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Researcher: Quentin-Baxter, M (Professor Megan Quentin-Baxter)

Fields of Research

Higher Education
Teacher Education and Professional Development of Educators
Medicine, Nursing and Health Curriculum and Pedagogy
Educational Technology and Computing
Secondary Education
Medical and Health Sciences
Curriculum and Pedagogy Theory and Development
Education Assessment and Evaluation

Research Objectives

Teaching and Instruction Technologies
Expanding Knowledge in Education
Syllabus and Curriculum Development
Teacher and Instructor Development
Assessment and Evaluation of Curriculum
Health Education and Promotion
Learner and Learning Processes

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

A Journal Club Review - Tips for promoting professional identity development; Medical Education (Conversations in Medical Education online blog)
A model for evidencing the benefits of technologyenhanced learning in higher education in the UK; ASCILITE 2008 Melbourne
An interactive computer-based alternative to performing a rat dissection in the classroom; Journal of Biological Education
CAMEL Tangible Benefits of E-Learning Project Final Report
Citation for Proposing a 'Consent Commons' in open education - balancing the desire for openness with the rights of people to refuse or withdraw from participation; The Open Education Conference (OpenEd 2010)
Community of Practice finding common inner space through Quality Pursuit; Teaching Matters 2014 – “Spaces and Places”
Hypermedia learning environments limit access to information; Seventh International World-Wide Web Conference
Implementation of Portfolios within Australian Initial Teacher Education: Who’s Leading the Charge?; The Australian Journal of Teacher Education
Learning the Words: supervising teachers and the language of impact in an initial teacher education programme; Australian Journal of Teacher Education
Managing networked learning environments for health via XML databases and Zope; Tenth International World Wide Web Conference
NADPE report: professional experience in initial teacher education
Open Educational Resources (OER) World wide access to learning and teaching resources; MedBiquitous Annual Conference
Quantitative Evidence For Differences Between Learners Making Use Of Passive Hypermedia Learning Environments; A C M Computing Surveys: The Survey and Tutorial Journal of The Acm: (Association for Computing Machinery)
The journey from pre-service teacher to practicing teacher: A national snapshot of portfolios of evidence in Australian initial teacher education; 2017 ePortfolio Forum: Owning, supporting and sharing the journey
WikiVet: building a community of practice to support a self-sustaining wiki for veterinary education; International Journal of Web Based Communities
Working in parallel, learning in parallel?; Veterinary Record: Journal of The British Veterinary Association

Research Projects

High quality educational research into the use of e-portfolios (portfolios) to promote curriculum integration and lead evidence of attaining professional standards; University of Tasmania (UTAS)
Accessibility in ePortfolios
Best evidence workshops (2)
Case Study
Case study: Assuring effective personal choice in a world of open data
CETL support
Changing the Learning Landscape
Changing the Learning Landscape
Co-curate North-East
DEL 2 pert 2
DEL programme
eLearner experiences
ePortfolio roll out
Ethics Approval
FDTL evaluation
HEA Support
International dissemination of OER
iridium extension
Open Access
Publish OER
Reward and Recognition
RIDLR & SupOERglue
SCORE Fellowship
Special Project in eLearning
Staff development workshops in digital rights
Student Employment
Student Employment
Subject Centre
Subject Centre
Tangible benefits of eLearning
TLTP transferability
Underpinning refinement of animal research through e-learning/web-based training resources
Veterinary ‘Discipline Lead’
Vice Chancellors Teaching Award
Widening participation

Research Candidate Supervision