecology, society and time; Griffith Law Review
Rewilding Tasmania’s Lake Pedder: Past Loss as Nature’s Lex Ferenda; University of Tasmania Law Review
Right to Develop – Right to Pollute?; UBC International Development Week
Rights of nature versus conventional nature conservation: international lessons from Australia’s Tarkine wilderness; Environmental Policy and Law
Should Environmentalists Pay Attention to the Financial Economy; UBC Institute for Resources, Environment and Sustainability
Small Ain’t Always Beautiful: Local Government as a Stakeholder in International Climate Law; Local Climate Change Law Workshop
Social Investing without Legal Imprimatur: The Latent Possibilities for SWFs; Research Handbook on Sovereign Wealth Funds and International Investment Law
Socially and environmentally responsible investment; Research Handbook on Environment and Investment Law
Socially Responsible Investing and Fiduciary Law: Democratizing Governance of Investment Institutions; Responsive Regulation in Theory and Practice Workshop
Socially responsible investing for sustainability: Overcoming its incomplete and conflicting rationales; Transnational Environmental Law
Socially Responsible Investing Through Voluntary Codes; Harnessing Foreign Investment for Environmental Protection: Incentives and Safeguards
Socially Responsible Investment as a Means of Improving Corporate Behaviour, with Particular Regard to Climate Change Issues; Sustainable Companies Workshop
Socially Responsible Investment Law: Regulating the Unseen Polluters; Oxford University Press
Socially Responsible Investment”, Protecting the Environment in the XXI Century: The Role of the Private Sector; International Symposium, Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies
Sovereign Wealth Funds and Socially Responsible Investing: An Emerging Public Fiduciary; Global Journal of Comparative Law
Sovereign Wealth Funds and the Quest for Sustainability: Insights from Norway and New Zealand; Nordic Journal of Commercial Law
Space matters: environmental law’s spatial character and context; Journal of Environmental Law
SRI and Extractive Industries; Journal of Sustainable Finance and Investment
SRI’s normative and ethics-based rationale; Encyclopedia of Business and Professional Ethics
State Responsibility for Transboundary Air Pollution in International Law
Students as Stakeholders in Legal Education: Gaining Admission to Law School; Stakeholders in the Law School
Sustainability and Money Balance; Sustainability and Greenization Initiatives Seminar, Institute for Resources Environment & Sustainability
Sustainable Development in International and National Law
Sustainable Development: What Role for Corporate and Financial Law?; Renewing Environmental Law: A Conference for Public Interest Environmental Law Practitioners
Sustainable Finance: A Maelstrom or Measured Mutation?; Navigating the Green Economy Conference,
Sustainable Finance: Environmental Law and Financial Institutions; Environmental Law for Sustainability
Sustainable University Endowments; UBC New Economy Summit
Talking Point: Courting Disaster for Our Planet
Tasmania’s salmon industry detonates underwater bombs to scare away seals – but at what cost?
Taxing and Trading in Corporate Energy Activities: Pioneering UK Reforms to Address Climate Change; International Company and Commercial Law Review
Temporalities of Environmental Governance: Insights from Australia’s Marine Reserves Review; IUCN Academy of Environmental Law eJournal
The 'Uluru statement from the heart': investigating Indigenous Australian sovereignty; Journal of Australian Indigenous Issues
The Art of Environmental Law: Governing with Aesthetics; Hart Publishing
The Constitution of the Environmental Emergency
The Dominant Animal: Human Evolution and the Limits of Law; Faculty of Law Seminar
The Dyadic Character of US Indian Law; ndigenous Peoples and the Law: Comparative and Critical Perspectives
The Economic Dynamics of Environmental Law
The Economic Dynamics of Environmental Law
The emerging age of ecological restoration law; Review of European, Comparative and International Environmental Law
The Emerging ‘Citizenship’ Discourse in Environmental Law: A New Zealand Perspective; Environmental and Planning Law Journal
The Equator Principles: The Voluntary Approach to Environmentally Sustainable Finance; European Environmental Law Review
The Evolving Marketscape of Climate Finance; Climate Law
The Fiduciary Duty of Investors to Integrate ESG Issues into Investment Processes; Webinar, PRI Academic Network
The Financial Economy: A New Frontier for Environmental Law?; Lewis & Clark School of Law
The Future of Company Law and Sustainability; Company Law and Sustainability: Legal Barriers and Opportunities
The Governance of Corporate Groups
The Law of Energy for Sustainable Development
The Norwegian government pension fund global. Risk based versus ethical investments; Vierteljahrshefte zur Wirtschaftsforschung (Quarterlies on Economic Research)
The Oxford Handbook of International Environmental Law
The Right to a Healthy Environment and the Environmental Rights Revolution
The Ties that Bind: Indigenous Peoples and Environmental Governance; Indigenous Peoples and the Law: Comparative and Critical Perspectives
The UK’s Climate Change Levy: Is It Working?; Journal of Environmental Law
The ‘Remarkable Tasmanian Devil’: The aesthetics of persecution and protection; Alternative Law Journal
Time and Environmental Law: Telling Nature’s Time; Cambridge University Press
Timescapes of ecological restoration; Ecological Restoration Law: Concepts and Case Studies
Timescapes of Sustainability: Investing like Gardeners; It’s Time: The Temporal Dimensions of Responsible Investing
Timing Environmental Responsibilty
To govern and be governed: the governance dimensions of SRI’s influence; Socially Responsible Investment in the 21st Century: Does It Make a Difference for Society?
Transboundary Damage in International Law
Uneven Modernisation: Environmental Regulation in China’s Special Economic Zones; Asia Pacific Law Review
Universal Investors and Socially Responsible Finance: A Critique of a Premature Theory; Banking and Finance Law Review
Universities unloading on fossil fuels: the legality of divesting; Carbon and Climate Law Review
University Investors and Fiduciary Responsibility; University of Victoria Working Group on Responsible Investments
Unmasking Environmental Law's Tutankhamun; Trade, Corporations and Natural Resources Conference
Unnatural Law: Rethinking Canadian Environmental Law and Policy
Voluntary Codes of Conduct for Responsible Financing and their Impact on Extractive Industries; Socially Responsible Investment and Canadian Extractive Industries Symposium
We Quibble over 'Lawfare', But the Law is Not Protecting Species Properly Anyway
What Ever Happened to Canadian Environmental Law?; Ecology Law Quarterly
Wilderness law in the Anthropocene: pragmatism and purism; Environmental Law

