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Researcher: Munch, KL (Ms Kirke Munch)

Fields of Research

Behavioural ecology
Population ecology

Research Objectives

Expanding knowledge in the biological sciences
Expanding knowledge in the environmental sciences
Other environmental management

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

An experimental test of relatedness-based mate discrimination in a social lizard; Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology
Low food availability during gestation enhances offspring post-natal growth, but reduces survival, in a viviparous lizard; Oecologia
Mate familiarity and social learning in a monogamous lizard; Oecologia
Mate familiarity influences social learning strategies in a monogamous lizard; 16th congress of the International Society for Behavioral Ecology
Maternal effects impact decision-making in a viviparous lizard; Biology Letters
Maternal presence facilitates plasticity in offspring behavior: insights into the evolution of parental care; Behavioral Ecology
The effect of personality on male-male interactions in a social lizard, Egernia whitii; Behaviour 2015 Conference
The lizards and the bees: implementing bee tracking technology to unravel the social structure of lizard populations; Australian Society of Herpetologists Annual meeting
What are we measuring? Novices agree amongst themselves (but not always with experts) in their assessment of dog behaviour; Ethology

Research Projects

Aggression and the evolutionary ecology of family living; Holsworth Wildlife Research Endowment (HWRE)

Research Candidate Supervision