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Researcher: Haddon, N (Mr Neil Haddon)

Fields of Research

Visual Cultures
Fine Arts (incl. Sculpture and Painting)
Visual Arts and Crafts
Art Theory and Criticism

Research Objectives

The Creative Arts (incl. Graphics and Craft)
Expanding Knowledge through Studies of the Creative Arts and Writing

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

'Grafted Landscape (West Hobart)' in the Glover Prize 2012
'Wear No. 4' in Theatre of the World
ABC TV Stateline
After the Burn, Mt Nelson (a new landscape emerges)
After you have gone: un-disciplined knowledge and new value/s, one year on; Australian Council of University Art & Design School Conference 2017
Analgesic Field (NW Tasmania), painting selected for the Wynne Prize 2011
Anecdotal Evidence in the Work of Neil Haddon; ACUADS 2010 Annual Conference
Arbour No.3 (Shack Head)
Broken: Solo exhibition at Dianne Tanzer Gallery, Melbourne
Counter Works
Desabordamiento No.1 & Purblind No.1
Exotic Portrait in Seeing Double
Fleurieu Biennale
Glister No.1
Grafted Landscape (Southern Tasmania), painting selected for the Glover Prize 2011
Grafting Landscape (West Hobart)
More Minimal Conditions for Painting
New Work
New Works
Not Quite Cadmium Red, 1992
Now More Than Ever
Painting 1766 (Still), Painting 1738 (Trained) included in 'Group Action 7' at Criterion Gallery
Panel (Idol)
Patch no.1 & 3
Pitch 041
Portrait with Paperchains
Purblind (Guru)
Putting Out the Fire (with gasoline), Fascinator (three dresses), Lost (green), Lost (pink), Putting Out the Fire (with geometry), The Hunter (NH)
Scrape No. 1
Shred 091, Shredder (orange), Purblind Guru (pink) in Primed, New Painting in Tasmania
Signs - HWY 1 exhibition
Slip No.1 & Slip No.2
Stranded (seed)
Stranded: solo exhibition at MOP Gallery
Support - Running Scared & Reconstituted No. 1 (running Scared)
Survivor (Del Tynk Flynn Gyp)
Survivor (Graft)
Survivor - Erase Me
the black mirror, the basement, the hunter, the studio
The Glover Prize 2008
The Good Listener
The Promise of a Future: How visual artists present future scenarios especially with respect to a Tasmanian idyll; Unnatural Futures
The Shilo Project
Totenlieder (penguins), painting selected for the Arthur Guy Memorial Art Prize 2011
Untitled Haddon
Vestigial (40)
Vestigial (40), in Contemporary Encounters
We bring our own fires
We bring our own fires in ‘Remanence’
Wear 04
Wear No.4
We’ll bring our own fruit

Research Projects

An Innovative Visual Questioning via Contemporary Art Methodologies Aligned with Portrait Painting of the Emotive Consequences of Leaving Tasmania in Pursuit of Vocational Success; University of Tasmania (UTAS)

Research Candidate Supervision

A Sensation of Place- An Investigation of Time and Space
Mapping Technological Causality- A Visual Exploration into Processes of Technological and Informational Overload
Observation, Distillation, Aggregation- Framing Aesthetic Encounters in the Atmospheric Milieu through Expanded Art Practice
Painting as ambiguous threshold- new ways of visualising the sublime
Skins and Shirts; Repression / Epiphany
What is the function of the abstracted gestural mark in contemporary art?