Research Projects

Australian Environmental and Planning Law Library; Australian Research Council (ARC)
Engaging Communities in Nature Conservation through Aesthetics and Art; University of Tasmania (UTAS)
Environmental Restoration: Linking Science and Governance; University of Tasmania (UTAS)
Governance and practice of privately protected areas; The Nature Conservancy (TNC)
Sustainable Market Actors for Responsible Trade (SMART); European Commission (EC)
Wave to Plate: establishing a market for Tasmanian aboriginal cultural fisheries; Fisheries Research & Development Corporation (FRDC)
ERA 2018/2019 REC Member: Professor Benjamin Richardson
Conference on Climate Law and Developing Countries
Global Environmental and Resources Law Externship Program
Socially and Environmentally Responsible Development in a Rapidly Evolving Canadian and Circumpolar North
Canada Research Chair in Environmental Law and Sustainability
Canadian Business Ethics Research Network (CBERN)
Canadian “Universal” Investors and Green Finance
Conference on Climate Law and Developing Countries
Conference on Climate Law and Developing Countries
Developing Communication Tools for Socially Responsible Development in the Rapidly Evolving Canadian North
Environmental Justice and Market Mechanisms conference
Fiduciary Finance and Sustainable Development
Global Environmental and Resources Law Externship Program
Local Climate Change Law
National Aboriginal Law Moot
Natural Resources Law Knowledge Network
New Zealand Journal of Environmental Law
Responsible Investing Initiative
Socially Responsible Investment Law
Sustainable Companies - how to make companies contribute effectively to mitigation of climate change

Research Candidate Supervision

The legal regime for the preservation of marine biodiversity in areas beyond national jurisdiction