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Researcher: Hannah, DM (Professor Dorita Hannah)

Fields of Research

Performance and Installation Art
Drama, Theatre and Performance Studies
Architectural History and Theory
Architectural Design
Design Innovation
Urban and Regional Studies (excl. Planning)
British History
Fine Arts (incl. Sculpture and Painting)
Landscape Architecture
Built Environment and Design

Research Objectives

The Creative Arts (incl. Graphics and Craft)
Arts and Leisure
Expanding Knowledge in Built Environment and Design
The Performing Arts (incl. Theatre and Dance)
Expanding Knowledge through Studies of the Creative Arts and Writing
Cultural Understanding
Expanding Knowledge in History and Archaeology
Expanding Knowledge in Commerce, Management, Tourism and Services

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

1000 Lovers
Fluid States Pasifika: spacing events through an entangled oceanic dramaturgy; Global Performance Studies
Absolute, Abstract Models for Theatre Architecture as Event-Space; Routledge Companion to Scenography
Active Architecture; PhD PERFORMANCE SPACE Conference
Alarming the heart: costume as performative body-object-event; Scene
Architectural Concept & Developed Design Phase
Architectural Concept & Developed Design Phase for ‘Porirua Performing Arts Centre Centre'
Architectural Design Research; Venice Architecture Biennial
Artaudf's Spatial Speech: Addressing the Quotidian Violence of Public Space; Contested Spaces
At the Barricade: Borderline Events and the Transversal Spatial Condition; Transversal Practices, International New Materialisms conference
Beyond Language: performing 'true-meant design;' 'that risky and dangerous negotiation between a doing...and a thing done'; Designers' Shakespeare
Bibliograhy of Published Works Relating to the Upper Canadian Rebellion of 1837-1838 and Associated Topics; Australasian Canadian Studies
BLACK WI(N)DOW: Materializing the Spatial Void; SEXUATE SUBJECTS conference
Bodies at the Vanishing point: Doublethink and Ann Shelton’s Eventual Photographic Constructions. In Dark Matter: Ann Shelton Retrospective Catalogue
Body-Space: Exploring the Limits Between Architecture and Dance; Cluster: Sasha Waltz
Borderline Performances: Weak(ening) Architecture; Performance and Interdisciplinarity
Briefing Document and Schedule of Areas
Briefing Document and Schedule of Areas
Briefing Document and Schedule of Areas
Briefing Document and Schedule of Areas
Briefing Document and Schedule of Ares
City as Event-Space: Defying all Calculation; Back to the city : strategies for informal urban interventions
Constructing Barricades and Creating Borderline Events; Conversations in Feminiism and Art
Constructing barricades and creating borderline events; Theatre and Performance Design
Constructing Barricades and Creating Borderline Events; Crossing Borders - Theatre and Cultural Encounters
Constructing Barricades: Politics of the Event and Weak Architecture; Architecture and the Political Fourth International Symposium on Architectural Theory
Curatorial Statement; Performance Research: A Journal of Performing Arts
Dancing Between the Lines: The Jewish Museum of Berlin; IDEA Journal
Disappearing Acts: The Performative Exhibition as Spatial Research; Architectural Design Research
Disappearing Acts: The Performative Exhibition as Spatial Research; Perspectives on Architectural Design Research
ERA 21 Journal; Sceno-Architecture
Event-Space: A Performance Model for Interior Design; Interiorities: the Interior Architecture Theories Collection
Event-space: performance space and spatial performativity; Performance Perspectives
Event-Space: Theatre Architecture and the Historic Avant-Garde; Routledge
Exposium thinking-Scenography
Food, Performance & Design; Terrace Talk,
From Scenography to Performance Design; PQ Transformations Symposium
Guest Professor; SAAR (Summer Academy of Artistic Research)
Guest Professor; SAAR (Summer Academy of Artistic Research)
Her Topia: A Dance-Architecture Event, Athens, 2005; Performance Design
In Freedom's Name: Transversal Encounters on the Borderline; Performing Mobilities Conference
Inscriptions of Crime and Pardon: Shared Performative Space and the Scenographic Exhibit; PQ Shared Space Symposium, Prague, Czech Republic
Intermission: Interstitial Moments in Cruel and Creative Practice; Interstices: journal of architecture and related arts
Interview With Bernard Tschumi; Journal of Architectural Education
Introduction; Journal of Architectural Education
Introduction: Performative Expressions Across Disciplines; Performance Design
Keynote Speaker; Elastic 3d Spaces
Keynote Speaker; Prague Quadrennial Symposium: Transformations
Keynote Speaker; TaHTO Closing Ceremony
Keynote Speaker; Theatre Architecture Seminar
Keynote Speaker; Prague Quadrennial Symposium: Spatial Curation
Mapping turbulent gestures and liquid ground; Poetic Biopolitics: Practices of Relation in Architecture and the Arts
Mediating A/Part; Elastic 3D Spaces Colloquium
Mnemosyne: re-membering, 3 dance-architecture events
Nietzsche’s Architecture; Performing Architectures
North American Political Prisoners in Van Diemen's Land: Working in the Midlands; The York Pioneer
Now/Next: Performance Space at the Crossroads
Now/Next: PQ Exhibition Design
Performance Design; Museum Tusculanum Press
Performance Design & Space: PQ and the Expanded Global Stage; Public Lecture
Performing Barricades of Technologies of Resistance; Contacto: Technology Space & Performance: PSi Regional Symposium
Praxis: Artistic Theory & Practice; TaHTO Closiing Event
Presencing guardians of the night; Luce Artificiale e Paesaggio Urbano: Light and the City
Presentation/Representation/Re-Presentation; Expanding Scenography. On the Authoring of Space
Public kitchen Launceston
Role Play: What and Where is a National Museum?’; Architecture New Zealand: Te Papa Tongarewa
SAAR (Summer Academy of Artistic Research)
Scenographic screen space: bearing witness and performing resistance; Scenography Expanded
Scenography; HKU Theatre
Shared Space, Co-creation & Scenography; Post-Graduate Lecture at HKU
Site-Specific Performance Design; Guest Lecture
Space, Design and the Audience as Beast: Interview with Dorita Hannah
Spatial Acts: Architecture Performing On and Off Stage; Architecture New Zealand: Looking at Edges
Special Issue: Performance/Architecture; Journal of Architectural Education
State of Crisis: Theatre Architecture Performing Badly; Exhibitions on the stage: Reflections of the 2007 prague quadrennial
Suspended Moments; Performance and Temporalisation: Time Happens
Take 2: Conversations in Feminism and Art; CAT (Contemporary Art Tasmania)
The Event of LIght: Foreward; Active Light : Issues of Light inContemporary Theatre
The Intermedial Screen; MEDIATIONS Art & Design Agency and Participation in Public Space: Conference Proceedings
The Performative Screen; Finnish Theatre Research Society Seminar
The Performative Screen: Bearing Witness and Streaming Resistance; PQ Theory Talks
The Scenographic Screen; Interdisciplinary Performance Symposium
Tongues of Stone
Tongues of Stone: Making Space Speak… and again, and again; Playing with Theory in Theatre Practice
Towards an Architecture of Cruelty; Architecture + Violence
Tuna Mau
Wearing the Wearer: Active Garments that Actively Challenge Performing Bodies; Critical Costume
What Drawing Does; Linea, Adam Art Gallery

Research Projects

Intervening in the Anthropos(s)cene: probes_actions_encounters; University of Tasmania (UTAS)

Research Candidate Supervision